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  1. anchorlessbodies

    Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

    Mayhem wooden boxset limited to 1000 copies, seems pretty but the price tag is ouch: https://shopusa.season-of-mist.com/mayhem-a-season-in-blasphemy-lp-box-digital
  2. The new song is pretty mediocre ,not because of the style but due to the lack of interesting ideas and atmosphere.
  3. Also available at Pelagic in more limited colors as well: https://pelagic-records.com/product/mono-nowhere-now-here-2xlp/
  4. anchorlessbodies

    PO: TELOS s/t LP (FFO Celeste, Hexis, Converge)

    Awesome sounds, just ordered the hand numbered edition. Haven’t got any confirmation from the store though, I hope it went through.
  5. anchorlessbodies

    Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

    Box set of the early works of Pestilence is available through Hammerheart Records. Unfortunately only picture discs, but still these LP's are such classics: https://hammerheartstore.com/products/pestilence-prophetic-revelations-1987-1993-box-set-4-picture-lps-preorder
  6. anchorlessbodies


    Track is awesome! By the way it seems there is also a limited alternate cover version of Burn The Idol up also.
  7. anchorlessbodies

    PO (soon) Glasir - New Dark Age

    Well if their statement with the deluxe packaging is true I am bummed. All releases are representing quality but those versions made me really excited, regardless of the price.
  8. anchorlessbodies

    Flenser Releases

    Firstly grabbed the special Amenra - Mass IIII edition from Hypertension records within 1 minutes 56 seconds. Then got refunded due to some system glitch as it was sold out within 1 minutes 23 seconds. So purchased this /100 instead, haha.
  9. Wanted to order the pinwheel one but fuck it being the most expensive without any real reason.
  10. I was beyond obsessed with FATA at that time and immediately swallowed everything Vagrant released. That was the greatest period of the label’s life I believe.
  11. Hey man is one of my all time favourite song, constantly spinning it from time to time. Too bad they didn’t get the deserved attention.
  12. Hey, I have a pink version for sale, just PM me if you are interested.
  13. So glad there were no huge issues like in case of TRNA preorders, I was able to more or less easily grab a book version. The whole release will be eye candy for sure in reality.
  14. anchorlessbodies

    PO soon: Respire - Dénouement

    Ultimately outstanding band, Gravity & Grace was my AOTY of 2016. Played with them a show last year, they are awesome on stage also. Can not wait to grab this new beauty!
  15. This description made me pretty excited, going to check it out very soon. The artwork is beautful, surely would buy a print if available for sale.