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  1. Pvris ‎– White Noise Vinyl, LP, Album, Clear / White Split /2500 ($30 OBO) Jukebox The Ghost ‎– Jukebox The Ghost Yep Roc Records ‎– YEP-2389 Vinyl, LP ($45 OBO) Sufjan Stevens ‎– Exploding Whale Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Whale Gray With Red Splatter /500 ($45 OBO) The Swell Season ‎– Strict Joy Vinyl, LP, Single Sided, Etched ($20) OBO) Paramore ‎– Brand New Eyes Vinyl, LP, Album, Repress ($20 OBO) twentyonepilots‎– Vessel: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Clear ($20 OBO)
  2. I added pricing on some based off of what I saw on here, but I'm down for whatever offers come my way, want to keep things fair. Cute Is What We Aim For - LP, Limited Edition, Ice Clear w/ Pink, Blue & Black Splatter /100 ($70 OBO) Copeland -(Ixora plus Ixora Twin) {sold together} - LP, Album, Repress, Clear /1,000 & Twin- 180gm White Vinyl - /990 copies (BO) Judah & The Lion ‎– Kids These Days Black- Vinyl, LP, Album ($10 OBO) Relient K - 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Repress, Clear Dark Green, Album, Special Edition /250 ($50 OBO) Relient K ‎– Let It Snow, Baby ... Let It Reindeer 2 × vinyl LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Clear/Blue/White /285 ($40 OBO) The Postal Service ‎– Give Up - Black ($20 OBO) Twink Forks- (signed) Black LP /1700 ($15 OBO) Twenty One Pilots ‎– The LC LP Vinyl, LP, 6", Shape, EP, Red Translucent, Ohio-Shaped (BO) ($40 OBO) The Maine-Vinyl- Forever Halloween, Pioneer, Daytrotter, Less Noise, Lovely Little Lonely, Stay Up Get Down CD- And A Happy New Year... (Willing to part ways with these for a fan/BO)
  3. Looking to sell these pretty quick, send over any offers, thank you! Twenty One Pilots ‎– The LC LP Vinyl, LP, 6", Shape, Red Translucent, Ohio-Shaped (best offer) Gerard Way Pinkish/Don't Try RSD 2016 ($5) A Day To Remember Homesick Yellow Hot Topic Vinyl ($10) Sufjan Stevens Exploding Whale Epic Fail Fourth Of July 7"gray/red splatter /500 ($20) *edited pricing
  4. Listed Relient K on ebay. I had a few ask about Sufjan but haven't heard anything back so I'll list that on ebay later today unless anyone on here wants it. Thanks!
  5. I didn't list any prices because I didn't have a price in mind for anything man. Just getting to the offers right now in my inbox, sorry for the late reply... I've been at work. Responded!
  6. FS: Relient K "Let it snow baby...Let it reindeer" 2xLP on clear blue sold Sufjan Stevens "Exploding Whale" 7" gray/red splatter /500 The Swell Season "Strict Joy" Sold The Maine "...and a happy new year" CD *sealed. Sold Just taking offers! Thank you.