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  1. Anchor Eighty Four Records is stoked to team up with central California's Heart to Heart once again, this time to bring you their debut EP 'Impressions', now available on cassette for the first time. 'Impressions' is the EP that started it all for Heart to Heart and first got our attention. Intense, raw, honest, and aggressive vocals from Nick Zoppo; mixed with crunchy guitars, and meaningful lyrics. 'Impressions' is a great set of songs for fans of pop-punk, post punk, and a little hardcore. Think Hot Water Music mixed with The Story So Far. Limited to 30 copies on Clear, and 70 copies on Blue, all with new and re-imagined artwork by Corey Purvis. On sale now at: http://anchoreightyfourrecords.limitedrun.com/products/570328-heart-to-heart-impressions-cassette
  2. Does anyone know the pressing info for this record? Really dig this band!
  3. 'Trembles & Temperance' by Minnow is out now as of this week via Anchor Eighty Four Records. http://bit.ly/1m6J3m2 Los Angeles indie/rock sextet Minnow have released their debut full-length, 'Trembles & Temperance' as of November 11, via Anchor Eighty Four Records. The band spent time with producer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Whirr) at his Atomic Garden studios in Palo Alto, CA this past year tracking for their larger than life debut, complete with dual percussionists and sprawling arrangements. PRESSING INFO /100 - Oxblood & Bone, A Side/B Side - available HERE /200 - Bone - available HERE /300 - Oxblood - available HERE
  4. Pre-orders (http://bit.ly/1x1KuGg) for The Traditional's new album "How To Live Without Blood" are now up from Anchor Eighty Four Records. PRESSING INFO /100 Blue & White A Side/B Side - available HERE /200 Milky Clear - available HERE /200 Blue - available HERE There are also some really rad bundles available too!
  5. Stoked on this record, and love the lime green color. This album is the perfect combo of heavy and dark http://bit.ly/1vuevNU
  6. Nice! Ya, I really enjoy their Blonde, IPA, and just had the Pale Ale the other day. Pretty solid so far
  7. YES! one of my favorites. Always a solid and inexpensive choice!
  8. We've got the 2nd pressing of Heart to Heart's debut, self titled, LP in stock. These are limited to just 300 copies (100/ Black & White) (200 / Black, Yellow, White Splatter) as it will be the last pressing for a while! http://www.anchoreightyfour.com/store
  9. Los Angeles based post hardcore band, Vain & Valor's current EP 'Prelude' is out now and available in our Webstore. Red is limited to just 25 copies and mainly available from the band on tour; and Orange is limited to just 75. Vain & Valor play an intense an honest brand of post hardcore, in the vein of Touche Amore and Being As An Ocean. anchoreightyfour.com/store http://facebook.com/vainandvalor
  10. I just got in to Saint Archer, it's a relatively new brewery out of the San Diego area. Anyone else had it yet?
  11. We will be re-releasing The Material's 2013 crushing release of 'Everything I Want To Say' on vinyl this December on Anchor Eighty Four Records. The album was produced by Kyle Black (Pierce The Veil, New Found Glory, Heart to Heart) and will be availabel on Ultra Clear with Blue Haze vinyl. The first pressing is limited to just 300 pieces. ADD: www.anchoreightyfour.com/store Awesome record with such killer tones! Check out a few of their music videos on YouTube ("Life Vest" or "Chances").
  12. We Still Dream's new full length 'Something To Smile About' will be out on 8/6/13, available on three unique colors of the first pressing. 100/Black 150/Green with Bone Swirl 250/Creamsicle (Half Orange Crush/Half Bone) www.anchoreightyfour.com/store