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  1. PS: I live 10 minutes from the Canadian boarder. I have a nexus and cross 20-30 times a year. I'm basically Canadian! But seriously just relax. There's a time and a place for your aggressive activism. A message board about record collecting is not one of them.
  2. Me: Chill out. It's all good. Let's all get along and just enjoy pup, I assume the reason we're all here. You: DON'T FUCKING TELL ME WHAT TO DO! You're something else.
  3. what the fuck is going on with these ads? I can't even see this thread anymore because there's ads on top of all the text lol. Maybe it's for the better...
  4. We? You're the only one loosing your mind here. Chill bro. Canada sucks ass, America sucks ass, as pup said "This place sucks ass". We're just here hoping a new song pops up or maybe a cool variant. Chill out on the 3 pages of over the top responses where you argue with yourself. As somebody else said, keep that shit over on reddit!
  5. I ordered the milky clear a few minutes after someone posted in here that they were back up. My order is still "processing". Didn't have much hope that I would actually get it then, and I have even less now lol.
  6. Jumped on a mega bundle because it looks like it's the only way to get a copy of the record at this point. Super disappointing I missed this one. Hopefully I can sell off most the clothes I don't need to off set the cost a little. If anybody want's my live stream "ticket" for $5 bucks send me a PM. I don't have much interest in that. SOLD
  7. 2020 Subscriptions are live! $150 bucks shipped (if you choose 5 shipments) for 8 LPs, 2 7", a test press, a bandanna, and a patch. http://a-frecords.limitedrun.com/products/675603-a-f-records-2020-record-club First time for me! I felt like No Sleep kinda burned me the last year I did it so I've always been hesitant about stuff like this. That being said I usually can dig most stuff AF puts out so I'm looking forward to this. PS: Still looking for that Subscriber version of Lee Corey Oswald - Darkness, Together. Somebody help me out!
  8. Hmmm very strange. Are there rumors of Tom returning?!? This song kinda reminds me of Good Riddance or something else off Fat. Would love to here more stuff by them that sounds like this. Unfortunately those lyrics are so cringe worthy I don’t see myself listening to this song much.
  9. Wish the lyrics to the new song weren’t so fucking cringy because it’s actually a pretty solid song
  10. Does Deathwish not do immediate digital downloads? I don't really order from them a lot. Was hoping to add that Gouge Away record I grabbed to my phone.