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  1. I would love to add that box set to my collection but the price is very confusing to me. $25 for the LP $30 for 3 x $10 7" Fancy box okay, add another $20ish maybe? How do they land on $130. At the end of the day this will get played once and is mostly being bought because I am weak and once loved AFI. Can't do the $130 box. Grabbed the Blob variant. As someone else mentioned, it's the only one that stands out and is the most limited.
  2. Good luck! I'd imagine since it's not any fault of your own, and this directly from a record label, they probably have a few extra set aside for damage/lost by the USPS.
  3. This happen to me one time with a record I ordered off discogs. I live on Hilltowne Dr and apparently there's a Hillpark Dr across town? After causing enough fuss at the post office, the worker shadily told me they were able to see in their system and that it was delivered to that address. The person at the post office on the sellers end fucked up and punched in the info wrong, the buyer wrote out my correct address but the label was wrong lol. The post office told me they were going to try to recover it from the wrong person and if not I would have to file paper work and a claim. I immediatel
  4. Anybody who ordered the Magnolia Records Exclusive Clear Vinyl hear anything? My order status is still sitting at "Confirmed" from when I ordered back in October.
  5. Are the IT guys still looking into this? I'm still getting them porn adds on both mobile and my PC.
  6. Thanks. The $10 shipping blows, but I was pissed I missed it the first time.
  7. Yep. There's gonna be a ton of these ending up on the second hand market from tons of us franticly ordering. I never successfully made it to the end of the checkout at glassjaw's merch direct store. Ordered elsewhere. And got a conformation email from the glassjaw store. So I have no idea what I'm actually going to end up with.
  8. I feel a little bad for the few suckers who saw "UP AT FUCKING 1PM", went and made some lunch, and....
  9. Probably a stupid question. Do I need to track down one of those logo adaptors to actually listen to this thing? Or does it come with it? I'm not even 100% what I ordered lol.
  10. To those who got through? Any advice? I'm using chrome. Can't get the checkout to finish loading.
  11. I got 3 tabs loading on the checkout page lol. Haven't got to payment but added shipping cost and get the pin wheel

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