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  1. We have one or two of the pre-order copies left of the LP. I think there is one copy of the baseball cover of the 7" in our webstore. LP ---> www.stateofmindrecordings.com/zencart 7" --->www.spiritsxxx.limitedrun.com
  2. the entire album is up now for "name your own price" in our bandcamp. http://www.spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com
  3. Thanks so much for the kind words! We will have some European exclusive stuff when we are over there. If you end up being able to make it out, please come say hello.
  4. Thanks! Neither can we. The copies of the LP we will have in Europe are a different layout completely. Come and say hi at whatever show you can make it to.
  5. Thanks so much!! Really appreciate the support. -Charles
  6. Hey guys. Spirits "Discontent" LP is streaming now at ScenePointBlank. There are 50 pre-order copies, two additional variants (clear vinyl with black center and clear vinyl with a red center) in the US and a separate color and layout for Europe. We also are pretty low on the copies of the EP. Thanks for all the support from the board. http://www.scenepointblank.com/news/records/2015/04/07/spb-exclusive-stream-spirits/ http://www.cointossrecords.limitedrun.com/products/546955-spirits-s-t-7 http://www.spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com http://www.spiritshc.com -Charles
  7. Hey guys. The Spirits EP is in the last couple weeks of pre-order and we now have our entire EP streaming on our Bandcamp. It would be great if you gave it a listen. www.spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com www.cointossrecords.com
  8. Spirits is a newish straight edge hardcore band from Boston, MA. Members of Test of Time, Daytrader, No Harm Done and Beartrap. It is most of the members of Test of Time with a new singer (Mike from Beartrap). We just released songs for our first 7" that is up for pre-order now. We also put up a Halloween song yesterday. We really appreciate a listen. www.spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com http://constantrotation.bigcartel.com/product/get-a-grip-spirits-split-7-color-vinyl-e-p-preorder Thanks guys! -Charles
  9. Hey guys. For the rest of the weekend, buy anything from B9 and add something from Test of Time (CD, record, shirt), screen cap and send the receipt and your email address to Facebook.com/testoftimehc and I will pay half of your shipping (US only, regular shipping). I started this Friday and forgot to post it here. Thanks! www.b9store.com -Charles
  10. Those tapes, I believe, are all sold out. We sold them all on the recent tour. We just put the songs up to stream here: http://testoftime.bandcamp.com/album/3-song-split-tape Also, thanks for the bumping and kind words. Thank you!!
  11. We also just put up three songs from a split cassette we sold out of in Europe. If you want to check out the songs: http://testoftime.bandcamp.com/album/3-song-split-tape
  12. Hey guys. I wanted to post about the remaining items we have from our first European tour. We sold all the music we took with us, which included the last copies of the "Inclusion" and "A Place Beyond" 7"s. All of the copies European tour covers of the "By Design" LP also sold. We have This is Hardcore covers up in the webstore currently, along with the remaining shirts of the tour. All of the split cassettes that we made for the tour also sold. We got a lot of emails about bringing those back when we came home, and I am sorry that we are all out. I think we might do more down the road. www.testoftime.bigcartel.com Thank you so much for all the support this board has shown us since we started. We appreciate it more than we can properly express here.