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  2. Cleared out some messages and sent you a PM. Dunno if that worked
  3. Not much from my list that I’d trade sadly. If you come around to selling it, please let me know
  4. I have the most recent WCAR - To Plant a Seed repress (blue/white galaxy) and DGD - Afterburner rocksound (mint splatter). Both sealed new
  5. Any of the recent presses for hopefully not 2x retail price. Help me out.
  6. Imagine getting this upset over an Internet forum. All you guys are weird
  7. Still waiting for a non-bootleg Rotten Apples.
  8. Recently missed out on the Isles and Glaciers repress. Looking to buy that or trade for my copy of either: Dance Gavin Dance - Afterburner Rocksound /300 variant sealed We Came As Romans - To Plant a Seed blue white galaxy recent repress sealed
  9. Super sad I didn’t get that clear version. If anyone is on the fence about buying this, I’ll sell my black copy for $12 shipped. Played once, still in shrink. It’ll go towards picking up the clear.
  10. Just remembered: I Watched my friends open for them in like 2006? Before they had a drummer. It was a drum machine on stage and the dudes were so nice. Super cool guys.
  11. Wow. Pretty sure we willed this into existence from the Chiodos and the Islays and Glossiays threads
  12. Just getting around to listening to this. About a third of the way in and it’s settling in as a perfect “sunday of summer” album. lack of talk has me worried about the rest of the album, ha.