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  1. Holy crap, has this thread died? 9 days since the last post, that seems unpossible! I used to post around these parts, and have still lurked around here every once in a while. Logged in to ask a weird favor of a couple of you. My friend started an etsy shop and for some of her loose leaf teas. Things have been slow going so I was hoping to find a couple people from different parts of the country to place an order and get her going and to boost her confidence a bit. Now this definitely isn't a post where I am trying to get random people to buy things from someone I know. What I'd do is I'll paypal gift you like $15 - 20 and just ask you to use that money to buy a little bit from her shop. So if you like tea (or have a friend who does) let me know and I'll message you a link to her shop and I'll get your paypal to gift you the cash. Super weird request I know, but I really just want to help a friend get a little bit of confidence in her business.
  2. I'm still not 100% I'd vote for Bernie, but I'd say it's about 95% or higher I would. However if Hillary was the Dems nominee I'd end up undoubtably voting third party as I have for all other Presidential elections. Last election was Rocky Anderson and prior to that twice it was Ralph Nader.
  3. Ya'll should pre-order the crap out of this. I know he said that the preorders will help him fund promoting this album. Austin is definitely one of the musicians that more people should know. He recently was in my area and did a handful of songs off this album and they are amazing. I'll try and track down one of the videos from that or I think he's released at least one of the songs on youtube.
  4. Let me know what you think of Euro Truck sim. I just googled it and it seems nerdy and compelling. I've only played MMOs over the last few years but would love to try and find some normal games to play that don't suck all my money.
  5. I don't post on here much anymore, but need to more or less use the anonymity of the internet to complain for two seconds. Fuck winter. I got down with work at 1130. It's now 330 and I'm two blocks from home still. Took us over an hour to shovel our way out the parking lot at work because they forgot to set up a plow service for this year. Ended up stopping and shoveling / pushing at least 5 cars on the way. No way can I make it down my road so my car is going to sit on the nearest plowed street till morning. ...but also after stopping and helping people push their cars out I managed to leave my door open and drained the battery. So now I'm two blocks from home with a dead battery. I get to grab some tools take out the battery, come back home and use the trickle charger to recharge the battery and hope they don't tow my car for being illegally parked on a street. On top of that the guys who I stopped to help push / shovel their cars that lead to me draining my battery were cops. Not that that matters in the least, but, uh yeah, fuck the po po. In the morning I get to assemble the snowblower I just bought. So that is fun. Complaint over, and not really a complaint, it's just the nature of Wisconsin winters. I just wanted to take a 10 minute break before I head back out to get the battery. Hope all of ya'll are doing wonderfully stupendeous. May your new year be filled with all the vinyl. All the damn vinyl you could ever want. Oh, and I'm reaching the point of no sleep where I think I'm begining to loose my mind.
  6. 20151220_193418 by rainbowtroutoctagon, on Flickr Thanks for the advice guys. Picking up a bigger stuffed toy is a great idea. I've been trying to get him to stop nipping at me so much. It's always super gentile but when dealing with my brothers kids in a few days that will be a bigger deal. I do have my kitchen set up as kind of a play area for him. I've got a ribbon tied under my kitchen table to give him something to try and bat around. I've got a few of the toy mice that I keep in there and a bird toy that sings when it move at all. When I end up leaving or quarantining him in there I'll hide that in a shoebox with a top that folds over. That way he can bat around the box and hear it and try and work his to open it up. I've also got tissue paper that I let him tear apart. I've been trying to give him plenty of options for him to play with. However, the only way he plays is if I'm actively playing with him. If I give him a toy he'll play with it as long as I'm in the room with him or am actively playing with him. The problem is when I leave the room he just sprints after me. When I get him set up and playing in the kitchen and then close the door to keep him in there he'll almost immediately stop playing and just scratch at the door for a while. Oddly enough, and I'm not sure why, but my brother doesn't believe in treats or catnip. Thats been a bit of awkward trying to reinforce good behaviors. As far as punishment, I've tried clapping but the cat doesn't really respond at all to that. What I have done is started sprayin down areas I don't want the cat to go with a citrus oil, it does seem to keep him a bit away. I've also wrapped exposed electrical wires I can't hide with a thick plastic coil that keeps him from being able to gnaw on it. The cat bed seems like a good idea and if / when I get myself a pair of cats I'll make sure they have a dedicated bed/s. I guess at this point I'm only a few days from Christmas and my brother picking up the cat for his kids so I'm not going to change anything now. Realistically this cat should be awesome for a household with 5 people in it. There should always be someone around for the cat to play with or cuddle with. 20151219_084653 by rainbowtroutoctagon, on Flickr
  7. Came here for some cat advice. My brother got a cat to give to his kids on Christmas, but obviously wants to wait till then to have Santa drop it off. So in the mean time the unnammed cat is staying with me. I do refer to it as Kit E. Kat. The cats pretty great, just needs 100% attention. This is the most social cat I've ever ran across. When I leave the cat goes nuts for a couple seconds then seemingly spends the entire rest of the time hiding under my kitchen island / cart. I've tried buying him a couple special toys that I'll only bring out when I leave but hes always hiding under the cart when I get back home. I've tried leaving out the side door then sneaking in the front and the cat is just meowing sadly (or at least what I interpret as sadly) hanging out under the kitchen cart. I've got the cat stuck quarantined in the kitchen and living room and if I go in another room the cat just waits outside the door meowing away until I come out. I tried sleeping in my bedroom with him outside, but that didn't work so I'm now sleeping on the couch with the cap sleeping on my beard most of the night, frequently waking me up to groom my beard with his claws which I don't enjoy to much. Basically the only time this cat isn't by my side is when he's pooping and howling away while doing so. So anyone know how to get the cat more used to being alone a bit. Is it normal for a kitten to get so attatched and need so much attention? It's awesome this cats so social, and I don't want to make it more standoffish but I also don't want it to have a panic attack when I leave. If you've got any advice on how to get the cat to use a scratching post that would be great because I'd like to keep my furniture. Basically now I've just drapped blankets over all the furniture to protect it from his scratching. Watching this cat is probably going to get me to pick up a cat (or probably a pair) soon.
  8. I've not been around VC for a while but came back to check out this thread. I'd be happy to get a package together for someone if they got shafted. Just let me know.
  9. I actually came here with the sole intention of bumping this thread. I wanted to say I hate you all. I finally peed in the shower and now every time I shower I am constantly peeing. It's seriously just like a slow drizzle of pee.
  10. Anybody ever have Plantar Fasciitis, or maybe Heel Burcitis? During and after running the back of my heel is super sore. For days after it'll hurt moderately bad when I start walking after sitting for a little bit. It's worst in the morning when I just get up. Curious if any of y'all had this and have any remedies.
  11. If you're trying to maximize your settlement make sure and cut off a Thumb thats where the moneys at. Index finger would be the next best thing. I'll say this though, fingertip injuries are way more a bitch than I thought. I'm almost two months out from cutting off 1/4 inch of a finger and it still goes nuts when I touch it. It's super weird, if I just rub the tip of the finger I can feel it halfway down the finger. Fun shit, fun shit. Nothing to bad about it, but also nothing I would recommend.
  12. Getting time with HR is my speciality. Some of my tips and tricks for getting large amounts of time with HR. Cut off part of a finger at work. You'll get tons of time with HR. Get your boss to diagnose you as bipolar. He'll send you to HR to get information about mental issues. Be threatening and intimidating. Your boss will have HR in the disciplinary meetings, as a bonus he'll ban you from making eye contact because he finds that to be threatening and intimidating. If you want any more I can throw out some more suggestions, I've had probably 10 meetings with HR. Pretty much all for disciplinary reasons. Fuck I miss my old boss. It's hilarious how ridiculously we clashed.
  13. I wish I was like this. I've lived in that emotionless state of contentment for so long that I've forgotten what it's like to be able to let your emotions take over. I don't recommend it. I'm not an emotionless monster, but I also don't have any of that fire anymore and it sucks. The most emotional I get is when listening to others who are in touch with emotions because it makes me realize what I'm missing out on. Eh, it's my own fault for letting my own bit o' crazy run roughshod for to long.

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