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  1. just noticed this feature added to my seller orders automatically on top of the base price + shipping. looks like it auto-calculates based on the state the buyer is buying from and handled directly through Discogs.
  2. #120 checking in, everything looks and sounds great, kinda wish the actual sleeve was signed/numbered and not the print but that's only a minor gripe. love that it wast mastered at 45rpm too
  3. I wouldn't waste my money on this music personally, just saying half black splatter variants suck.
  4. 9/27 release date wow and it will probably be delayed past that
  5. i'm probably the only one that thinks half black variants look like crap, especially with splatter. Zia and BM definitely got the better variant imo
  6. Limited to 600 total 300 available now SOLD OUT 300 available on release date Click Here
  7. some of my absolute best sounding records are mastered at low volume, turn dat shit up
  8. The band would like to give a full throated apology to all our fans who were ripped off by pledgemusic when trying to order our new album. Just so everybody knows pledgemusic took all the money from the album’s preorders and stole it. The band are owed around $70k that we will never see and many of our fans were ripped off for hundreds of dollars. If you were not able to get a refund from your bank or credit card company, we feel horrible. While we were able to manufacture the Vinyl and CDs, we are currently not in a financial position to ship them out to people who ordered through pledgemusic. Also, there is the problem that many people were refunded. So instead of trying to figure out who is owed what, we thought we would simply offer some unreleased material to anyone who buys the new album from our new Merch store as a way of saying thank you for having to deal with the pledgemusic fiasco. If you already bought the new album from our old Merch store, or bought it from us at a show,just email us a pic of you holding the album and we will reply with a link to download these goodies. Again, we know this whole thing with pledge has been very frustrating, so we hope you’ll enjoy a few these items. Some are things you’ve already heard and seen, and some are new. Enjoy. https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/failure
  9. anyone who order yet know if they charge right away? wanna grab this but priorities