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  1. Awake > Epoch > Dive for me. Recently been getting back into Dive, but I discovered them through Adult Swim where the commercials played songs from Awake. Before it was even released if I’m remembering correctly, because it took me forever to find it and Shazam on my phone.
  2. Oh exactly. That’s exactly why Rise keeps repressing them cause they know they’ll just collect the next one.
  3. Once Tilian joined, they hit this niche in the scene and for a while there weren’t many DGD vinyl variants. It was just the boxset for a long time. Once the new records started coming out, Rise recognizes the potential of numerous variants and kinda capitalized on the fandom that blew up. This is not to say that they weren’t big before Tilian joined. Like Happiness is a huge fandom favorite. But as of like 2014 they’ve really hit their stride and the stans came along with it. With that the variants just flowed.
  4. Such a departure visually on the album art but I don’t mind as long as the music holds up. It would’ve been really cool if the custom artwork option came with a jacket that had the triangle cut out and the custom artwork showed through that way. Truly a custom 1 of a kind variant.
  5. Wild that it’s through Rise. Pretty excited for this. BMG has blink which is a parent company of Rise. Interesting.
  6. What’s the reasoning behind the shipping absurdity? I’d be all over this if I could get standard $5 shipping. Sad!
  7. Convinced you all do more extensive writing on these forums than ever done in college/school. It’s a vinyl online record forum. Ain’t that deep.
  8. Super pissed I missed this and the Sianvar represses today. Stupid work.
  9. PLEASE tell your mom to not be forgetful
  10. Sorry to bump this old thread, but have people had success with this app/site? The lower selling % has me intrigued. Just wanted to see if t was a waste of time for some people. I’ve found a couple releases that are on my wantlist that aren’t for sale on Discogs.
  11. I disagree. 10” usually feel the best to me. Not too big, not too small. At 180g, a 10” feels great in your hands. Finding the perfect sleeve to slide the 10” record into is perfect. You know a lot about sleeves so I know you’re aware of some nice 10” sleeves.
  12. I will admit, the brazenness, obliviousness, and care put into every post is quite an art. Congrats tug. Always flying just barely under the line.