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  1. [Banned User]

    PO: The Story So Far - Proper Dose

    Supposedly the album version is different. The single version has "demo" vocals. Not sure how true that is, but something I had heard.
  2. [Banned User]

    Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

    Probably has been mentioned before, but Cake - Prolonging the Magic What do I have to do to get a single LP of this without a whole $500 box set?
  3. [Banned User]

    Rare Vinyl in Poor Condition

    In before cat gifs
  4. [Banned User]

    PO Soon: Washed Out - Mr. Mellow

    Bumping to say how displeased I was with this album. Around this time of year is when I jump back into the Washed Out discog (pairs well with nice weather). This album just doesnt "fit" in my opinion. Really hoping we get a better album in the future. Sorry for the moody bump, just had almost forgotten this album existed while jamming his discog.
  5. Holy hell these deluxe record packagings are the thicccc Taking up like 3 regular album thickness spots on my shelf damn.
  6. [Banned User]

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    If anyone is making a pit stop to their local HT, I'd love to get Suicide Season on vinyl for cheap. Let me know!
  7. [Banned User]

    Best Outside Sleeve For 50s and 60s records

    Welcome back, Tug.
  8. [Banned User]

    HD Vinyl (Is the bubble about to burst?)

    Holding out for blu-ray vinyl.
  9. Who's got them FYE discount codes?
  10. Emo Nite will likely sell it on the rest of their tour dates until it sells out.
  11. Emo Nite variant /500. Acid green 180g with acid green jacket. Doubt they sold all 500 last night.
  12. Hold Your Breath is good. Chiming in on the "pace" of the record. A lot of slower songs which I didn't expect. Kind of hurts the flow. The first three songs flow really well and then start to fall off. Looking forward to giving this some more attention in the coming days. I don't have the leak on my phone so vinyl after work is the only outlet for now. Also, that FYE variant looks to be an exclusive. It might be similar to the MerchNow one, but I guess it's an exclusive one. Hot Topic should have one up on Friday.
  13. Got a shippin notey from one of my MerchNow preorders. A week away from new UØ yalllll