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  1. dang I'm still trying for the bundle + mansions deserter ep... but says ICMAM is OOS ;(
  2. title says it all. anyone have one for a decent price? PM me
  3. isn't this the same (old leftovers?) as the luna tour press or is this a new pressing?
  4. grabbed the $60 one.. the question now is do I need the $200 one. ugh thats steep
  5. do we think the deluxe brother sister release will restock?? that's the only deluxe edition i'm missing!
  6. love it. the live stream is really cool and the recording sounds great! excited for this
  7. Hmmm I want this. But the price is... well, yea. More than I want to pay
  8. Ugh. Super bummed I missed out on this :/ anyone know if any extras will be going up? in happier news, I’m loving yellowhammer and have been streaming it constantly since release! Track 2 and 3 are JAMS!
  9. bump. vheissu tour merch is up on their site FYI. 88 copies of Palms clear variant in stock if anyone still needs it