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  1. Just wondering if345 and 265 are still available
  2. FS :: 'Brand New' rarities/junk

    Damn that's a bummer
  3. FS :: 'Brand New' rarities/junk

    Idk if you used PayPal or venmo but if you used PayPal open a claim. They'll attempt to contact him and if he doesn't show proof of delivery then you'll automatically get your money back. Sucks that there's people shitty enough to do something like this though
  4. FS: Lots of stuff check it out

  5. FS :: 'Brand New' rarities/junk

    Idk if this is his real info but he sent me all this when he was trying to talk me into paying with venmo. If it is his real info might aid in recovering your money. Fb: Adam Van Houten IG: @adamvanhouten email: [email protected] work email : [email protected] # : 818-859-6391 address: 1320 grandview ave, glendale, ca 91201
  6. FS :: 'Brand New' rarities/junk

    He told me 125 for the Jude law, Jesus pic disc, and the sic transit 7"
  7. FS :: 'Brand New' rarities/junk

    Damn that's a bummer. That's why I never use venmo on this site cause people always get fucked
  8. FS :: 'Brand New' rarities/junk

    Just giving you a heads up this guy sold me and another person the same records so I'm guessing he's scamming. If you don't get your stuff or can't get ahold of him you might want to file a claim with PayPal
  9. FS :: 'Brand New' rarities/junk

    Yeah he definitely sold me those too. So I think we have a scammer. Luckily I insisted on using PayPal and not venmo so it should be easy to get my money back
  10. FS: mewithoutYou - Pale Horses $15ppd

    Will you pm if it is and I'll send payment?
  11. FS: mewithoutYou - Pale Horses $15ppd

    I know this post is a couple months old but is this still available?
  12. FS: Right Away Great Captain @ cost

    I've been lookin for this album if you still have it I'm interested