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  1. mrewest

    Athletics - BFRSD

    Dan needs to just hire someone to oversee emails. Not communicating correctly pisses me off because it’s the easiest thing in the world you can do.
  2. mrewest

    Athletics - BFRSD

    It’s annoying because Dan posts a million times on his IG story a day acting like a goof but can’t return people’s emails. I personally haven’t had issues with them lately but it took my brother over a month to get an in stock record he ordered early December. And that only happened after I happened to reach out to Nunzio (from Owel) on IG directly about his troubles (nicest guy ever btw). But I felt bad he had to pick up Dan’s slack on that one.
  3. What a ridiculous lineup. I hate you haha
  4. mrewest

    Best Albums of 2018?

    Yeah that’s pretty accurate. I’d say my top 20 I can easily listen to start to finish. And as Derek pointed out, I do the same thing where I keep a running list on my phone as I listen to a new album. I keep them slotted in the order of best to worst & move stuff around when my opinions change. I listen to a good 4+ hours of music each day at my job so I’m able to check out new stuff all the time. It’s definitely a lot of work but I have fun with it. Especially at the end of the year when I solidify my list & type up my thoughts on each album and post to my IG page.
  5. mrewest

    Best Albums of 2018?

    Mine was a top 37 because that’s how many I legit enjoyed (more than half of each album) & gave multiple listens to. I probably listened to 50 total but the others had 1-2 songs max I liked.
  6. Saw this band posted on IG today. Pretty cookie cutter post-metal but the last track on this album slays pretty hard imo
  7. Most people seem to like their first 2 albums the best (From Fathoms, Loyal Eyes) but I personally like Self-Titled & Healthy Fear way more. FF & LE are more raw. S/T is probably the most polished post-metal. Healthy Fear is very industrial during the heavy moments but some beautiful clean guitar moments & a much heavier focus on hardcore/metal vocals.
  8. PSOTY is posting random things on IG like pedal boards & stuff so maybe something will finally happen this year. That first Oh Hiroshima album is killer too albeit way less polished than In Silence. Not familiar with Temples so I’ll check em out.
  9. Yup what Derek said. Although PSOTY did randomly post that new live song a while back (of which you commented on so obviously you saw haha). Thought that meant we were closer to a new album than we were. BUT, to anyone that hadn’t seen this, or just never listened to Pet Slimmers, here’s that crusher of a track again. Damn, just realized this was from friggin 2017.
  10. I’m seeing End of the Ocean & Tides of Man on Friday so it’ll be cool to hear the new stuff live. TBH the tracks released thus far haven’t done much for me, but none of their recorded stuff has ever done much for me. Their live performances are basically a separate band from their recorded stuff. But definitely stoked on RC & Caspian. New Cloudkicker will be very welcomed. His IG teasers have been super ambient though so I’m thinking we won’t get riff-heavy deliciousness. So maybe more ‘Let Yourself Be Huge’-esque stuff. Might be most hyped for new I Built the Sky though. If he sticks with bringing in a full band like he did on his single feom 2018, “Celestial”, it’ll probably give RC a run for their money. Other randoms I’m hoping for... Of the Vine Oh Hiroshima Pet Slimmers of the Year Unconditional Arms Sleepmakeswaves Cecilia::Eyes
  11. TBH I was pretty bored with Departure Songs the first time I listened but went back a couple times & it seemed to grow on me. And watching this earlier was eye opening.
  12. Lol you’re the most anti-post-rock guy here nowadays
  13. I watched a live Bogatyri earlier and holy shit.
  14. Guess I’ll make this my first We Lost the Sea vinyl.
  15. mrewest


    Getting both colors because #fullcollectionlife