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  1. Anybody know when the next buy 2 get 1 sale from Target is? I still need to grab Taylor Swift Evermore and I'd get this too. All Target's sales are usually scheduled. My wife is on a few mommy groups on facebook and someone posted in their that the Target diaper sale is the first week of every month, so now we just wait until the first week of the month and stock up. I'm sure the vinyl sale is on some sort of schedule as well. If only we could crack the code....
  2. Honestly I haven't checked out much since Jackknife to a Swan. Bosstones have never been my favorite ska band, but I really liked the first single off this album so I grabbed it. And I'm not disappointed at all. I'm loving this new wave of Tim Armstrong produced ska.
  3. I'm loving this record. Like way more than I expected to for a Bosstones record in 2021. Maybe ska is just the key I've been missing in my life lately.
  4. Hmm weird that it's limited to /300 worldwide. So I'd assume the EU store has a handful and there's still 244 available. from the US? Strange. Regardless, grabbed a /300. Thanks for the help/info @Fowty Dollazyou're info about the discount pushed me over. I'm now a member of some random label's club for the next 30 days haha.
  5. Oh shit. That’s a good call I should do that. I’ll google the club when I get to my computer
  6. Sorry for all the questions. Totally naïve about this club. So what’s typical before normal folks can go for the /300?
  7. Lucky for you their first LP is just on black. Not limited at all. So you haven’t missed much up to this point, vinyl wise.
  8. They got a full length on red scare. You and I seem to have similar tastes. Check it out you’ll probably like it. It’s real sincere (excuse the pun) female fronted pop. Like lemuria with a chicago influenced spin on it. It’s great.
  9. Oh word. That’s a cool idea I guess if you care about a handful of bands hopeless is working with. Not sure that’s me, but cool idea if you’re into their bands.
  10. How’s that work? They just get first dibs? Or is it an exclusive variant only available for members? Any members on this board care to give us peasants a sneak peak?!
  11. “Limited to /300 worldwide” sooo we waiting it out to see if the US has some of the /300? I’m gonna be pissed if I snooze on it and US doesn’t have the rare variant. But I also reaaaally hate importing when it’s not necessary lol. Not really sure how long these will last. I don’t actually know anyone who digs these guys, but on the other hand they got signed to hopeless. What do I know.
  12. Came here hoping to find a thread like this to give a follow for the email updates lol. I’m out doing shit for most of the day, so hopefully I catch this one in time! Love their debut album!
  13. Hell yeah. If you've ever gotten a vegan desert anywhere in the greater Philly area, good chance Vegan treats made it. They bake daily and deliver to TONS of restaurants/cafes/shops/etc. They're rated one of the best bakeries in the country both vegan and non. If you haven't already, definitely check them out on your next east coast trip. https://www.vegantreats.com/ Bethlehem, PA is in the middle of nowhere. I don't ever pass it when going from Buffalo, to Philly or Pittsburgh. So I've only been to Vegan treats once. I'm very excited to get it 3 days in a row lol.
  14. So after an hour of frustratingly trying 2 of my friends got tickets to Friday and Saturday, but Sunday was sold out. The other 4 didn't have any luck at all. I luckily got right in and got GA tickets for all 3 days. I guess years of going for Mondo drops and other rare stuff that sells out in seconds thought me a trick or two lol. I'm super excited. I'm staying 20 minutes from Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, PA (the best vegan bake shop I've ever had. I've been vegan 15+ years and toured the country eating many vegan goodies along the way. Vegan treats in on another level). So I'll be hittin

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