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  1. swagsavior

    'Name Your Price' Bandcamp bands

    https://sarahpenny.bandcamp.com/album/cosmic-insignificance-in-a-virtual-universeif you like ambient plunderphonics, try this =~)
  2. whats the most you guys have ever paid for a cassette?
  3. swagsavior

    PO: All Time Low - Put Up or Shut Up

    lets get the three words to remember on vinyl next
  4. swagsavior

    Record Store Day 2015 (4/18/15)

    definitely camping out this year lol
  5. https://bagpack.bandcamp.com/releasesambient drone stuff
  6. swagsavior

    The Ambient & Experimental Thread

    https://bagpack.bandcamp.com/releases finished making this a few days ago, really proud of it. you can pick up a cassette of it as well
  7. swagsavior

    Take a listen to my band...

  8. swagsavior

    'Name Your Price' Bandcamp bands

  9. swagsavior

    Alex G

    thank you for the help frequent lurker of the orchid tapes thread
  10. swagsavior

    Alex G

    anyone have any copies of SALT, Rules, or Race they wouln't mind giving up?