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  1. I hope all the people complaining get copies numbered after 350 for moaning about something so stupid
  2. anyone else's 1975 disc get warped from the booklet? everything else was dead flat so i'm assuming that's what did it..
  3. haven’t gotten confirmation on the cancellation just yet but if it doesn’t go through I’ll be happy to pass this on for what I paid for someone that missed out.
  4. This. Just cancelled my order with Banquet to save $6 with Norman.
  5. is this the signed print like the rest or actually a signed sleeve? I know record store usually does signed sleeves but all the other signed options i'm seeing are prints.
  6. ah ok, that's what I thought as well. it's kinda cool, wish they did it for all the Dinked versions.
  7. do all Dinked versions have the rounded edges on the corners of the sleeve or just some? couldn't find any info on it
  8. I really wish he went the Nocturne route and made the sleeve die-cut with a couple different inserts.