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  1. Have an OG copy but picking up the swirl. Love this band and album.
  2. The yellow variant was eventually meant for something else which is why it was held out for so long. They decided to scrap the idea and do it as a bundle instead. Either way... thanks for everyone’s support with our collab!
  3. The entire EP is available now on BandCamp for $5 with proceeds benefiting the MusiCares COVID-19 relief fund. It will be up on the rest of digital retailers starting May 15th!
  4. Hey Everyone! We just released Will Pugh's debut solo EP under the moniker TAURIDS. No vinyl plans yet but we definitely want to press it at some point! Check it out! https://taurids.bandcamp.com/album/ep
  5. I might hold off on this for a minute... just sayin
  6. Yeah there’s no way to really do that As much as we would love to it’s impossible to please everyone! Fairest way is to announce the order time, limit to one per household, and let it go! Anyway, it’s still technically Drive-Thru’s release so I can only suggest what we would do.
  7. Maybe we can limit it to one per household. Giving VC a heads up would be a little more unfair than the alternative
  8. Thanks so much for all the kind words regarding the packaging and the release! I still haven’t even held one in my own hands 😂 Regarding the last 100... we are still waiting on the green light from drive thru’s fulfillment company that they are ready for the release. As soon as we have an update I promise we will let everyone know! Just follow the instagrams closely @fielddayrecords @drivethrurecs . I’ll also try to give a heads up here but IG is everyone’s best bet! Plan is to announce a time and date before the time and date so that everyone has a fair chance.
  9. From my understanding any customers that purchased a splatter after the first 100 were emailed, told about the mixup, and given the opportunity to take a refund or take a split instead. Is that not the case? Either way - yes, there probably should have been a post somewhere about this.
  10. Yeah - everyone working on the project is really bummed out. Obviously not how we wanted it to roll out.
  11. Not sure on that one. We didn’t have anything to do with that release. Just this collaboration.
  12. Yes - unfortunately there was a mixup when we went on sale so split and splatter were reversed. Not ideal obviously but it was out of our hands at that point.