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  1. Message me with offers or questions! Going to the Post Office on Monday. These are either a first press or difficult to find. Rare/Out Of Print records: Blink-182 - Neighborhoods ( 1st press /500 2xLP Pink) The Wonder Years - Suburbia ( 1st press /500 Orange/Grey La Dispute - Wildlife (1st press 2xLP /2000) The World Is ... - Whenever If Ever (1st press /300) Seahaven - Winter Forever (1st press /300 180g Black) Say Anything - Is A Real Boy (1st press 2xLP Black/Black. I think this was a tour exclusive? I struggle finding exact info) Mansions - New Best Friends (1st press /250) Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High (Hot Topic press /2500) Good Charlotte - The Young and The Hopeless (1st press /500) Heart To Heart - S/T (This has a special printed cover and back is numbered 6/50) These will LIKELY be between $15-$20 shipped: The Smith Street Band - Throw Me In The River Nirvana - Nevermind La Dispute - Somewhere At The Bottom... Fall Out Boy - Folie A Deux $35 Eminem - Curtain Call $25 Backtrack - Lost In Life Acceptance - Black Lines To Battlefields H2O - H2O Dashboard Confessional - Alter The Ending Fireworks - We Are Everywhere Man Overboard - Real Talk Man Overboard - Man Overboard Blink-182 - Buddha Bayside - Bayside Midtown - Living Well Is The Best Revenge Midtown - Save the World, Lose The Girl Fireworks - Oh Common Life Broadway Calls - Comfort/Distraction Best Practices - The EP LP Comeback Kid - Walk The Dead American Football - American Football The Saddest Landscape - After The Light Monument - Goes Canoeing Some 2014 NoSleep Records Subscription records. All are coffee ground swirl /125: Aviator - Head In The Clouds, Hands In The Dirt 73/125 The Felix Culpa/Foreign Tongues Split 67/125 Grey Gordon - Forget I Brought It Up 58/125 Old Lines - No Child Left Behind 79/125
  2. I've got 5 mailers left and free time to go to post office tomorrow(Thursday 3/5)!!! Buy some stuff!
  3. Trying to get rid of some records. I'm putting the more "rare" finds at the top. Message me your offers on here or feel free to email me ([email protected]) if I don't get back to you on here as I may forget to check. Fall Out Boy - Folie A Deux 2xLP (1st press, clear red/clear orange) Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree (1st press, 1,000 copies, Black) Say Anything - ... Is A Real Boy 2xLP (1st press, 300 copies, Black/Black) Good Charlotte - The Young and The Reckless (1st press, 500 copies, Maroon w/ green) Mansions - New Best Friends (1st press, 250 copies, Black) The World Is A Beautiful Place... - Whenever, If Ever (1st press, 300 copies, White w/ green and yellow swirl) Seahaven - Winter Forever (1st press, 300 copies, 180G black) La Dispute - Wildlife 2xLP (1st press, 2000 copies, Black/Black) PENDING La Dispute - Somewhere At The Bottom... 2xLP (9th press, 880 copies, Orange/Orange) PENDING Harvey Danger - Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone (1st press, 500, Orange) Fireworks - We Are Everywhere (1st press, 500, blue) Fireworks - Oh Common Life (Can't find the info on Dead Format. It's Black and was from the pre-order) Midtown - Living Well Is The Best Revenge (1st press, 1500, Red w/ black Swirl) Midtown - Save The World, Lose The Girl (1st press, 1500, Clear w/ blue and yellow splatter) Man Overboard - S/T (1st press, 500, Coke Bottle Clear) The Felix Culpa/Foreign Tongues Split - (1st press, 125, Coffee swirl, from the No Sleep 2014 subscription) Grey Gordon - Forget I Brought It Up (1st press, 58/125, Coffee swirl,from the No Sleep 2014 subscription) Broadway Calls - Comfort/Distraction (No info was found, Black) Best Practices- The EP LP (1st press, 275, Translucent Green) Monument - Goes Canoeing (1st press, 175, light blue) The Saddest Landscape - After The Lights (3rd pres, 400, Sky Blue) Marietta - Summer Death (2nd press, 250, Red w/ white platter) Comeback Kid - Wake The Dead (3rd press, 500, Yellow) American Football - S/T (not sure on info, it's black) Dikembe - Broad Shoulders (2nd Press,120, river blue) Such Gold - Misadventures (1st press, 250, Orange) Everyone Everywhere - S/T (2nd press, 500, white) Old Lines - No Child Left Behind (1st press, 125, Coffee Swirl) Allison Weiss - Remember When (1st press, 125, Coffee Swirl) Aviator - Head In The Clouds,Hands In The Dirt (1st press, 125, Coffee Swirl)
  4. I personally believe that if you have two, and are going to do it for displaying purposes, go for it. The 2nd cover is there for a reason isn't it? If you decide to do it, which it sounds like you will, be smart about what you use to scratch it off with. Using a quarter or something like that would put all the pressure on one point and would ruin the 2nd cover under it. Most stores that sell tickets have a special tool specifically designed for the task of removing the top layer without messing up where the numbers are underneath. Use the right tool, maybe even go into your local store and simply ask to use it for 5 minutes. Be smart.
  5. I am aware, but thanks! I just picked up the Self Titled and in came in a couple days ago. I'll probably pick up Dude Ranch and TMTATS with those reissues but I do very much want an earlier pressing of Enema and Neighborhoods. I am going to check out the forum though.
  6. Just some records I want to add to my collection I've been looking for on here. Let me know if you're willing to sell to me or maybe you just know of a place I can order it myself. I am not looking for a specific pressing or color unless stated otherwise. Bolded records I am more serious about buying. PM me with serious offers please. All Get Out - The Season All American Rejects - Self Titled Another Breath - Mill City blink-182 - Dude Ranch blink-182 - Enema Of The State blink-182 - Neighborhoods blink-182 - The Mark, Tom, And Travis Show Brand New - Deja Entendu (I'm dreaming, I know) Dowsing - (Any Release) Eminem - Curtain Call: The Hits Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave (Preferably not one of the Hot Topic reissues) Fireworks - All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion Forever Came Calling - Contender Frank Ocean - Channel Orange The Front Bottoms - (Any Release) Glocca Morra - Just Married H2O - (Any Release except "Nothing To Prove") Hundredth - Let Go I Am The Avalanche - Self Titled Jack's Mannequin - Everything In Transit (Again I'm dreaming) The Killers - Hot Fuss Letlive. - Fake Histoy A Loss For Words - The Kids Can't Lose Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - The Heist Make Do And Mend/Touche Amore split 7" Mansions - (Any release) The Menzingers - On The Impossible Past Motion City Soundtrack (Any Release) My Chemical Romance - Conventional Weapons 7" (The 1st one with the song "Boy Division") Pentimento - Wrecked Pentimento/Young English split Pure Love - Anthems Ramones - Selt Titled Say Anything - Anarchy, My Dear Seahaven - Ghost (1st pressing only) Snowing - Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit Stick To Your Guns - Diamond The Swellers - Good For Me Sum 41 - (Any Release) The Story So Far - (Anything besides USAD/WYDS)