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  1. damn didnt realized this was going live so early. missed out on the splatter but grabbed the clear boxset!
  2. Vol 2 is out https://theamericandollar.bandcamp.com/album/lofi-dimensions-2 PO here /100 https://athousandarms.store/collections/postrecordings/products/the-american-dollar-lofi-dimensions-2-lp
  3. dont buy live albums but imma make an exception for this one. so many feels
  4. Japonica - Into the Kaleidoscope strong Sigur Ros meets Radiohead vibes on this! order the record here: https://japonicamusic.com/store listen to the album here:
  5. its streaming! https://owenmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-avalanche
  6. Seer Believer LP is streaming on bandcamp: https://seerbeliever.bandcamp.com/releases
  7. looking to get a copy of Mansions ‎– Doom Loop, either pressing
  8. damn this LP seems to be way popular its now on its 4th pressing over 2500 so far! looks like counter intuitive records is going to be owning the represses going forward on this? http://www.counterintuitiverecords.com/products/659231-origami-angel-somewhere-city-preorder