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  1. ethereal

    Vaporwave Vinyl Releases

    its really sad how bratty and demanding the VW community gets when they miss out on vinyl or tapes, its absolutely ridiculous... edit: to clarify, on social media and reddit mainly.
  2. I would hope so considering how much SS has forced them and DVG down everyone's throats over the past couple years.. they are the only two eggs in suicide sqeeze's entire basket and it's painfully obvious.
  3. willing to pay good money (or trades) for UTQC and LA
  4. ethereal

    PO: Aphex Twin - Collapse EP

    anyone interested in the exclusive Come To Daddy shirt from the black friday pop-up shop? Adult version (sold out) size Large, pm me if interested. retail + ship
  5. take it as a blessing that it was only a ~$25 record and not something much more important, and/or non-replaceable. I would suggest getting stuff delivered to your work or investing in a PO box, otherwise you'll always be taking that risk unfortunately.
  6. you do realize the band gets next to nothing for these reissues, right? hating Tim is so 2014
  7. someone should buy that, open it, take one disc and return it back as incomplete.
  8. biggest POS on this board
  9. ethereal

    P.O. NOW: Slowdive S/T (05/05/17)

    ugh give us Just For A Day on Red vinyl or something, this is such a waste.
  10. had a dream this band changed their name to blankenbarge and became a really cool shoegaze barge for the fishing community in St Petersburg
  11. turntable. turn-table, a table that turns. it was on the box
  12. If anyone is attending any of the shows and can pick up an extra, i’m your guy.
  13. ethereal

    Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Newbury gets little to no say in packaging and variant they receive, it is all decided by the label. Ex. Tycho's Dive only came in a gatefold with the deluxe version that was only available at release, so yes, this will most likely a single sleeve.
  14. ethereal

    [PO] HOLY FAWN – Death Spells

    hopefully Zia gets the Haze variant, or possibly even some leftover sub splatters.
  15. mexican pizza variant tracks much better, or a crunchwrap if you’re a wealthy individual.