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  1. Either my clock is fast on my PC or it went up a minute early. Luckily I was refreshing from about 11:15 on.
  2. Doh! I guess I was just in such a hurry I totally missed that lol
  3. Easy peasy. Nothing about it being limited. Grabbed promptly just to be safe.
  4. How are you guys sour about getting up at 8am? What is a normal time for you guys to wake up? I go to bed around 12-1ish and wake up around 8ish everyday.
  5. Any update on this? Was randomly thinking about this a few days ago and somebody bumped this thread today so figured I'd ask.
  6. Can you please post your social security number and bank routing information? For creditably purposes obviously.
  7. Anybody lucky enough to get the most recent batch of store editions? That pears variant looks super good! Still trying to track down any of the colored variants.
  8. There's the Chris I wanted. Way more into this one!
  9. Sweet. Just got shipping confirmation. Seems odd but I’ll take it!
  10. I can't tell. My email confirmation is all in German and chrome doesn't want to translate it for whatever reason.
  11. I'm like halfway there. Some shit I care about, but a lot of times I just grab black off amazon at some point down the road. Guess it depends on how much I care about the artist, or what kind of mood I'm in on the day preorders go up. The bright eyes release this morning was exhausting trying to follow. Most days I would have just passed and went for a black copy later down the road. I'm also starting to think this might be too good to be true. Shipping price aside, the "available within one week (if available from the supplier)" text on the website scares me a little. Makes me think they have no idea how many they are getting, and figured they'd just take orders and cancel if necessary. Seems odd all other retailers are sold out and this one is still taking orders.
  12. Cool thanks. I don’t think I get most of my fat emails. I have a spammy email hooked up to my PayPal account and I think they send all the notifications there
  13. Is Bad cop/bad cop delayed? I feel like fat usually gets stuff out the week of release date. I did miss the stand alone this time and had to buy some pin/tote bag bundle. So maybe that’s holding things up.