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  1. I want to like the single so bad but I can't get into it. Sounds like Third Eye Blind. I think I'm throwing the towel in on this band. State Lines rule. S/T EP is pretty good, but no state lines. Real Stories is a little less good. And besides Reindeer games and maybe a couple other songs, Yunahon Mixtape is boring. I'll wait to hear more than one song before ordering this.
  2. Is that numbered green version the only variant? I ordered this on amazon. It says "colored vinyl" but that's it.
  3. Love how melodic the song is! Little more my taste. Ordered!
  4. Smartpunk also gave me 15% off for signing up for their mailing list. Coupon comes in an email within 5 minutes.
  5. Yeah I noticed it was in the link. Just seemed odd it wasn't in the description. I checked a couple other exclusives and the limited number is posted in the description. I can't remember if it was there when I ordered or not. Hopefully they don't press a larger number due to demand.
  6. Did it say limited to /300 in the description before? It doesn't anymore.
  7. Hi Kyle, Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, we are unable to combine orders. Each order created throughout the week will require separate shipping costs. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns! Thank you for supporting Taylor Swift, Jill + uMusic Customer Care Not like any of us thought they actually would. But just to be clear they won't combine orders.
  8. I don’t understand why they’re releasing them 1 at a time like this? How does that benefit them? It’s not like they make more money when we have to pay shipping 3 times. I ordered the 4th 7” this morning and emailed them asking about combining orders. They haven’t responded yet (though I have received multiple promotional emails from them since). If they refund my shipping I’ll probably order the 2 new variants.
  9. This sucks. Why wouldn't they put them all up at once lol.
  10. I be happy if it just had a B-Side. Still ordered....all 4.
  11. What's the deal with digital downloads since the site switch? Have you guys been emailing them after every release?
  12. Got the email about “single vinyl” being available. Grabbed all 4. Hopefully the song grows on my a little more.
  13. I love LWYMMD. Too each their own I guess. I love every song on that record. It feels darker, and more like a record I can relate to as a 30 year old. There's a few exceptions to that, but overall. This feels like something out of nickelodeon episode.