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  1. The jacket on the RSD version is much nicer than the band release. The inner gatefold art is completely different though.. to which I prefer the band release. also confirmed the bonus tracks are not on this.
  2. My local had 4 copies vs. 30+ of KSG same with Chariot they are definitely out there
  3. They were up for a solid 30 mins, I wonder what the damage was before they took them down.
  4. got mine today and it’s legit worse than a bootleg. haven’t spun it yet but the sleeve is comedic quality. might be the worst I’ve ever seen on an “official” release.
  5. Even if RDW called them bootlegs, I would buy that over this official release. RDW is quality
  6. didn’t miss much, it was a complete botfest. worse than Daupe
  7. at least they pressed amazing records before the mental breakdowns. cant believe people are still letting magic bullet press records

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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