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  1. Never mind. Saw that it is available at Target again for $35. Feel free to delete.
  2. Looking for a decently priced copy of this on green vinyl. The Target exclusive from a few years back.
  3. Messaged them last night about the false description of being remastered audio. Told them I already own a copy that sounds like crap so I don’t need another. I asked for a refund if I send it back to them. We shall see.
  4. Perhaps we should all return it and say it sounds like shit. Not likely, but maybe then they will see they need to do a proper pressing.
  5. Oops. Just saw there was a post for the subscription. I always ignore grouped record threads. 😬 Feel free to delete.
  6. They have a preorder of Get Rich or Die Tryin up too. Hopefully they do an exclusive for that. That’s one I’ve wanted for a while.
  7. The Interscope Vinyl Collective subscription is live. The first month is The Chronic on green with alternate black cover and foil print. Individually numbered and comes with a slip mat. https://interscope.com/pages/interscope-vinyl-collective?utm_source=Email&utm_campaign=InterscopeVinylCollective20230922&utm_medium=email&utm_content=387946_110123_Interscope%20Vinyl%20Collective%20Month%201%20First%20Access_IVC&utm_referrer=direct&utm_board=interscope-records&utm_country=US&utm_linkurl=Interscope.lnk.to%2FVinylCollective&dm_i=4YUO%2C8BCA%2C59XQE%2C19RXX%2C1
  8. What variant was Amazon? My Equalvision 48 hour preorder shipped so I’ll prolly cancel Amazon.
  9. Am I the only one waiting on their order? I ordered both variants and a slipmat. Haven’t heard a peep.
  10. If anyone ordered the vomit swirl and doesn’t want it, let me know. 😂 I think it’s dope.
  11. https://iamxmusic.com/products/colored-vinyl-the-alternative Black sold out last month but this just went up. Kiss and Swallow also went up this week on black so maybe they will do a color variant for that too. https://iamxmusic.com/products/vinyl-kiss-swallow
  12. Ugh! I hate when bands do that. Sell an expensive bundle and then after everyone orders it they release the only thing they wanted from the bundle.
  13. Agree 100% the mix is what made me not care about that album.
  14. Lame. If anyone is able to do that, please let me know. …or, I wonder if I’m able to do that with my capture card I used to record video game footage.

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