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  1. We don’t need Translating the Name, we need the B2C singles on vinyl. All i I saw was eyes and teeth.
  2. Formerly Marina and The Diamonds. https://usshop.marinaofficial.co.uk/
  3. If this pops up as a test press bundle and someone grabs me one or texts me or something so I can get one, I’ll hook you up with something cool.
  4. Ordered that GITD. It’s so crazy how much she’s blown up over the past year or so. I mentioned this before but nobody ever responded... does anyone else’s party favor 7” skip so much that it can’t play more than 1 second of music? Mine is 100% unplayable on both sides.
  5. I bet deluxe just means it has the bonus tracks eclipse and flags of dawn. Eclipse sounds awful on the last pressing they did. They tried to make it fit on side D but it doesn’t sound good.
  6. Excited about red sky. I’ll wait and see what the info is for the others. I don’t need any more copies of this. Haha.
  7. There is now a blood orange 10th anniversary vinyl. Comes with a download card that has a new bonus track. The vinyl doesn’t include that track though. So, at $35 it’s an easy pass for me, but maybe some of you will be interested. https://www.empireofthesunofficialmerch.com/products/vinyl
  8. Ordered that 4th press of simple math.
  9. Does anyone have the Target exclusive bonus tracks? All the torrents I found are dead.
  10. andrewlucas

    As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between Us

    It’s actually ‘aGua’ smoke. It’s Spanish smoke water.
  11. It also looks like we might be making a few more T&D and LTLHLU jackets in March or April. before you you guys get all bitchy and stupid again, the band asked if I could make them some. We will be trying once I’m back in the country. Hopefully I can find the files and sizes we used or it will be a pain in the ass again.
  12. https://store.thegrowlers.com/products/i-who-loves-the-scum-i-seven-inch-single /1000 Opaque blue
  13. andrewlucas

    PO Now: The Faint "Egowork"

    After actually listening to the two songs they have out now, I decided to preorder. Better than I thought they’d be.