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  1. Basically this. I got an email from Schuyler after I posted that they were slacking and could at least just give us an update or if the vinyl wasn’t gonna happen they could compensate us with something else. His email was basically defensive without any real answers. They sent everyone the black vinyl to hold us over while we wait but it wasn’t even signed like the color one was suppose to be. They only sold 67 bundles. Basically I paid $130 for a shirt and a hoodie and $20 for black vinyl. They could at very least just say “hey guys, sorry but we’re not doing the color vinyl with special packaging like we said we would, but here are some tickets or handwritten lyrics” or something. I don’t know.
  2. I’m still waiting on the Few vinyl I ordered like 4 years ago. Every time I write them they ignore me. They responded once and said they’re working on it but that was like 2 years ago.
  3. 7” available too. https://shop.rammstein.de/en/catalog/Whats-New/rammstein-7-vinyl-deutschland.html
  4. I just cannot get into this album. I tried 4 times. Listened through all the way twice and attempted 2 more times. It’s so boring. I genuinely feel like she’s been hanging out with too many mumble rappers. It just seems like she got lazy with her melodies. I might be crazy, but that’s how I feel about it as of right now. I’ll keep trying, but I’m not hopeful. However, I do like the strange addiction song. BUT.... all the clips from the office ruin it.
  5. Especially now that we know act 6 could later possibly included for only $7 extra. I’m excited about that screenplay.
  6. Well, if you recall, the deluxe version of act 3 had demos at the end of it. A Night on The Town was one of those demos. Act 4 and 5 were written and recorded at the same time. I think that song was so good because it was written during that phase.
  7. I, for one, was beyond excited to see this PO go up. I love these games so much. Ordered instantly. Shipping to the US was $26 tracked, which kinda sucked but totally worth it for me.
  8. Resident evil 1 on limited blue or standard black Resident Evil 2 on limited red or standard black https://www.lacedrecords.com/collections/resident-evil no pressing numbers that I’m aware of.
  9. We don’t need Translating the Name, we need the B2C singles on vinyl. All i I saw was eyes and teeth.
  10. Formerly Marina and The Diamonds. https://usshop.marinaofficial.co.uk/
  11. If this pops up as a test press bundle and someone grabs me one or texts me or something so I can get one, I’ll hook you up with something cool.
  12. Ordered that GITD. It’s so crazy how much she’s blown up over the past year or so. I mentioned this before but nobody ever responded... does anyone else’s party favor 7” skip so much that it can’t play more than 1 second of music? Mine is 100% unplayable on both sides.