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  1. I have a set sale but after this bull shit im not posting on here because its pointless. more than welcome to reach out thru message or email but im done dealing with trolling assholes who r starting crap for no reason
  2. id love to know what makes me a"moron" lets see ACTUAL facts not just someone pissy hitting a negative button for no fucking reason lolololol.....whatever, makes no difference tome.....people who would actually want the vinyl would get it for SO MUCH LESS than anywhere else you will find it online....but its cool....yall have fun slamming newcomers for no reason whatsoever...really shows that maturity level and the actual "value" of these forums
  3. sad thing is, all these people slamming me on a vinyl that, compared to ebay prices, you could get for a STEAL....but noone would ever know that because they would rather just talk shit
  4. apparently dont understand the difference in pressings...1st....second....etc....and try and find a white one online to buy for a normal price.....since its apparently soooooooo easy to get a hold of one...lol cmon now....and i gave downvotes to people who did nothing but talk shit AND SLAM me for posting something to sell on a FORUM TO SELL ON....jeeeez
  5. lololol wow....you guys are quite humerous....at least i know now where to go to NOT sell vinyl....if you did ANY research, instead of a bunch of dbag trolls giving negative reviews for NO FUCKING REASON, then you'd actually see that if you got this, you could gt it pretty cheap and sent fast.... gotta love the assumptions and bull shit responses...but not my concern honestly. Go troll another thread and insult and talk shit to people....because the actual interested people are already reaching out....but thanks for proving exactly why these boards are total bull shit....because you turn them into slamming and insulting people for NO reason.....at least there are some sites and some users on here who actually care. And when you see the responses from people that have purchased, you will see that they arrive FAST, in PERFECT CONDITION, and with no hassle...but have fun trolling away somewhere else!!!! Any actual interest on this vinyl just email [email protected], as I am reviewing the offers this evening and making a decision. But otherwise, I'm done reading a bunch of bull shit....its absolutely ridiculous and honestly, pathetic. But thanks for the laughs, it was quite humorous to read your bs while offers come rolling in thru email
  6. lololol what???? ok yea im trying to work with ADULTS, or at least people that act like them....not ones who just try and slam people and talk shit for absolutely no reason whatsoever....i put a posting in an area on stuff TO SELL....and you just slam me for it??? yea no thanks have fun trolling somewhere else
  7. actually for completely other reasons but im glad you assume and know everything! and who cares about the repress??? im simply selling a very limited edition of this record, which WONT be repressed in the same format/color/pressing....which is what seems to matter to every person on this site....so i fail to see your attempt at insulting or slamming me??? I love how everyone on this site automatically jumps down your throat when you post something for sale IN THE FOR SALE SIDE OF THE SITE!!!!!!!!! absolutely ridiculous....but i forgot you know all apparently....sheesh
  8. no but the Short Songs Silverstein album up for sale is, which includes a 7" ETCHED "If you could see into my soul" single with it...but no this is not signed
  9. I am selling my copy of: The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me 2xLP.....WHITE VARIANT EXCELLENT CONDITION, AND NEVER BEEN PLAYED....ONLY OPENED SO COLOR COULD BE CONFIRMED!!!! THIS IS THE TRIPLE CROWN VERSION OF THE ALBUM, w/the LYRIC SHEET included!!! A MUST HAVE for Brand New Collectors!!!! Accepting offers now. FREE SHIPPING FOR US RESIDENTS.....INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE BUT MUST BE DISCUSSED AHEAD OF TIME WILL ACCEPT OFFERS FOR 24 HRS, UNLESS AN OFFER TOO GOOD TO PASS UP HAS BEEN PRESENTED, LOL Need to move this ASAP. Let me know if interested!!! you can email [email protected] or just respond to the post!
  10. Hey everyone! So I am selling my copy of "Short Songs" by Silverstein. This was a TOUR EXCLUSIVE pressing, on CLEAR vinyl. The album comes with a dust cover that is SIGNED by the ENTIRE BAND I received the album from the band after interviewing and photographing their show w/ August Burns Red in Ft. Lauderdale FL in January of 2012. The album has NEVER been played, and is in EXCELLENT condition For those worried about the signatures dropping the value of the vinyl, just know the signatures are on the dust cover and NOT on the actual sleeve, so no worries there Send any offers to [email protected] , as price is negotiable Thanks! Dust sleeve Signed Vinyl in packaging (clear sleeve, DUST Sleeve SIGNED, Jacket & Vinyl) along w/ Photographer pass and set list from the show JUAN holding the DUST SLEEVE and VINYL so you can see
  11. I am selling my Silverstein short songs tour pressing limited to /200 CLEAR vinyl SIGNED BY THE ENTIRE BAND EXCELLENT CONDITION....NEVER BEEN PLAYED Also for sale: -Manchester Orchestra "I'm like a virgin..." SIGNED VINYL by ANDY HULL and Chris (keys) -Manchester Orchestra "Mean Everything" SIGNED BY CHRIS (keys) TAKING BEST OFFER....WILL SELL ALL TOGETHER.....EMAIL ME [email protected] if interested