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  1. imagine demanding a repress of something for years and when it ACTUALLY comes all you do is cry about an inner sleeve? choosing beggars man, be happy it even exists...
  2. no repress, he's been saving stock to sell at the shows.
  3. apparently this is the red/white starburst. looks great.
  4. scammed over 50% of the people who ordered the caspian four trees repress because the owner got sad over a breakup during the scheduled release. caspian didn’t seem to want to intervene after finding out either. fun stuff
  5. nope, Midhaven's is completely translucent gold I believe.
  6. hopefully they repress it on some nice fluorescent pink vinyl for ya
  7. everything since SD has been very dull, the dude just has an obsessive fan base that thinks everything he does is 10/10 and groundbreaking. nothing against him, I think he’s alright but he’s not as special as fans and media hype him to be.
  8. kinda amazing how confused people get about time zone differences without trying to google first. literally the first thing that comes up is a time converter, it couldn't be easier... lol
  9. looks like the splatter turned out purple instead of red
  10. kinda strange they reversed the cover on the variant that matches the normal cover perfectly...
  11. not sure if it’s a typo but elusive disc seems to have the /500 Audiac http://www.elusivedisc.com/Stereolab-Mars-Audiac-Quintet-Numbered-Limited-Edition-3LP-Clear-Vinyl/productinfo/DUOLP05C/
  12. so much for vinyl-only bonus tracks way to gimp anyone who ever bought a deluxe version of an album, Relapse