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  1. this site was my life freshman year of high school lmao (2014 feels so long ago!).... so plz can someone pull thru with a vinyl rip of the viper room show pretty plz the smashing pumpkins subreddit is useless and adore is my fav album ever... thanxies!
  2. thank god good ol vinyl collectiive has good taste .. wayy too many haters of this album out there
  3. pm me an offer for the no halo lathe, dont really want to let go of it but will for the right price
  4. title says all fam, any variant, preferably under $35
  5. US pressing with trimmed corner for promo. Includes poster. Records in perfect shape. Send offers!
  6. ayye buy this shit!! prices with shipping.. feel free to make offers blink 182: california (ht splatter) 15 korn: korn (coke bottle clear) 30 neck deep: lifes not out to get you (ht tricol) 17 yellowcard: ocean avenue 30 modern baseball: holy ghost (elec blue) 20 foxing: the albatross (blue in clear with blue splat) 20 fall out boy: from under the cork tree (op) 75 my chemical romance: i brought you my bullets (ht red/white) 19 blink 182: untitled (ht splatter) 28 bring me the horizon: box set 40
  7. got sorority noise session 1 and jank in the mail today. they dont sound amazing but definately good enough. hoping they do the old gray session 2 they uploaded yesterday.