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  1. Has there been any updates on the None More Black release date? I thought those were supposed to be out in mid-December.
  2. I got like 6 emails from Kings Road Merch a few days ago saying a bunch of stuff I've ordered over the past year, and long since gotten, were "shipping". New Touche Amore, new Alkaline Trio, NOFX greatest hits, and a few more. I just assumed they got hacked or something. I'll let you know if I get a bunch of packages in the mail and am looking for move some doubles lol.
  3. Love the new song. Grabbed the alternative cover/coloring book combo.
  4. Looks like the site got a fancy make over https://fatwreck.com/
  5. That's a steal for 2xLP. I don't own and really care to own much more than a greatest hits by RHCP. Picked this up. Thanks!
  6. I think it's way more likely to be the 2003 subscription. Especially since posting that idea they've put up a handful more of the subscription colors. Sort of shoots down my original idea.
  7. Promo code SECRETLYHOLIDAY to save 25%
  8. I know it's super unlikely, but maybe this is leftover White copies from the Anniversary show?! Seems odd they only have leftover copies of one of the 2003 repress series. Maybe there was overage on the pressing? Who knows. I took a gamble.
  9. kylet

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Had to hit up 2 stores but was able to get a copy of the hand numbered Taylor Swift - Red 2xLP.
  10. With fat doing multiple colors for everything I bet they release standard black and a different color for all these at the end of the year. I would probably buy most of them again lol.
  11. It's a hard life being a vinyl collector but somebody's got to do it.
  12. Drove from Buffalo up to the Toronto show, got here about 40 minutes after doors. They had already sold the 50 splatter for the night I stood off to the side with my wife a little shook up and shocked they sold that many that quick and after if quited down the merch guy handed me a copy and said it’s on me! Super nice gesture. It was a black copy, which makes me think they only bring in the 50 splatter per night they have, or he probably would have just sold me a splatter. It made my night. That being said unfortunately I’m still on the hunt for a tour copy!
  13. CJ Ramone - Christmas Lullaby 7" http://www.fatwreck.com/record/detail/332
  14. Maybe it's just me because my label is tiny and what not. But they put out both Great Collapse full lengths. I did their first EP and a split 7" so I tried hitting them up multiple times about doing a trade or just getting some for the distro and they've never responded