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  1. This new PSOTY fucking SLAYS. It’s like Fragments but cranked to 11. I’m into the vocals a lot, but they don’t dominate the album. There are a couple instrumemtals & long periods in the songs with no vocals, so if you don’t dig them, maybe they’re sparse enough to not hurt the album for you. As a whole I will say the songs are a bit one dimensional & at least the first time through can be hard to separate from each other, but it’s just so LOUD & dense I don’t really mind. The first real tempo change doesn’t hit until a couple minutes into the 3rd track, but it hits right before things get stale imo. My other minor gripe is that there isn’t a lot of depth to the drum beats, but this album is definitely about the nuclear guitars & bass. Which btw, definitely some moments of Tool-esque bass in here. A nice element especially after getting back into Tool casually lately. Listen to this one cranked as loud as you can. I wasn’t gonna splurge on vinyl but I may have to change that. ”Queen of Hades” is my early favorite. That’s when that Tool bass really kicks in & then it’s filled in with like shoegaze-post-metal.
  2. The Foundry in Lakewood. Also, Ben Sharp (Cloudkicker) was in attendance & we hung out haha
  3. Saw TAC tonight & holy shit the new songs are great live. “The Journey “ was next level.
  4. New Tennis System is a banger indeed. I’m obsessed with the drumming here. Such urgency all throughout.
  5. LMAO at that price. Independent or not that’s some shit. IT DOESN’T COST $10 TO SHIP
  6. Haha hope you dug it. I wasn’t too much into them before this album, but this one slays.
  7. Spotlights is my number 1 to see for the weekend. Thicccccc dense heavy riffage for days. Their newest album is in my top 5 for the year so far.
  8. That redone Silent Key might be my fav song here. It’s incredible. But I love Nica too.
  9. I thoroughly enjoyed this first pass through. Back to his folky roots but a lot of new instrumentation mixed in.
  10. Happy to see a ton of Wildlife. That’s the one album I keep thinking of.
  11. Ranking a Russian Circles album last is like ranking pizza. Even your least favorite pizza is still fucking pizza & is incredible haha. It’s more the ending of Enter which is full of songs I never go out of my way to listen to.
  12. This album rips (although ‘Arluck’ makes no sense here imo, ESPECIALLY after ‘Hunter Moon’...lacks the atmosphere of the others...but still a good song), my splatter is trash, & the vinyl sounds quality is very muddied, especially compared to Guidance. I’m spinning Guidance now immediately after Blood Year & it sounds sooooo much better. The bass really pops on Guidance but is buried on Blood Year. Also, I still like Guidance as a whole better. Early rankings... Geneva - Guidance - Station - Memorial - Blood Year - Empros - Enter