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  1. That's not very bible like of you Mr. West. What do you think our lord would have to say about your language?! But seriously I just bought a shit ton of these. It sucks moving records anyway you do it, but I was careful and it worked for me. Moved my collection a bunch of times now. Hopefully never again. Only cost me ~$50 bucks or so to move a few thousand records. Just finished my basement last month and moved my collection into the new "office" to make another bedroom upstairs for my second baby. Even just moving the collection down a few flights of stairs totally sucked ass...
  2. Well that shoots down my theory. Hopefully one of the support people from this board are looking into this.
  3. Just curious, are you guys using yahoo accounts? I was having similar issues with my discogs account about 2 years ago. After some trouble shooting back and forth with somebody over there he was pretty stumped and recommended to just try switching to a different email. Problems stopped and notifications starting coming through again as soon as I switched to my gmail account.
  4. Still no details on tickets for the first 3 dates? I'm so afraid I'm gonna miss it lol.
  5. They haven't announced anything other than dates, people just figured out the last 2 are Coachella. I'm really hoping the other 3 are just normal Rage headliner shows.
  6. Super Jealous. I've always told my wife if Rage or Zeppelin reunited I have to go no matter where it is. Of course is has to be 2 months after the birth of our second child. My wife said she knows how much I wanted to see them and doesn't mind me ducking out for a couple of days, but unfortunately I'll probably be going solo to one of the shows, assuming I can even get tickets.
  7. El Paso, TX March 26, 2020 Las Cruces, NM March 28, 2020 Phoenix, AZ March 30, 2020 Indio, CA April 10, 2020 Indio, CA April 17, 2020 Anybody else super excited for those? Would love to try to catch one of the 3 non Coachella shows. They're probably going to sell out instantly if the bots don't eat them all up. Figured I'd start a thread that I could follow to get updates as it unfolds.
  8. For people upset about those shitty stickers, try a blow dryer. That's how I get all my stickers off of my bluray slip covers. Best buy loves putting multiple stickers all over them. Usually a blow dryer heats up the glue and they slide right off leaving absolutely no residue behind.
  9. I just got mine today. Man you weren't kidding, this color blows. Do you guys regularly get your digital downloads emailed to you with every order? I never do. Since the website switch it only happen one time. I got like 10 emails at once but that was it. Never mind. It went to an email I have for spammy shit. Must have used it when I ordered this.
  10. Does Fat charge the credit card at time of sale or time of shipment? My bank canceled my card for suspicious activity and mailed me a new one. I got a preorder in for Face to Face and MakeWar on that card, would hate for those to get canceled cause they have my old card numbers.
  11. I emailed them about it and they responded saying this: "We do not currently have an exact estimate as to when your order will ship. Our warehouse is still in the process of confirming inventory and shipping out orders from the backlog that has accrued over the last few months. The warehouse has advised that they are working diligently to ship out all remaining orders within the next couple of weeks. However, until you receive your shipping confirmation email, we will not have any further updates on the status of your order." Today my shirt from the bundle came, but not the poster or record. When I sign in and check the status of my order it still says "processing" not shipped or anything. I see pictures of the records on discogs so assuming people have them. What the heck is going on in that warehouse?
  12. That’s a nice price point for a 2xLP. Plus I got that extra 5% from the target card. Wish I could grab all major releases for that price!
  13. Anybody else get a free copy of this on CD because they ordered tickets to see them over the summer? Mine came today. Ticketmaster said they were going to send me a CD when it came out (they said the same thing when I bought The Who tickets and never did) and it actually came! Probably just sell it for $5 bucks or so on ebay and pick this record up when prices drop a little on discogs.