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  1. Shpongle FB; That is AMAZING! Hallucinogen getting remasters as well?! Now I really got my hopes up for a Younger Brother repress as well!
  2. Yes, I was. And got the name wrong. Even tho I just got it a couple of days ago myself.
  3. Awesome! Real cool story, almost wish I don't get the Toti remaster to see what'll turn up ;;;) Yes! And also other stuff than albums! You got 13 skulls etc too, right?
  4. Nope. White Infected Mushroom - Return To The Sauce is $117.77 shipped to Sweden. And that is not a deluxe version.
  5. Yes it is... But if it's anywhere near the AYS deluxe it's worth it imho.
  6. I'd love to see a close up of that sticker. I bet few have a full RGB Raja Rambles!
  7. Haha same here. I feel like I'm about to snipe something! lol
  8. You fooled me with your reply! My finger is on the button! :::D Good luck!!
  9. Well i do know of an Toti variant you need. ;;;) And i really would like to know more about these collections...