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  1. Still nothing on this huh? Just missed the new Fat Wreck preorder 😥
  2. Motherfucker. I knew the boards not sending email notifications was gonna eventually get me. Missed it.
  3. Sorry for the trouble! It looks like your order was to be shipped from a store that doesn't have stock currently, but we have other locations that do so I'll swap it over! Sorry we missed that, and we will be shipping out your copy ASAP! Thank you for reaching out, and if you have any other questions please let me know! Bull moose has the best customer service! Once again they’re coming through!
  4. Nah I didn't get a follow up. This order was super wacky though. I preordered with my credit card. Then like a week after my card got auto canceled for suspicious activity. Bull Moose had to give me a "placeholder link" because the 7" was sold out, so that I could replace the order with the new replacement credit card. I'm sure I just fell in the cracks. I shot them an email to see what's up. But if they did oversell, I'd love to take you up on buying that extra off you!
  5. Are people still waiting on the 7”? Ordered mine from Bull Moose and still nothing.
  6. So they officially confirmed those 2 dates are Coachella. Can't believe still no details on the other shows.
  7. Yeah seriously. Not to sound all complainly about my problems with a free service, but who's in charge of these sort of things? Maybe they have no idea this is even going on and a simple email or tagging them in this thread could get it fixed. I don't really use social media, so following threads in here and getting email alerts is how I keep up on things that sell out quickly. I'm looking at you Fat Wreck thread.
  8. Would love to see a fun 7" for her new Christmas song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN3rDTAdM2o
  9. That's not very bible like of you Mr. West. What do you think our lord would have to say about your language?! But seriously I just bought a shit ton of these. It sucks moving records anyway you do it, but I was careful and it worked for me. Moved my collection a bunch of times now. Hopefully never again. Only cost me ~$50 bucks or so to move a few thousand records. Just finished my basement last month and moved my collection into the new "office" to make another bedroom upstairs for my second baby. Even just moving the collection down a few flights of stairs totally sucked ass...
  10. Well that shoots down my theory. Hopefully one of the support people from this board are looking into this.
  11. Just curious, are you guys using yahoo accounts? I was having similar issues with my discogs account about 2 years ago. After some trouble shooting back and forth with somebody over there he was pretty stumped and recommended to just try switching to a different email. Problems stopped and notifications starting coming through again as soon as I switched to my gmail account.
  12. Still no details on tickets for the first 3 dates? I'm so afraid I'm gonna miss it lol.
  13. They haven't announced anything other than dates, people just figured out the last 2 are Coachella. I'm really hoping the other 3 are just normal Rage headliner shows.
  14. Super Jealous. I've always told my wife if Rage or Zeppelin reunited I have to go no matter where it is. Of course is has to be 2 months after the birth of our second child. My wife said she knows how much I wanted to see them and doesn't mind me ducking out for a couple of days, but unfortunately I'll probably be going solo to one of the shows, assuming I can even get tickets.