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  1. I cracked and bought the variants. Now I gotta track down #3
  2. Yikes! I don't care how cool it was, I would have passed at that price anyways.
  3. Same here. Have never been a huge fan of either Bon Iver or the National. I don't mind this record, but it's definitely not my favorite thing she's done. But after watching the Disney thing last night I've been listening to the record all day.
  4. Thanks for posting this. I was shocked they didn't do something with this last year when she released it. I must have angrily unsubscribed from the mailing list. She blasts so many "new merch" emails out I probably clicked unsubscribe because I didn't get one about this. How much was the snow globe? I can't find it so I'm assuming it's gone. I'm a sucker for cool holiday shit.
  5. Never ordered through these guys. Are their poly bags comparable to the bags from Bags Unlimited? I've just always gone there and like the sleeves so never shopped around. They don't seem to have 6mil LP sleeves, but 5mil would be fine. They're about the same price, but I wouldn't have to buy 500 up front. What's the code/sale?
  6. Are they disconinuting them? I normally go with these: https://www.bagsunlimited.com/product/4190/ They get a bit cheaper if you're willing to buy 500 up front. But that's a hearty payment for some poly bags lol
  7. Anybody know if Bags Unlimited normally has a Black Friday sale? I ran out of poly bags a few days ago, figured being so close to Black Friday I should hang tight for a few days just in case.
  8. Were you one of the original 300 preorders? I wonder if those matches are the "cool extra" they've been hyping but being very secretive about all year for the original 300 orders.
  9. I want the vinyl, which hasn't shipped yet. So you're saying they said somewhere that you could order a bundle, then return the merch and keep the vinyl part of the order (obviously paying for the records). That seems too good to be true lol. Either way, I'm going to wait until the vinyl is actually in my hand before exploring that option and rocking the boat.
  10. Still looking to sell most my merch from the super mega bundle I had to grab because I missed the stand only vinyl. I got ride of the hoodie and the livestream ticket. Still looking to sell: - Red T-Shirt - Size Large (unworn) - Blue T-Shirt - Size Large (unworn) - Face mask 3 pack (all still sealed) I can send pictures if needed. If anybody is interested in any of it send me an offer. Thanks.
  11. I've acquired some merch I have no interest in over the past few months from buying bundles - NOFX - The Decline Live at Red Rocks/Trump - T-Shirt Size L (unworn) - Bad Cop/Bad Cop - The Ride - Cloth tote/Record Bag + Button I can send pictures if you need them. If anybody wants either of these make me an offer.
  12. Thanks for posting. Grabbed: - The Flatliners - American Nightmare - Bouncing Souls - Simplicity (looks like that added a few on the rarest variant /300 back up). All for about $39 shipped. Not too bad.
  13. At least you're not a strike anywhere fan. That one came with $100 winter coat bundle. Had a pretty nice Strike anywhere collection going.....until they signed to Pure Noise
  14. New Cavalcade variant is up. Shipping now. With Shirt (A picture of the record) Just record I'm guessing it was supposed to be a tour variant according to this article

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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