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  1. Dammit. Missed out on the Splatter. there goes my complete variant collection. If anyone grabbed an extra, hit me up.
  2. Went to D23 today. Got Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 signed by Tyler bates. They had little mermaid there on standard vinyl but they dropped the ball by not making it sea foam color. It’s black.
  3. Hmmm. Well how about that. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Im gonna go back into my hole until the release day. Time for a new Major/Minor variant.
  4. Why would you guys think there are 3 different variants? Look at Thrices Instagram post from July 19. It’s red, blue, and yellow 3 color striped vinyl.
  5. Yeah I saw the copy at amoeba on Friday. Corners were all frayed and smashed. Nobody is buying it for that price. I’d be hesitant to pay $20. Im gonna hold out for the pink variant though.
  6. For some reason it’s cheaper directly through Universal. Still expensive. Also I’m annoyed that I woke up at 5am for this and there weren’t even any cool limited things. Usually she does signed records at first. Oh well. https://store.universalmusic.com/lanadelrey/*/*/Norman-Fucking-Rockwell-Lime-Green-Double-Vinyl/67KO0000000
  7. I’m looking for the Neon Demon soundtrack if anyone has one... So is that tequila sunrise variant exclusive to the bundle, or is it going to be sold individually in stores?
  8. In stores August 30th. Pre-Order goes live tomorrow (August 1) at 5am Pacific Time.
  9. Does anyone happen to have an extra copy of this, or one for sale? Preferably the pink one but either one will do.
  10. Haha yeah that’s weird. Yeah this was basically the conversation... ”when are we gonna get Suck Out The Poison on vinyl?” ”we’re working on pressing all the albums actually.” ”oh nice! I remember some people in vinyl collective saying they tried to do it but the label wouldn’t let anyone press the albums.” ”yeah they use to be strict about that stuff but not anymore.” so I don’t know. Id love them all on vinyl though so I hope it actually happens.
  11. Oh I forgot to tell you guys, or maybe I already did. I don’t know, my memory sucks. Anyway, Adam the guitar player was talking to me at the show at the Whiskey and he said they’re working on pressing Suck Out The Poison and I Am Hollywood. Woo!
  12. Exactly. If it’s not available, whatever, but if someone knows then I’d like to know also. I have tons of cataloged “limited” records. I usually just leave the quantity pressed blank.
  13. MP3 guy must not see things from more than one perspective. I collect (as well as listen) to vinyl. Part of what enticed me was the chase of finding a limited Pressing or something. I photograph and catalog all my records, kind of for insurance reasons but mostly because I enjoy it. I list the Pressing numbers. So knowing matters to me but if they don’t release numbers then it’s no big deal. My point is, some people care (like me) and other don’t (mp3 guy).
  14. Lucky. Mine has a bent edge and a 1.25” seam split. Those records just flop around inside. They should have added a piece of cardboard or even just a regular vinyl sleeve inside of the screen printed one. When I picked up the package from my front door I felt the records moving and was like “oh no.”
  15. I know Daryl doesn’t want to release it because he hates WB, but why couldn’t he just release it as a Color Film album? I don’t get it. Those Swan Damage songs sounded cool. At least the ones they did live and in Daryl’s DJ set.