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  1. Don't you have a twitter feed you can follow for this?
  2. ugh bummed I missed this. Will still order when they go back on sale. Still have my OG Ropin the wind and No Fences
  3. Just a friendly reminder that Post Malone now has the most monthly listeners globally on Spotify (50.8 Million) and that he will still be relevant in 6 months.
  4. Yeah that looks dope. Just happy we were able to get this on vinyl. We tried to re-create some of the elements in hi-res based off the original art but it was just so bad. Oh well, live and learn!
  5. I got this record in and started listening to it and it’s one of the worst sounding records I own. I have some old ass scratchy vintage vinyl that sounds way better than this
  6. this is the saddest post i've ever seen miss u
  7. I found this record in 2012 in a clearance bin in Kansas while I was on tour for like $8. Love this record. If you're a fan of the artwork too Joe Ledbetter still has some Wrecks and Dazey vinyl figures here! http://store.joeledbetter.com/wrecks-and-dazey/
  8. hahah totally fair although I have a serious soft spot for louder now, happiness is and self titled its a limited release for the hardcore fans. makes sense to me!
  9. Yeah... I just think of it as an alternative for Taking Back Sunday fans that want to spin the records and not have to purchase 7 of them to hear the songs they want. Either way. Different opinions but I for one am excited to own this although the price is definitely excruciating.
  10. Why? It’s a greatest hits album. Don’t think they really need an explanation for that. I’m pretty stoked on this as I feel like they hit the nail on the head pretty spot on!
  11. just be at the website at 11 am central... you should be good to go.
  12. We are getting an insane amount of messages because the web store is down. We are launching our new web site today and the store will be launched in time for the FTSK release! No worries thanks for for the support everyone!
  13. Pre-order: October 15 @ 12:00 PM CDT Shipping: October 19