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    Play Bass in The Science Involved and love my gf.. thats about it, xbox live gamertag: FadedZombies

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  1. jaredisburning left Negative feedback for a topic   

    FS most of tradelist! Soundtracks, RSD '14-'15, post hardcore, etc..
    He agreed to sell me a record, I sent him $40 and then he never heard from him. Got his number from another member, texted and he said he was sorry and that is girlfriend didn't want him to sell the record he already agreed to sell me. Then he said that he would refund me, but couldn't afford to. I gave him 2 months and next thing I know his number is disconnected. Haven't heard from him since. Stole my money.

    DakotyTSI was The Seller

  2. kappa left Positive feedback   

    Awesome and honest buyer. Thanks!

    DakotyTSI was The Seller