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  1. Hmmm I want this. But the price is... well, yea. More than I want to pay
  2. Ugh. Super bummed I missed out on this :/ anyone know if any extras will be going up? in happier news, I’m loving yellowhammer and have been streaming it constantly since release! Track 2 and 3 are JAMS!
  3. bump. vheissu tour merch is up on their site FYI. 88 copies of Palms clear variant in stock if anyone still needs it
  4. I did... and it looks like I missed the concrete variant :/ dammit if anyone picked up an extra please PM me
  5. Did they mean 2pm PT instead of EST? 14 min late at this point and have a meeting a work soon..
  6. yea whats the story there? did he go off on his own to compete with Enjoy the Ride? haha
  7. dang, missed this. Is there anywhere i can still order? would rather not support SRC...
  8. anyone looking for a copy of the graphic novel with first press cover? I have 1 extra for trade in perfect condition I'd love a copy of the tour edition of this but I cant make it to a show. If they happen to have more at merch booth for sale and anyone can pick one up I'd be open to trades or paypal'ing you some $$. thanks!