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  1. someone had this one posted in the forum, but there's some question of the legitimacy of that person. Hope you find it, if i could part with my copy i would but i love it too much!
  2. Good luck with the variant collecting for FOB! I've always wanted to but way too much! have you found a decently priced copy of the GK dirty work pressing? i always see people trying to push them for 60-80 bucks :/
  3. Any further word on the Put Up Or Shut Up variant yet? also, not to pry but will HT be getting Nothing Personal and Don't Panic presses eventually as well?
  4. Also, picked up a copy of this from my store today and it looks and sounds beautiful! i genuinely hope the buzz around this pressing gets the wheels moving on the rest of their catalog being pressed! Wishlist pressings would be: The Party Scene (some kind of 10 year anniversary press) PUOSU with some kind of yellow and green haze or splatter as a 10" Nothing Personal on Cream (possibly a black or white splatter? Don't Panic on Maroon or Blue (matching the colors on the cover) also, id love Don't Panic: It's Longer Now! pressed by I know that'll never happen
  5. more can go up past thursday, even when they pull vinyl from the site they can still call in vinyl online orders. I did that last year for From Under The Cork Tree (maroon), went up during Hot cash and ordered it no problem. I'd recommend to anyone having issues with online orders to go in store and order them there once Hot Cash starts.
  6. if you end up not getting a copy before they remove the vinyl, try going into the store, tell them you'd like to order a record and they should be able to phone it in, you may have to talk to a manager or someone who's been there a while, but i did that for the maroon pressing of FUCT. HC was going on at the time so i snagged it with no problem, since everyone assumes you can't order it during that time.
  7. if it goes up during hot cash you can usually go into the store and have them phone in the order, it won't show up on the site for anyone but if there's still copies available they can be ordered in store no problem (at least has been that way every other hot cash time)
  8. Some people either on this thread or an earlier blink thread forever ago were discussing getting some custom box sets made, however I'm not sure if that idea fizzled out. It might be worth digging for because if I recall correctly they were discussing the place they wanted to make it and some preferred design features
  9. typically the HT presses do have a sticker, but that sticker (at least on all the Blink presses) just reads "Hot Topic Limited Edition Colored Vinyl" I don't see how the sticker method is ever a truly reliable method to go off
  10. I listened to the rest of the album after hearing the edited line on my pressing, and i didn't catch any other edits, and the lyric sheet reads the line unedited so it must of been some weird occurrence that caused this line to be edited in this way. But aside from that small blemish (which does bum me out) I am still beyond stoked to finally own a copy of this, it is a beautiful pressing and it sounds great.
  11. Was happily enjoying my copy until I noticed that weird edit, but seriously what the hell?? why was it edited on this one but not TMTATS? bummed out here
  12. Don't know exactly how to arrange the records in order of greatness because they're all so different. I feel like some comparisons are valid between certain songs/moments on them, but I've never been able to put them in any kind of order that sticks. Also, how do we not mention My Heart Will Always Be The B-side To My Tongue?? (also, who else is dying for some kind of special pressing of it someday?)