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  1. Yeah I Po’d the 3-color https://translationloss.com/products/death
  2. Cloudkicker - Beacons test press. I have almost every CK album’s test press. All but this one (& Little Histories).
  3. I long for the days of their ambient perfection, but this one hits REAL hard. Reminds me of if Russian Circles wrote “Collider”. Stoked on the killer looking vinyl. Coastlands is the one “Dunk core” band I have a soft spot for.
  4. RTJ Heads. Psychonaut Mild Orange Whale Fall
  5. That club variant is 🔥🔥🔥. And yeah The Web is like top 3 TS for me
  6. Blankenberge is great. Very dreamy & ethereal. Both albums are enjoyable but I definitely like More more lol. Check out Air Formation if you want a similar sound & haven’t listened already.
  7. DOING EVERYTHING I CAN... to maybe find more stock
  8. I’ll have to dig into the rest asap.
  9. Has Big Brave been mentioned here yet? Because dam.
  10. Tennis System pulled off the “raw” sound on Lovesick Nothing wanted to on Dance but failed at.
  11. Came here to say this. They sound how they should have sounded.
  12. Dang, $15 shipped? Was gonna pass til I saw how cheap it was. I love this album so much.