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  1. promo! www.myspace.com/drvmusic i hope you'll like my baby.
  2. Apparently, he didn't even know how to use the GPS. It's been all over the news here lately, even though I stopped keeping track of it a couple days ago. The last I'd heard, more than half a million bucks were already spent in trying to find the damn priest.
  3. I've often heard that....I've been tempted to check out tropic of cancer that's the first one I read, and I still think it's the best way to start. the pink crucifiction trilogy is incredible, but I think tropic of cancer is better for starters. When I started reading the first paragraph I was already sure that man would grow to be one of my favorite writers.
  4. I have to say the single isn't doing much for me.
  5. Those who are into Bukowski should definitely give Henry Miller a try. Very similar universes, with the difference Miller is just a much better writer.
  6. I'm about to finish Henry Miller's Sexus+Plexus+Nexus, and it's a pretty amazing read. He's one of my favorite writers.
  7. I wonder how long it'll be before a full Sepultura reunion.