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  1. https://descendents.store blue split w/splatter /2000
  2. https://radgirlfriendrecords.bandcamp.com/album/hard-pass-singles-rarities-2006-2020 https://radgirlfriendrecords.storenvy.com/products/31959346-rgf-131-the-dopamines-hard-pass-singles-rarities-2006-2020 AVAILABLE ON BLACK, RANDOM MYSTERY COLORS, ELECTRIC BLUE, OR ORANGE AND PURPLE SWIRL
  3. i was just able to check out on glassjaws store. looked like some others were available too?
  4. https://thousandislandsrecords.com/product/ten-foot-pole-swill-black-lp/ black is available on thousand island records
  5. est ship date is march. https://www.laagoniadevivir.com/product/ladv150-ten-foot-pole-swill-lp-reissue bundle w/pulley shirt
  6. Me First - Are A Drag - red /310 repress is up now (89 left as of this post) https://fatwreck.com/collections/colored-vinyl/products/are-a-drag
  7. a little more $ but comes with a pin on AFIs page for anyone whod want it https://shop.afireinside.net/twisted-tongues-escape-from-los-angeles-7-vinyl-digital-bundle.html
  8. stand alone sold out when i was checking out, grabbed a bundle. were 226 left when i paid.
  9. please explain to me how the question i asked is considered whining.
  10. thread had no activity for over a month. question gets asked. gets some answers. except for you. who came in the thread about issues with the post office to complain about people complaining about the post office. your post was pointless but im sorry that i looked at it like i was to be included in your response. didnt realize that quoting was the only way to talk about someone. i removed the post you quoted before you posted your response to avoid this pointless exchange. ive got no issues with you. anyway, hope you had a good holiday have a good new year.
  11. thanks, makes me feel better about it. ill still try to get in contact with someone over there but at least i wont be as worried.
  12. one of my packages just turned red and now says (in red) "Alert! Processing exception" "The Postal Service has identified a problem with the processing of this item at 858pm on 12/26 in Jersey City Network Distribution Center. The local facility has been alerted and is taking steps to correct the problem.' ive never seen this before and cant get a person on the phone for any information. the update prior, from 10 minutes before that, said it departed the Jersey City Distro center. anyone ever experience this before?
  13. i keep a note on my phone of everything i have incoming and then once they come in if its not listed yet i move it to the "add to discogs" list i have. i either get bored enough to eventually do it or, usually, by the time my list starts annoying me some one has already added it. i think i like the way the orange looks more than the splatter. if i didnt already have an orange on the way i wouldve kept it. both of which are better than the white so definitely missed opportunity there.

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