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  1. Hey friends! It's been a while since we've been around these parts but our brand spanking new full length "UNREST" is now available for preorder through a number of places! Here's a gif of the killer artwork and the 4 colors of vinyl! Read more below for where to order, the pressing info, a blurb about the record and the artwork, and where to listen! Pressing Info: Black Vinyl [Pre-order version] - (/65) SOLD OUT Clear with Gold Splatter Vinyl - (/100) SOLD OUT Silver Vinyl - (/200) - https://goo.gl/k864Pw Clear Purple - (200) - https://goo.gl/4kXzwg Black Vinyl - (/450) - https://goo.gl/sHFRPt [USA] - https://goo.gl/4kXzwg [EUROPE] CD Version - https://goo.gl/ndSpei [USA - State of Mind] - https://goo.gl/bZkivi [EUROPE - Useless Pride/Here and Now] CASSETTE Version Black (/50) or Red (/50) Shell [Europe - Ride & Hun] - https://goo.gl/AQKYVF Blue (/25) or Yellow (/25) [USA - Press Gang Records] - https://goo.gl/2QF3Kg ************************************************ It's been a long 12 months of preparation here in our little corner of the world but the time has finally come for our sophomore record, UNREST, to be sent out into the airwaves for all to hear. We spent two weeks in the late spring of 2016 holed up in our practice space in Boston tracking the record ourselves before sending it up to God City Studio in Salem, MA to be mixed by Kurt Ballou. Mastering was handled by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Artwork layout/design was handled by Doug Dean from Pittsburgh, PA. UNREST is comprised of 12 songs that collectively push the sonic boundaries of the band outwards in numerous directions while still maintaining a strong foothold on our melodic punk-hardcore roots. The production on the record is a massive leap forward compared to previous releases and it is widely apparent that we took our time trying to get this release right after you give it a listen. UNREST clocks in at 24 minutes and 37 seconds listening time and is packed with everything you'd expect from a follow up to Discontent... hard hitting, no-nonsense, lean punk/hardcore songs that take you on a roller coaster ride of tempos, emotions, and lyrical themes. It's political. It's personal. It's both introspective and a commentary on the surroundings we're submerged into on a daily basis. Overall, it's a collective document for how we view the world we're living in, our designated place in it, and, despite how grim and dismal the outlook may be at this moment, UNREST is a declaration of how we can all work together to make this life better in the present moment and to leave a better world for those yet to come after we're gone. As with all of our previous releases, the packaging for the vinyl release of UNREST is unique and will definitely catch your eye if you have a liking for packaging design and an intricate layout. The LP Jacket is diecut so that the front of the record acts as an empty picture frame, allowing for the lyric insert (a 12x24" double sided full color insert) to be placed into the jacket as one of four 'portraits' on the lyric sheet. Each portrait has a twist on the misrepresentation of the American dream and the things we're taught from a young age to aspire to and value simply because society has dictated as such. For the pre-order version of the LP, the jacket will have a pop up cardboard easel attached so that the album can legitimately be stood up to display as if it was a picture frame. It will also be hand stamped and numbered, out of 65 total copies. ************************************************ Thanks for taking the time to check this out and for supporting us if you decide to pick up a copy. All orders will ship at the end of August before the album's street date of Sept 8th. We will be playing 5 shows on the East Coast (Boston, CT, Philly, DC, RVA) at the end of September so keep an eye out for details about that. You can stream 4 songs off the record now on our bandcamp: https://spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com/album/unrest as well as pre-order the album digitally for only $5! To stay fully up to date with what's going on in our world, follow us on your preferred platform: http://www.facebook.com/spiritsxboston http://www.twitter.com/spiritsxboston http://www.instagram.com/spiritsxboston http://spiritsxboston.tumblr.com/ You can pick up our previous releases from http://www.spiritsxxx.limitedrun.com and download our previous records for FREE from http://www.spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com Phew, that's a lot! If you made it all the way to the bottom of this post you are truly a champion. Last but not least, if you're into the music or anything we're doing please share, repost, retweet, and disseminate at will to help spread the word. We're still doing this in the true DIY fashion and can use all the help we can get. Word! And if you want some close up shots of the records, give this album on imgur a look: http://imgur.com/a/D65ph SPIRITS | XXX http://www.spiritshc.com
  2. Figured a couple people here would be into this! I Wish I Could Skateboard is an emo / indie band from Boston, Mass. Currently they have two EPs up on Bandcamp. Both have also been pressed on tape and are limited to fifty. To me they sound very much like a Run For Cover band. I Appreciate Your Lack Of Confidence Clear Black With White Text /50 Get it here for $5 Listen Alternative Lifestyle Turquoise With White Text /50 Get it here for $5 Listen
  3. Post-rock/screamo/post-hardcore fans! This one is for you guys! You can listen to the tracks at the link below: http://modern-vinyl.com/2017/03/03/exclusive-spin-arrowheadforever-losing-sleep-split/ Ambient noise can either be a counterpoint to monstrosity, or a complement. In the case of Boston’s Arrowhead and New Jersey’s Forever Losing Sleep, the midpoint lies in an overarching appreciation for melodic, far-reaching post-rock. On this 12″ vinyl split, Arrowhead uses the cinematic sprawl of their opening guitars, negating them minutes later on their contribution “Thousand Palms, Sung and Reposed” with scorching post-hardcore intensity. On the flip side, Forever Losing Sleep’s “Woken By the Sun” takes a lighter approach to genre fusion, where vocals float over instruments that peak and plummet alongside a frenetic emotional barometer. There’s a lot to unpack here — two songs total over 16 minutes — and plenty to return for, which is a testament’s to each band’s brand of grandiose, embattled songwriting. Pre-orders found here: http://lifeisafunnything.bigcartel.com/product/arrowhead-forever-losing-sleep-split-12-funnything36 lifeisafunnything is more than proud to present you this breathtaking split record! Two bands, two songs and a running time of 17 minutes full of intense emotions, desperate outbursts and fulgent melodies! ARROWHEAD from Boston and FOREVER LOSING SLEEP from New Jersey, both deliver their best effort so far by leaving musical borders behind and creating a 17 minute long trip through darkness and light on this onesided record! If you really need comparisons: If ever The Saddest Landscape decides to team up with Envy, then this might come close to how ARROWHEAD sounds. And well, FOREVER LOSING SLEEP, how to describe them? Dredg comes to mind, Explosions in the Sky too, a lot of early 2k emo/screamo-bands, without sounding really like one of them. It is jus great music! And the biggest surprise is, how this dark, deep song by ARROWHEAD and this bright and epic track by FOREVER LOSING SLEEP together form such a coherent and beautiful piece of art! 200 onesided records are made. Each copy comes with a downloadcode and a lyricsheet. Pressing info: 100 clear yellow w/ black smoke 100 clear turqoise w/ white smoke
  4. Pray For Sound's new full-length album is now officially live for pre-order! They haven't announced it yet themselves, but the links are up. Available on 2xLP, CD, digital, as well as new merch to go along with the release. Variants: half/half (Baby Pink/electric blue) color-in-color (coke bottle green/bone white) Splatter (Milky clear w/ sea blue splatter Vinyl Record 2xLP with 200 GSM Gatefold Jacket Full spread inner layout of artwork by Nevan Doyle 140-160 gram weight discs, cut at optimum 45 RPM speed Exclusive vinyl master of the album (3) Available variant colors from I Am Shark, AM/FM Records, and Dunk! Records Includes digital download. Product ships on or around September 23rd. Preorder comes with one 320 kbps MP3 single from Everything Is Beautiful and some digital extras. As additional songs are released, updates will be provided. http://store.prayforsound.com/ http://music.prayforsound.com/
  5. My band, Spirits ( http://www.spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com ) released our debut LP back in May and I've been meaning to post a collection of pics showing off the packaging we designed to go with the record. If you've got a second to scroll please give it a look as we're pretty happy with how everything turned out! This is how the LP looks when you first see it/pick it up. In the poly bag its actually kind of difficult to tell that it has a vertical wrap and just looks like a standard white cover with the pencil drawing and the bands name on it. As you slide the vertical wrap off of the LP it reveals the record's title: Discontent. Also the next layer below the skin from our sad looking gal on the front cover. Next you pull the LP jacket apart diagonally to reveal below the muscle layer... the skull. It is a printed dust-sleeve that houses the actual LP. We really wanted to make something with multiple layers in the artwork and are super happy with how this turned out. I don't know if I've ever seen packaging with this cut in it. We printed the jackets through Imprint and they were super cool with helping us figure out how to make this cut and with adding the extra tab on the traditional jacket so that all 4 sides of it would be sealed until the cut was made. When you flip over the dust jacket it reveals a wall of lyrics and the credits for the album. This is the back of the LP jacket that pulls apart diagonally. Song titles that are not visible when the wrap is fully on the LP. The two main variants of vinyl are clear with black smoke and clear with red smoke. They turned out really cool and each one is pretty unique. The red LP in the top corner of this picture is the only copy that ended up being a pretty solid clear red throughout so naturally I had to hold onto it. This gives a pretty good representation of the variation of the clear vinyl with color smoke added in. Bonus fact... the center labels are 3 dimensional if you look at them with 3D glasses. If you'd like to pick up a copy we have them in our limited run store here: http://www.spiritsxxx.limitedrun.com and you can also download the record for free here: http://www.spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com http://www.spiritshc.com if you'd like to keep up to date with anything we have going on! And last but not least, you can follow us on social media as "spiritsxboston" on instagram, tumblr, twitter, and such! Thanks for checking out the end result of our collective work as a band since the beginning of the year!
  6. Hey all! New label with two tape releases out and shipping now! http://www.firstwatchrecordings.com/ First up: Christopher Leaf - Demo 2015
  7. Hey everyone, I have an extra ticket for Transit's final show in Boston this Tuesday 4/26. Show is at the Sinclair and doors are at 7:00. Should be a pretty cool show since it is the last night of their farewell tour. I paid around $20 for the ticket after fees so that's what I'm hoping to get for it. PM me if interested. The ticket is print-at-home so I can just transfer the ticket to your ticketmaster account once I receive the payment.
  8. We're really happy to announce that we handle the vinyl edition of GREAT LAKES USA's new "Stumbling Distance" EP. Great Lakes USA - Stumbling Distance - 6 fast, melodic and catchy rippers from Boston, MA punks - one-sided 12" - 2 editions available, limited to less than 300 copies in total - handscreened sleeves with punched out skyline on the back, thick inlays - all records are handnumbered on the B-side (in different ways) - comes with digital download - first release with Mike Przygoda (No Trigger) on the lead guitar - for fans of Hot Water Music, The Loved Ones Pressing Info 100x grey cover w/ silver screenprint; blue, white & black mixed vinyl! 192x black w/ gold screenprint; gold & black mixed vinyl! 10x testpress Tracklist 1. The Best Band At O'Brien's (01:28) 2. Crows (02:34) 3. Aim So Low (02:27) 4. Down (II) (01:43) 5. Paralyzed (02:58) 6. Shaking Hands (02:54) The whole record is streaming here: https://greatlakes.bandcamp.com/album/stumbling-distance Preorders are going online in 45minutes at: http://shop.coffeebreathandheartache.com/ (cheap international shipping available)
  9. So, this band Arrowhead just released their debut LP, and you can find it here: http://arrowheadma.bandcamp.com/album/a-collection-of-what-youve-lost-2 This is a fantastic mixture of post-rock and screamo, kind of like a more aggressive version of Gates. They also remind me of the band Ghost Key and Seasons In Wreckage. Fantastic production here. The I/O Facebook page posted about it, and I checked them out because that band rules too. Every song so far has been amazing, I'm very impressed by this. Please check this stuff out.
  10. I am looking to buy both the Moving Home EP and, a bit more of a stretch, Boston // Orlando. I am not picky about variants for Moving Home but a first press copy or the transparent yellow w/ red haze variant would be very ideal. PM me if anyone has the hook up for these
  11. Dropdead - The Box Set (1993 Selfless Records) Last Rights - 10” - 2 acetates only. 4 songs Last Rights - Chunks 7" - test press (Taang!) Negative FX - Negative FX LP test press (Taang!) Negative FX - Negative FX LP test press (Fundamental UK) Slapshot - Sudden Death Overtime LP test prsss NL: Emergo/Roadrunner Emergo #9375(Taang!/Roadrunner/Emergo) Slapshot - Back to Back 7" v/a comp test press (Lost & Found) Slapshot - Digital Warfare LP test press (Bridge 9) *Rejected version Slapshot - Back On The Map LP black vinyl w/silver labels (Taang!) Slapshot - Olde Tyme Hardcore LP – test press (Century Media) Slapshot - Olde Tyme Hardcore LP test press 2012 repress (Taang!) Slapshot - I Believe 7" test press (Taang!) Slapshot - Slapshot 2014 LP (multicolor vinyl) (OldeTymeRecords) Slapshot - Slapshot 2014 LP (test press BLACK VINYL) (OldeTymeRecords) Slapshot - Slapshot 2014 LP (test press WHITE VINYL) (OldeTymeRecords) Stars & Stripes - Shaved for Battle LP test press (Patriot) White Mice - ASSPhIXXXEATATESHUN LP test press (Load records) White Mice - Do they know its Christmice LP test press (Subharmonix/Brainpatch) White Mice - BLASSSTPHLEGMEICE LP - test press (Load records)
  12. New Noise Magazine is exclusive streaming a song(Kill This Sound) off of the upcoming Spirits 7" coming out Feb 10th. Check out the song here-http://newnoisemagazine.com/exclusive-stream-spirits-kill-sound/. You can pre order the record here-www.cointossrecords.com, Spirits next show is January 23 at Cuisine en Locale.
  13. Speedowax Records from the UK is releasing this fantastic split 7" between Vermont's GET A GRIP ( http://getagripvt.bandcamp.com/) and Boston's SPIRITS ( http://spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com/album/get-a-grip-split ) and you can pre-order it now: http://constantrotation.bigcartel.com/product/get-a-grip-spirits-split-7-color-vinyl-e-p-preorder Presented in a Laminated thick pocket sleeve with a separate full color lyric insert and on two vinyl color choices of "skittles" and "honey", each limited to 125 records each! This is Speedowax's 100th release so it marks a milestone for Rich and his financially ruining hobby. Check it out, download the tunes for free, and please help spread the word! Thanks!
  14. the Spirits EP is up on our band camp and it is name your own price. check it out here-https://cointossrecords.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-ctr-4. you can still pre-order the record as well-www.cointossrecords.com.
  15. Ends Meet(Great old school hardcore from Massachusetts)-"Nothing to Show" 7" Pre-Orders are up. There are 3 colors: Clear(100),Mix(150), and Black (250). I also have a couple of test preses up for the collectors. You can order the record here-www.cointossrecords.com
  16. ELDER "Lore" 2LP / CD Pre-Orders Up Now!! These are in finally, street date is 2/27/15 We are taking paid pre-orders now that will ship the Monday prior to release. Order HERE Wholesale inquiries email: armageddonshop[at]gmail.com Artist: ELDER Title: Lore Formats: 2LP w/download / CD Label: Armageddon Shop Catalog number: AS-009 Street Date: February 27th, 2015 Elder is a heavy psych band from Boston, USA. Founded by long-time friends Nicholas DiSalvo, Jack Donovan and Matt Couto, the group spent years plodding in Sabbathian territory, releasing their self-titled debut 2007, followed by "Dead Roots Stirring" in 2011. They also released a two song EP "Spires Burn / Release" in 2012 showing musical growth in a more refined vision of the band's sound. With "Dead Roots Stirring" and "Spires Burn" Elder took a surprising turn away from their more traditional stoner rock roots, incorporating uplifting melodies and progressive song structures into their lengthy epics. The release of 2011's "Dead Roots Stirring" sent ripples through the underground and established the band as one of the genre's most interesting and experimental. Between lengthy hiatuses where DiSalvo resided in Germany, Elder continued writing, taking in inspiration from travels and experiences in non-musical territory. 2012 saw the release of Spires Burn/Release EP, the next chapter in the group's progressing mindstate. In the following years Elder toured the U.S. and Europe several times, culminating in the release of their live album Live at Roadburn 2013 from the Dutch festival's 18th edition. Their third full length "Lore" is due out in early 2015 and will be a watershed moment in the band's history. Joining the interplay of heaviness and melody which has become the hallmark Elder sound are a host of new meanderings through uncharted kosmische territory; krautrock, prog as well as classic heavy rock and doom can all be heard unfolding throughout the record's five songs. By giving equal credence to riffs and atmosphere, Lore bypasses genre constraints, the group's penchant for progressive songwriting and melody shining more brightly than ever. Nick DiSalvo states that Colour Haze and Dungen are "bands that have really influenced the methodology or the philosophy behind the new direction". While Elder's sound is now much more evolved and varied, it is still consistently based around rock and metal, originally influenced by such heavy landmark bands as Black Sabbath, Sleep and Electric Wizard.
  17. Out 2/10/15 via Bridge 9 Listen to new song Servilia here: http://www.altpress.com/features/entry/war_on_women_bridge_nine_records_serve_up_their_new_single_servilia Pre order here: http://www.b9store.com/waronwomen Pressing info: Clear/100 White/300 Red/600 Tracklisting: 1. Servilia 2. Say It 3. Meathead 4. Second Wave Goodbye 5. Swagger 6. Roe V. World 7. Glass City 8. Jordan 9. Pro-Life? 10. YouTube Comments 11. Diana La Cazadora
  18. Hey everyone here at VC! You can now pre-order SPIRITS debut 7" from Coin Toss Records and hear the second track from it over at GlueHC.com! We're really amped on finally having this come out so hopefully if you dig the first song you'll feel so inclined to snag a copy here: http://cointossrecords.storenvy.com/ Much like we did with Test of Time, we strive to have interesting and unique artwork to compliment the music on our releases and this 7" is no different. It comes with a 6 panel layout where each panel is a cool/iconic picture from in and around Boston, including old pictures of some family members and such. The whole thing is grey-scaled but the different record editions will each have their own 7"x7" color transparency that will act as the 'front cover' of the artwork. So essentially, for the pre-order version, you'll receive a black vinyl record and the panel will be folded to have the above image (the old Boston Braves stadium after the team left town!) as the front cover. It will then have a transparency with just color ink printed onto it that will colorize the one image. Pretty neat, right? There are three vinyl colors... Black, Clear, and Clear with smoke and at the above link you'll find a link to pick up all three if you're interested as well as just the single pre-order copy. Thanks for checking out the music and feel free to help spread the word if you're into it. We really appreciate it! XXX FREE FULL ALBUM DOWNLOAD: http://spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com/album/s-t http://spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com/album/s-t http://spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com/album/s-t http://spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com/album/s-t http://spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com/album/s-t
  19. I’m extremely happy to announce that the next Framework release will be the new No Sir, I Won’t 12” EP, The Door. Boston’s No Sir, I Won’t return with a new EP of unique and complex hardcore punk. Drawing inspiration from all corners of the punk spectrum, No Sir, I Won’t is able to create a wholly unique and refreshing sound not often heard in today’s punk scene. Comprised of 6 songs, and clocking in at over 20 minutes in length, The Door is an dynamic album that mixes the anger of Conflict with the melody of early Chumbawamba. The Door by No Sir, I Won’t will be released in June 25th on yellow vinyl 12” with download card. Hear the track “Harry Harlow” from The Door here: http://soundcloud.com/framework-label/no-sir-i-wont-harry-harlow In the meantime, the band will be hitting the road for a week of shows along the North East. Check them out on the following dates: Monday May 20 – Willimantic, CT @ Shitty Present HQ w/ Snotrocket Tuesday May 21 – Winooski, VT @ The Monkey House w/ Last World, & Gorcrow Wednesday May 22 – Boston, MA @ Ramrod w/ Terveet Kadet Thursday May 23 – Lake Ronkonkoma, NY @ Hometowne Tavern w/ Pretty Shit, No More Victims, & Brian Connelly Friday May 24 – Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House w/ Terveet Kadet, Lotus Fucker, Low Charge, & Muscle Revolution Saturday May 25 – Cleveland, OH @ TBA Sunday May 26 – Washington, DC @ The Chill Factory w/ Cheap Love Monday May 27 – Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar w/ Howling Curse, & Friendbest Tuesday May 28 – Albany, NY @ Trampoline House w/ Neutron Rats, & Bourbon Scum *For those who can’t wait until June, a limited supply of black vinyl tour editions ofThe Door will be available at the above shows. Distros/Stores/Questions/Concerns: [email protected] http://www.frameworklabel.com http://frameworklabel.tumblr.com http://soundcloud.com/framework-label
  20. I’m selling two tickets to Ryan Adams’ show in Boston on Nov. 18 (I’m going to one of the NYC shows instead). They are orchestra level seats relatively close to the stage and are located right next to each other (the only ones available on Live Nation now are balcony). Message me if you’re interested!
  21. I'm releasing the full length album "Dreamer" from Boston, MA's post-rock/metal band Pray For Sound on tape! Here is the info: - /50 Transparent blue/green swirl cassettes - Full color U-Card Packaging with front/back full color insert - Includes a 7 card song symbol "tarot card" set - Includes digital download card - Includes free Flesh and Bone Records sticker Track Listing: 1. Sleeper 2. Decayer 3. Sonder 4. Dreamer 5. Conceiver 6. Mourner 7. Daybringer RIYL - Russian Circles, Mogwai, Caspian, Moving Mountains Listen to the first stream from this album "Decayer" here. Pre-order the tape for only $7 here. Check out everything with my label Flesh and Bone Records here. These will ship early July. I'm actually expecting them on my doorstep any day along with my releases for Sky Flying By, Other Minds, and Wolves&Wolves. If you have already placed an order with me and would like to combine shipping with an existing pre-order you already made, please email [email protected] first, and we'll combine shipping no problem. You can also pick up an exclusive label-only shirt to coincide with this release (and all of my other releases). This is the one that is available for Pray For Sound:
  22. Was taking a trip down memory lane listening to showcase showdown yesterday. I have Appitite of Kings and Assemble your Own Dictator w/ August Spies Looking for Permenant Stains and another other 7 inches or whatever. Lemme know if you can help Not looking to trade but pay
  23. Hello, this is the last record I am missing from a full collection, so if anyone could hook me up I would be grateful! Pretty please, and a big thank you!
  24. Preorders are up on Vanna's Merchnow vanna.merchnow.com Pressing Info: 150 : Milky Clear w/Silver and Black splatter 200: Half Clear / Half Orange w/yellow splatter on the clear side (Hot Topic exclusive) 650: Orange / Blood Red / Black smash
  25. A good friday evening to my fellow VC'ers, My band, Test of Time ( https://www.facebook.com/testoftimehc ), have a new 7" called 'A Place Beyond' that comes out officially on Tuesday (5/20). Last Friday night we played Bane's record release show for 'Don't Wait Up' and subsequentially also had a record release version of our 7" with us at the show. We have a small handful of copies left so figured I'd post here to let anyone know who's interested in picking one up. http://www.testoftime.bigcartel.com/ The package contains -A hand stamped and spray painted envelope -Clear Vinyl with no labels or silkscreen out of 50 -Color tour photo (each one is different) -Bridge 9 and Test of Time stickers -Color print of the show flyer We've really been striving to do things a bit different than the average run of the mill packaging for all of our releases so hopefully you dig what we've come up with. As for the regular versions of the 7", you can snag them here: http://www.b9store.com/testoftime Each record has a unique 4x6 picture print attached to it and there are three different silk screen colors to choose from. Here's a snippet of the artwork that comes with the regular version: In addition to all this, you can register your copy by finding and tagging your picture at this site so we can see where across the globe all of the records end up: http://www.aplacebeyond.bridge9.com And last but not least... you can stream the entire ep currently on Scene Point Blank: http://www.scenepointblank.com/news/site-news/2014/05/05/spb-exclusive-stream-test-time/ Thanks for reading and listening. New LP drops in July. European Tour this July/August. Dates to follow. XXX

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