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  1. these are some of my favorite records in my collection... you guys will be missed.
  2. If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. you talk a lot of shit for someone that ends up crying every time.
  3. It took you 3 hours to pose correctly, the cameraman was not happy!
  4. Maybe I should post our yearly Xmas pic? not digging the red hair tbh @Shelby American your mum is gonna be livid!
  5. Sounds like black copies are bad and the green swirl indie exclusive are much better.
  6. my #1 fan right here - unfortunate to know you woke up today but thanks for confirming you’re still around I guess.
  7. 5x Blue Instrumentals were just restocked 55 Orange left
  8. Looks like Victory got hit with debt collectors.... this is as shady as it comes. not even on eBay either
  9. I bought a $50 Pink vinyl copy of Afredo and I would do it again any time to support one of the greatest hip hop producers of our (all?) time.
  10. This 100% all the new hype from dumbass kids in the past 2 years with Griselda and Gibbs has created a bunch of babies that critique something they will never buy or listen to anyways. These are also the same idiots that will bring up the price points but not willing to understand Al does all of this BY HIMSELF. Including sample clearance (remember that? Expensive shit) y’all clapped and supported Milo for putting on a sob story about how he has to sell his records for $75 to “support his family and put food on the table” just to open a coffee shop with the money. if you don’t like it, don’t support it but bitching like a child because “it’s too expensive for me” only makes you look worse.
  11. this album sounds incredible on spotify... can’t wait for the vinyl to come in.