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  1. Grabbed the Morning Again rip, first single was pretty good!
  2. A new alt cover version is up, grabbed it so hard: https://www.merchlimited.com/products/year-of-the-knife-internal-incarceration-bundle
  3. Grabbed both /200s 40 minutes before the drop. Weird that shipping to EU was much cheaper from the US store than from the EU store...
  4. I have considered this so many times in the past ~15 years but simply couldn’t stop. Living in Eastern Europe and having shipping costs almost all the time coming out more than the record itself just makes this whole thing harder. There were times when I had literally 20 usd for food for a week after a pre order drop. But the euphoria by acquiring a personal favorite, a special version or a long sought after gem just fuels the machine.
  5. I decided to throw it in here instead of opening a separate topic for it. So our band Anchorless Bodies have finally been able to release the deluxe vinyl versions of our latest EP, called "Álommal Szőtt Vászon". We are playing melodic hardcore in the veins of Defeater, It Prevails, Departures, More Than Life, etc., check out everything below if interested: https://anchorlessbodies.bandcamp.com/ There is also a contest if you purchase a version until 1st of July or until everything goes out of stock to win a test press with your purchase!
  6. Totally agree, I am so bummed about missing out the VOD cover variant. Hopefully some distros will get it.
  7. https://www.merchlimited.com/products/year-of-the-knife-lp-slipmat-bundle
  8. At least they admit at Gypsy Disco there is no point of their existence.
  9. This is one of the greatest screamo releases I’ve heard for a while, perfect missing piece between Elle and Lord Snow. So glad I was able to grab a wax mage copy.
  10. Really pissed off that the alt cover version was not available when first checked the bundles 2 hours ago. I thought thats all and stopped F5ing, now its gone...
  11. It's up with a shitload of options: https://miserysignals.merchnow.com/
  12. Same here, In Shallow Seas We Sail was the last I really enjoyed. Also, there is a special version for the new album, limited to 300 (having a USD40 price tag, with membership of Emeryland whatever that means) https://www.emerymusic.com/preorder-collection/white-line-fever-variant-vinyl-download
  13. That’s so cool! I have the Gold edition reissue of Arkangel-Prayers Upon Deaf Ears but honestly lost track a bit after that. Any info about when will the store be open again?