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  1. Really hope they don't do this for their other releases as well. Definitely don't need this.
  2. https://forum.chorus.fm/attachments/7cc3197c-b5a7-4d08-a765-45870c301419-jpeg.77737/ Edit: can't link images here so apologies for just dropping a link. Supposedly DGD is sending cease and desist letters to Tilian's victims.
  3. How many variants are there of this now? Waiting until after release to hopefully pick up one of these on sale.
  4. In for this. By the time this is delivered in April, the next EP will probably be out.
  5. Would not be surprised to see 20 variants honestly. Ready for this abum.
  6. Personally I think these are not the best sadly. You could have done this so much cheaper and more better looking with tacks from Staples. You put on tack in each of the four corners of the record. When you want to listen to it, you pop off the tack and "BOOM" you have access to your record. Personally I think you should check out Staples for some tacks they might even have a sale right now?
  7. Had no idea the 3xLP was going for $100+ now on Discogs. I was holding off on buying it initially because prices kept going down for it. "Alright Caroline" would be sweet to have on vinyl, but not paying $100 just to have that. Wonder if they'll ever repress this edition.
  8. Star me. Probably won't preorder it, but we'll see how this turns out.
  9. List your records for sale on Discogs and then buy them from you when you're in Paris