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  1. Actually, the used vinyl is WHY it's such an expensive subscription. Each vinyl sold is hand used to rub-down the vinyl factory workers. This makes it more personalized experience for the user and worker. I personally find it very special and the only downside is that my record sometimes skips with some of the dirt and debris. The good new is you can cancel anytime, so don't feel bad if you're not committed 👼
  2. Damn, if I didn't need groceries for the first half of 2024 I'd be all over that
  3. Who's got the hook up for one of the OMT test pressings? Currently the only test press I'm missing (aside from California) and is sticking out like a sore thumb for me at the moment. I have a shortbus and alt cover shortbus I'd be willing to part with
  4. If anyone got the "Pink and Clear" instead of the "Red and Clear" I will happily buy it from you.
  5. Yeah and they were only given to a select number of indie stores
  6. Did yours come with a sticker on the front? I think it's the only variant without a sticker
  7. I have a copy of blink's coveted Shortbus 7" with the black and white alternate cover. I may also have the regular cover (no vinyl), the message of hope, and mini blink poster. I'm selling all of these items together for $2,200. Will send photos on request.
  8. Vinyl copy arrived right after work today. My afternoon plans immediately changed to listen to this a couple of times. It’s great.

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