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  1. $35 for an EP is ridiculous but that’s where we are with ITC limited runs nowadays. This is after dropping $25 on that one song 7”. Gotta keep my friggin collection complete tho
  2. That’s actually incredible. More power to you! This band has the best variants in existence so that has to be the most gorgeous collection ever. And yes I need to see that group photo eventually as well.
  3. Are there any WLTS completists here??? Dear God I hope not haha
  4. Snagged that TL /200. Song is pretty massive. I feel like it’ll hold even more weight in the context of the whole album. With Departure Songs it’s hard to listen to just one song on its own. I feel like this album will be the same way. Encouraged that Derek digs the first song!
  5. The 2 Warm songs on this split are REAL good. The Blush Response songs are good, but Warm is next level. http://blushresponsemusic.bandcamp.com/album/blush-response-warm
  6. So I listened to this album today after seeing Audiotree post about it and it is damn good. Instant upper echelon album of the year for me. Reminds me a bit of Haerts but dreamier.
  7. I think it’s M & G but more evil sounding. So do with that what you will!
  8. I don’t actually argue that point haha. But meant as a positive!
  9. LP3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LP1>>LP2
  10. Sounds like a mix of Memorial & Guidance imo. Dope af.