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  1. PayPal wouldn't load my payment options for some reason so I had to use my card directly. Worked fine that way.
  2. Looks like these are ready to go - not much white smoke going on but looking good regardless
  3. SS site has been down since 10:55 PST for me
  4. $30 isn't bad at all considering they had to include and license this amongst all past and present members and labels. Definitely though it would be $35-40
  5. Ordered the red clay early this morning and they just emailed me to confirm it’s /1000 with signed insert. Interesting twist lol
  6. hurt feelings says the kid that reported me because he was upset - you’re a joke lmfao
  7. Idiots that love false-advertising - yet another interesting find in 2020
  8. Says the unaffected troll that depends on new VC posts because (she?) has no family or friends to talk to. its Saturday, trollio - go do something IRL
  9. Nobody wants this anymore since they put the “vinyl-only” pic disc songs on streaming services. I have it and consider it a waste of money. all because kids were crying about the songs not being available on Twitter.
  10. TA Guitar Pedal - wish I could relay more info but all I will say is it’s worth it and very cool.
  11. the first version of the UK reissues has the correct mix - I have a copy. The US blue and black pressings have the samples substituted
  12. They are now signed with one of the biggest major labels so I doubt they had any sample issues this time around - Modular was a much smaller entity back then which is why they had as many issues as they did - including bankruptcy.
  13. It will most likely be released for the true 20th anniversary - in a month or two
  14. https://discord.gg/urhHxuK permanent link