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  1. Travesty1111

    PO 11/26: Mae - Destination B-Sides

    I was trying to figure out what release these were for but I'm betting they are the Destination B Sides! Check it out http://www.piratespress.com/cms/rotw/ "SPARTAN Records certainly didn’t hold back on this new LP from MAE. Look at all those insane colored vinyl configurations! My favorite would have to be that ‘Easter Yellow’ in ‘Milky Clear’ Color-in-Color Vinyl w/ White Splatter. Whoaaaaa."
  2. I would like to buy Senses Fail's first two albums from you if you are still interested in selling them..
  3. Travesty1111

    PO: Rookie Of The Year - Goodnight Moon

    Did anyone ever receive this in the mail yet? I'm pretty sure American Dream announced they were shipping them like 3 or 4 weeks ago?? If not, I guess I should probably see if I can get my $50 back....
  4. Appreciate the info. Won't lie, that was the first thing I say this morning when I got to work and snapped instantly when I got on the hot topic website! Either way, I've put a lot of time into patiently waiting for this release and would have been devastated if I had to spend $100 on one on EBAY.
  5. This is bullshit! I've been checking their website every day for the past month. How the fuck can it sell out so fucking fast....
  6. Thank you so much Joe! Appreciate your work man and look forward to your next release!
  7. Can't wait to jam Halcyon Daze for hours again...... Crazy how important this is to all of us!
  8. No I contacted him through his website regarding whether or not that album was actually going to be pressed...
  9. That Joe seemed cool to me, I highly doubt it was his fault "The Goodnight Moon" is so late....
  10. Travesty1111

    PO: Rookie Of The Year - Goodnight Moon

    So yeah, I totally just ordered the bundle pack of "The Goodnight Moon" from American Dream and saw this thread shortly after. Any news on whether or not these orders will be fulfilled? That would be too bad, cuz I could've used that money on the "Life In Dreaming" pressing coming out in March!