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  1. [Banned User]

    PO: Emarosa - Peach Club (2/6/2019)

    I know it's two separated singers from now, but hearing the new song vs. "Utah, But I'm Taller" is absolutely insane. How many "original" members are in this band now? Not knocking on them, just interesting to have followed them from that point on. Lost touch with them after the fox album after the first Brad album with the fox .
  2. Looking for: They're Only Chasing Safety - Blue /300 Disambiguation - Clear I have a copy of Lost in the Sound of Separation on white that I'd be willing to trade. As well as all the Erase Me variants. I'd be willing to part with most of those.
  3. They should've thrown some crayons in with these covers ha. Ordered a couple of variants but I can't remember off the top of my head. Definitely got the 7" that I didn't have.
  4. [Banned User]

    Rise Records 7" Series

    Imagine paying $17 shipped for one song.
  5. [Banned User]

    PO NOW: Greta Van Fleet Greatest Hits

    This joke is really played out.
  6. [Banned User]

    PO: The Story So Far - Proper Dose

    Anyone know what the Amazon variant is? Sorry if that's been answered. Album is great and I really can't pass up on that price.
  7. [Banned User]

    Hanging up records safely?

    All my signed album covers are hung up. If removing them from a frame is too much, it's probably not the right thing for you.
  8. I own tests for blink because I variant collect them. Most are sealed but I'd probably play them
  9. Just now discovering this band and loving it. Finding they're a mix of Deftones and some other band that I can't put the name to and it's killing me.
  10. https://gretavanfleet.lnk.to/AOTPAFP Black vinyl for now. No quantities listed. October 19th release date for digital. Really wish they'd press their first album.
  11. I'd consider this, but I doubt their future releases will have "color pop" variants. That paired with the $250 price tag and already having all their albums.
  12. Oh yeah we ALLLL bought this for our "girlfriend's sister", too.
  13. [Banned User]

    Po: Twenty One Pilots - Triplet EP

    Heh, only 13? I went to my first show by myself when I was 6. Been a audiophile and vinyl collector since I was 8. My parents even said my first word was vinyl (even though my brother said it was "vinylz", but he's lying though). Anyway, any advice for someone going into 6th grade?? Just turned 12.
  14. For what it's worth, DGD and UØ were the only ones I wanted to see during the spring tour and both bands killed it. Definitely wanted a LITSOS tour as well, but as a band I think they see TOCS and DTGL as their highest regard pieces.
  15. We had to believe, man. Still dig some new songs, but the hype is gone for sure. That said, I still love this band and will continue to see them live and support any other efforts they put out.