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  1. Following our IG is always a good source for hints. Went live and played a test press earlier 😏
  2. I Imagine it will happen down the line. We have some other releases planned first. Vinyl delays are killing us. Someone invest in a pressing plant with us
  3. 3 variants /1000 total, original artist did art for the vinyl. the proofs look really good. Can't wait to hold one in person. will be awhile before the official announce.
  4. We have tests and they sound fucking awesome
  5. Hey! This vinyl manufacturing delay really really sucks but the tests will be at my house Friday and final product should be shipping to us on November 22nd. At least that is the latest update! I'll have pillar send an e-mail blast out next week with an update (and once tests are approved).
  6. Depends if they sell out or not. The band definitely doesn't want to do big pressing numbers of this one.
  7. Hey everyone! This vinyl is Chroma performed live in its entirety and is taking place at Tree Sounds studio where the album was originally recorded and will be produced by Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount who originally produced the record.
  8. Second press looking like a no-go. UME not giving us the go ahead and their reasoning seems a bit skewed but hey they own the masters so it's theirs to do with what they want. Maybe another label will license it again in the future but we're just moving onwards and upwards and have secured 3 licenses alone in the past 2 weeks with other labels that have been amazing to work with and we're very excited about. Of course plants are incredibly backed up so not entirely sure when we will announce but we're moving.
  9. From: [email protected] Subject: Order Updated: #ordernumber (Shipping 2021-04-07)