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  1. I just got my TBR Box Set from Todd last week. Totally unbelievable!! The remastered version of Another Way kills SO hard!! If you don't know about this & your a TBR fan you have GOT to get this box set. $130ppd & so worth it. I got the tie die version which has a black outer case it all goes in with the emblem screenprinted on it but those are sold out. The standard set is just as killer tho. Trust me!
  2. I'm with you on your opinion man, from all the research i've done, The whole Glen Lambert era was his act of sarcasm towards knowing the chances of being sued by Mike Burket over certain actions & statements made by Chris Hannah rather than Propagandhi are pretty good so the feud was now between Mike Burket & Glen Lambert. Obviously we all know that's pathetic & so does Chris Hannah (obviously, he's a somewhat smart guy :-/ ) which is the premise behind the whole thing. It's a rediculous situation that he's smart enuff to treat rediculously. Know what I mean. Hopefully I'm not sounding like a smartass to you bro, that's really not my intention with my comment. I'm just agreeing with & adding to your's. Repress of Potemkin would be killer. I listen to Propagandhi every single day of my life. It's an over the top love affair I have for their music. I dont get it either. I find everything I love in music all wrapped up in their, Post LT,MR music. TE,TA just might be the best record of all time. Honestly... FS being Epitaph let me down a bit. I really thought they were finally going to remove themselves from Fat to start self releasing from here on out. I guess it TRULY is just a direct feud with Fat Mike rather than Fat RECORDS because afterall... Epitaph & Fat are practically the same goddamn thing as each other. As much as I truly hate to say it... MONEY, definately plays a factor in this. I guarantee you Supporting Cast(e) kicked their ass financially! Plus they spent $50K of royalties from Fat to start G7 & it totally failed.
  3. I just ordered the Prop re-issue S.E. from Fat & when I got it, the packaging was bent as was the LP cover. The Tab book was ok. I emailed'em & got a response within a timely manner. He requested a pic, I sent him the pic, he said cool, no problem, sorry for the mishap, we'll get you another one. Had the new one 3 days later in perfect condition. To me... This is perfect service! The record was a preorder & it shipped on the day of release. The mishap had nothing to do with Fat yet they came thru with their obligations perfectly. That's killer shit as far as I'm concerned. Y'know what I mean.
  4. Austin, Texas: •Sound on Sound •Sound Exchange •Waterloo Records & Video (Corporate type store, carries all genre's & all formats so it seems to come across as somewhere you wouldn't see yourself going BUT... They have it all! Great shop. Equal to Amoeba, SF) Tons more I cant think of at the moment. Austin's a haven for record shops & music venues.