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  1. Randomly decided to open IG while at work (which I never do) and saw this was up. I’m so fucking stoked! Now we need AABF on orange.
  2. Standard Opaque Red ($39 shipped): https://usa.avatarmetal.com/products/dance-devil-dance-vinyl-standard-edition The Dance Devil Dance standard vinyl Includes: Embossed gatefold jacket Red opaque “Dance Devil Dance” vinyl Five 11x11 Photo Prints of each band member This vinyl will ship out during February. Does not include autographed card Deluxe Hazmat Suit ($49 shipped): https://usa.avatarmetal.com/products/dance-devil-dance-vinyl-hazmat-suit-deluxe-edition The Hazmat Suit Deluxe Edition of Dance Devil Dance includes: Embossed Gatefold with 3 color A SIDE / B SIDE Dance Devil Dance vinyl Five 11x11 Photo Prints of each band member w/lyrics Autographed 5x7 Postcard Limited edition - 1 of 800 Clouds Dipped in Chrome Super Deluxe ($299 shipped): https://usa.avatarmetal.com/products/dance-devil-dance-vinyl-clouds-dipped-in-chrome-super-deluxe-vinyl Super deluxe gatefold vinyl of Avatar's ninth studio album, Dance Devil Dance. **** Metal O-Card with embossed Avatar emblem ** 2 pocket silver board gatefold vinyl with platinum Dance Devil Dance vinyl ** 24 page photo book ** Autographed 5x7 Postcard ** 1 of 300, numbered (actually 295, we are snatching one each ourselves) **** Orders including this item may ship later than February 17 - the O-cards made of real metal are very hard to produce and we haven't been given a definite delivery date. Clear w/ Red Splatter /350: https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/avatar-dance-devil-dance-lp-limited-edition-only-350-made-clear-w-opaque-red-splatter-vinyl?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Ghost and Avatar (01GJQVN577RWZTM23Q9230H7C6)&_kx=KXW9NLiC6CJxl1tGYNsPp6ZR4cYWIiS2jQLHi7_ZohYCZ7uBS5rA59OlnuX-cUAC.VQcnFn
  3. Oh yeah. 😂 I’ve had that set forever and completely forgot about it.
  4. Even with FIP being next, the price of the box set isn’t worth it. I’m still waiting for Worms of The Earth on vinyl.
  5. https://shop.thehardtimes.net/products/motley-crue-crucial-crue-the-studio-albums-1981-1989-5lp-box-set-color-vinyl also available on a few other sites but this one offers 10% if you sign up for texts. I can’t get the 10% off since I have already signed up in the past. 😔
  6. I wonder how many were pressed. I think green splatter was like 50 or something crazy.
  7. Glad to see you have my screen printed TSOAF. I’m curious how much those things are worth now in the secondary market. I’ve never see any on eBay.
  8. Tried joining the mailing list to get a presale code but it doesn’t work for me. 😔
  9. But if anyone is willing to pay $350 for it then that’s on them. Not gonna hate on Zach for making $325 off some fool. Selling to the boards vs selling on discogs are two different things. I’d be annoyed if he was selling it for that much on here. It’s such a ridiculous price too, so it could be one of those, “I don’t wanna sell it, but if I do, I want an absurd amount.” kind of things.
  10. I hope I don’t miss DP and Blindside. Anyone know the time and day they will be going up?
  11. Yeah. These exclusives suck. I was just listening to the Halloween event exclusive I got from Mondo like 10 years ago and thinking how different VC is now. I bought like 20 copies for people on the board at cost. They just gave me a sealed box of vinyl. 😂 There are still people here that help out, like the guy doing the raffle for DP… but he seems like a rare breed now on VC. if there’s no limit, why not buy 10 copies for the board? 🤷🏼‍♂️