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  1. I wanna see pics of the show exclusive. IMO the pinwheel splatter looks way more dope.
  2. Saw this clear indie exclusive show up on a few UK sites. https://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/portugal-the-man-chris-black-changed-my-life-indie-exclusive-clear-vinyl-edition-993389
  3. Anyone know how many were pressed of the Holy Mountain variant?
  4. For anyone wondering what the free exclusive vinyl is when you buy the Metric “fan club (or whatever it’s called)” membership… it’s this. meh. 🙄
  5. Baby Pink w/ Black Swirl (Webstore Exclusive) - https://store.melaniemartinezmusic.com/products/vinyl?ref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.melaniemartinezmusic.com%2F&Intcmp=230222%2Fmmartinez%2Fatl%2Flan%2Fs_pr%2Fbut%2Fhdr%2Fww%2Fportals-pre-order-splash-limited-edition-baby-pink-with-black-swirl-vinyl Bloodshot Translucent - https://store.melaniemartinezmusic.com/products/portals-limited-edition-bloodshot-translucent-vinyl?ref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.melaniemartinezmusic.com%2F&Intcmp=230222%2Fmmartinez%2Fatl%2Flan%2Fs_pr%2Fbut%2Fhdr%2Fww%2Fportals-pre-order-splash-limited-edition-bloodshot-translucent-vinyl Baby Pink (Barnes & Noble Exclusive) - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/portals-melanie-martinez/39535652?intcmp=230222%2fmmartinez%2fatl%2flan%2fs_pr%2fbut%2fhdr%2fww%2fportals-pre-order-splash-limited-barnes-noble-baby-pink-vinyl Olive Green (Urban Outfitters Exclusive) - https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/melanie-martinez-portals-limited-lp?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=030&searchparams=q%3DPORTALS&type=REGULAR&size=ONE SIZE&quantity=1&Intcmp=230222%2Fmmartinez%2Fatl%2Flan%2Fs_pr%2Fbut%2Fhdr%2Fww%2Fportals-pre-order-splash-Urban-Outfitters-Olive-Green-Vinyl Ruby Red (Target Exclusive) - https://www.target.com/p/melanie-martinez-portals-target-exclusive-vinyl-ruby-red/-/A-88627730
  6. I’ve always found it funny that people will say they can show you proof in the form “documented historical accounts” of Jesus, and then they say, “In the Bible…” 😑 Anyway, that is interesting. I wonder if he’s a bit more skeptical now. I don’t follow anything about the members and their personal lives, but I was always aware of him being a religious man. Has that changed?
  7. Did the discount code work? I tried using my alliance member discount but it didn’t work. It’s never worked. btw there is an alliance exclusive black vinyl.
  8. I was able to buy splatter a few minutes ago. Didn’t know it was sold out, so maybe I got lucky.
  9. Does anyone have a copy of this they can part with?
  10. Mine still just shows a label was created December 3. Nothing since. I did get a text the other day claiming it was USPS and that my “address on file did not match the zip code”. Then there was a link. I didn’t click the link because it’s likely not USPS.

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