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  1. https://www.hellmindedrecords.com/shop PRESSING INFO: Black: 100 Clear Pink: 100 Yellow: 100 (exclusive to www.revhq.com) Blue Ocean Waves: 200
 Test Press /40 Test Press Bundle - 10 bundles Stand alone Test Press - 10 copies
  2. that really sucks. im trying to flatten mine out.
  3. i got my copy last week but they beat it up pretty bad so hopefully your gets there safely.
  4. i didnt hesitate at all. im struggling to keep from buying a second.
  5. Dear friends, Like most other small businesses affected by COVID-19, Bridge Nine experienced a series of setbacks and difficulties throughout the beginning of 2020. Things have undoubtedly been tight as we have dealt with a new normal of a closed office, furloughed staff, and limited resources, but we have persevered and have been working hard to support our bands and customers. Unfortunately, "when it rains, it pours." We were informed by our landlord that the building Bridge Nine has been in for the past 13 years is now being sold. We are now facing either a sizable increase in our rent or, more likely, we will have to relocate -- both options that will present significant financial challenges outside of our usual commitments. We know that our fans and customers are dealing with their own hardships so please know that we are not looking for handouts. In an effort to fundraise for Bridge Nine's next chapter, we are asking those who are financially able to consider helping us get through this with one of the following exclusive options in our store: 1. Buy a "RAID THE VAULT" Mystery Box Every time a record has been pressed, Chris has kept a few copies for the Bridge Nine archive. Every test pressing, each color of vinyl - we've put a few aside in what we jokingly called our "Vault". Well, the time has come to empty it! Each "Raid The Vault" Mystery Box you purchase includes a random and very exclusive Test Pressing of a Bridge Nine release as well as three out-of-press variants of records the label has released over the past 25 years. All of the heavy hitters are included and nothing is off limits. Each box is $100, we are accepting multiple orders, and while we won't be taking requests, we know you won't be disappointed. Every person who purchases a Raid The Vault Mystery Box will also be entered into a drawing for a FULL BRIDGE NINE VINYL DISCOGRAPHY, which includes one copy of every vinyl record that Bridge Nine has released! Buy Now 2. Buy a "25 Years of Bridge Nine" Pack Since 1995, we've been working on releases for our favorite bands. Our 25th anniversary showcase (originally slated for next month) may have been bumped for the foreseeable future, but it's still our year to celebrate and this t-shirt helps illustrate two and a half decades of Bridge Nine through the label tees we've made over the years. This package includes a black 25th Anniversary t-shirt & die-cut sticker, as well as a 21"x21" organic cotton bandana. Buy Now 3. Buy our first 25th Anniversary Mystery Item We're custom designing and making a few surprise items over the next year as we celebrate this milestone. This exclusive item celebrates a big chunk of the label's catalog. You're not going to know what this is until you receive it, but that's half the fun! Grab one while you can for $20. Buy Now 4. Buy a Mystery Poster Tube We started offering this a couple of months ago and the response has been great, but if you haven't ordered one yet, get on it! We'll pack a poster tube with 30+ promotional posters of all sizes. Tubes are $25 and if you like Bridge Nine, you're guaranteed to get a bunch of stuff you're going to be stoked on (with no folds and creases!) Buy Now 5. Buy a Bridge Nine T-Shirt Pick up a Bridge Nine t-shirt or other merch item to show your support. We even have a new design featuring BRIDGE NINE spelled out in the notable letters of our bands logos from over the years. White ink on a black 100% cotton t-shirt. Can you spot all of the bands that we pulled from? Buy Now 6. Buy a Bridge Nine "The First Nine Years" Box Set, or the accompanying book We still have about 100 or so box sets of the 1,000 that we pressed. We also have an overrun of the 128 page book that is included inside, so if you've slept on the box set, help us out and pick one up! And if a five 7" box set isn't your speed, you can now grab the book by itself for just $10! Buy Now 7. Grab a Brick of 20 Mystery CDs for $20 Collect CDs or know someone who wants new music? Get 20 random CDs in one box for just $20 while we clear out some space in our warehouse! Buy Now Again, we understand that a lot of people and businesses are in dire straits these days, but if you can help support through the above fundraising initiatives we would be very grateful. If you're unable, please help spread the word to those that can! Thank you! ‌ Chris Wrenn Bridge Nine Records
  6. 100% this. i listened to it 3 times today and i kept getting better.
  7. just took a quick look through my collection and pulled some things to sell. theres plenty more if anyone wants to look for themselves... https://www.discogs.com/user/ozfacter/collection or https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10KUlv6o7SQ_adrzNeMgFT-Ru0y4BH0Z8X5cnJBNXdvA/edit all prices are including shipping in the US -most priced at or below discogs median- $30 each - AFI - The Blood Album - blue, orange or yellow /650 OFFER - Tim Barry - 28th and Stonewall - test /20 OFFER - Tim Barry - Manchester - test /10 $17 - Tim Barry - The Roads To Richmond - galaxy /1535 $20 - Blink 182 - California - purple, red or white $45 - Boxcar Racer - S/T - Clear w/black and red splatter /900 $65 - Cokie the Clown - Youre Welcome - yellow /210 or black /291 alternate cover $18 - Cokie the Clown - Youre Welcome - red w/white splatter /1414 $18 - The Damned Things - High Crimes - bone /1200 $25 - Direct Hit - Crown of Nothing - red/green /525 $25 - Direct Hit - Wasted Mind - yellow /315 $50 - Eve 6 - S/T - clear w/black smoke /600 $90 - Face To Face - Box Set - Fat Wreck Exclusive /200 $35 - Face To Face - Protection - red/black /516 $30 - Face To Face - Protection - clear /995 OFFER - Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave - coke bottle clear /950 $18 - H2O - Nothing To Prove - white /800 OFFER - Dave Hause - Resolutions - test /20 rise records $25 - Hi-Standard - The Gift - yellow w/splatter /384 $30 - The Horrible Crowes - Elsie - red/white starburst /300 OFFER - The Horrible Crowes - Live at the Troubadour - test $40 - Lawrence Arms - We Are The Champions Of The World - gold w/splatter, white w/splatter /525 $40 - Less Than Jake - Hello Rockview - yellow/blue /400 $40 - Less Than Jake - Hello Rockview - yellow /300 $75 - Less Than Jake - Hello Rockview - red w/hand screened cover /50 $40 - Less Than Jake - Losing Streak - red/yellow /400 $40 - Less Than Jake - Losing Streak - yellow /300 $75 - Less Than Jake - Losing Streak - red w/hand screened cover /50 $25 - Less Than Jake - Sound The Alarm - white/orange swirl w/splater /500 pure noise exclusive $265 - Lillingtons - Box Set 289/500 $25 - Masked Intruder - III - tri colored stripe /200 $20 - Midtown - Save The World, Lose The Girl - clear w/splatter /1500 $25 - NOFX - First Ditch Effort - bone w/splatter /1515 $25 - NOFX - Ribbed Live In A Dive - bone w/splatter /1020 $35 - Senses Fail - Let It Enfold You - cream w/splatter /500 $35 - Senses Fail - Still Searching - white/marroon /500 $60 - Teenage Bottlerocket - Another Way - white w/red splatter /550 $55 - Teenage Bottlerocket - Freak Out - pink /730 $20 - Teenage Bottlerocket - Stay Rad - white /783
  8. i just checked on this earlier today cos i couldnt remember when release was but its supposed to ship early july.