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  1. The Roads To Richmond" Ultimate Vinyl Collector Edition Cold Cuts Exclusive Ultimate Vinyl Collector Edition (limited quantity) One of each version of the first pressing including: - Test press (black, no art/packaging) - Retail version (silver) - Chunksaah version (silver/black aside/bside) - Artist version (silver/black galaxy) - “Fest” version (silver with splatter) - “RVA Release” version (Chunksaah version with neon splatter) https://www.coldcutsmerch.com/collections/chunksaahrecords/products/tim-barry-the-roads-to-richmond-vinyl-collector-edition
  2. im going to have to get some help for the fest and rva ones.
  3. neon orange /500 banquet exclusive is up. https://www.banquetrecords.com/the-menzingers/hello-exile/MezingersLP6
  4. do you have an order number tho? i got the paypal confirmation as well but theres not an order number in the description like normal.
  5. im never disappointed when my package arrives. wish i wouldve gotten in at the beginning too.
  6. so I bought 3 blind boxes and they were all Culture Abuse. If anyone wants to trade or has the others shoot me a pm.
  7. all im left looking for is that stupid 3” turntable. any help would be appreciated
  8. Oh, i know, maybe just the initial shock of seeing the jumps at the end but damn thats still a lot. Awesome for the seller and kudos to the buyer
  9. So... thats not real right? Some one had to mess with the auction...right?!
  10. i know itll never happen but just give me blue room on blue w/white (obvious right?) and oz factor on red w/yellow.
  11. dude, i read that thing a couple times i cant believe i didnt figure it out! thanks so much for everything, you did a fantastic job. @Youinreverse it was me, im glad you liked everything! dont forget that there is still one more package that should arrive within the next month or two(?) whenever the pre order ships.
  12. First, let me just say how awesome it is to have dorkrock back im my collection! A mark, a mission... from dashboard is might be the only other album besides swiss army id get so another good call there. Ive never listened to no age but have another album sitting in my to do shelf. ive never heard of why but am curious so will give it a spin at some point soon. Ive heard of the rest of the bands and appreciate everything that was sent! I want to say that reshiram was my ss?