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  1. All I know is that it’s not smart to wait around for DGD vinyl. Fanbase is rabid I tell you. Rabid!
  2. These probably go live tomorrow at 12pm EST. Can’t imagine they’d do a midnight announcement. Just based on their deleted morning tweet.
  3. Rise capitalizing on rabid DGD fans. I feel like the fanbase wasn’t as rampant back in like 2011. Glad they’ve created a larger following, though. They deserve it.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I got the fan club so I picked up the white/gold as well. At that point, why label them as tests? I understand /10, even /20, but /100 might as well be a small variant run ha.
  5. It’s Neon Magenta. The Neon Pink is exclusive to blink’s webstore only.
  6. Is the cover supposed to be different at all? Or is it the same as the original?
  7. Thanks for clarifying. Makes a lot more sense.
  8. Wasn’t there supposed to be a pure instrumental release of Weather at the end of this summer?