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  1. The first album was tolerable because the vocals at least somewhat blended into the background. Here they’re at the forefront & doesn’t do it for me. Agree about the guitars tho.
  2. Give me all the Outlander. I’ve been dying for The Valium Machine on vinyl. Wouldn’t mind Downtime either. Stoked on some new jams.
  3. holy shit I wish there was a way to just mute all multi post drama bullshit. anyways, anyone listen to that new Timelost? I think it’s pretty bad relative to their first. Hate the vocals.
  4. Damn that was a fascinating interview but I shudder to think it was almost the end of Tennis System. I’ve had a core group of about 5 favorite bands for the longest time & Tennis System is the closest band I’ve come to putting at number 6 in a long while. I genuinely love their entire discography. EPs & everything. And the live EPs are some of my favorite things to listen to. I never grow remotely tired of this band & was so stoked to hear about this new album. The first single rips & is immediately obvious that Chadwick had a hand in it. Can’t wait to hear th
  5. On it. I really am the worst person to start a PO thread and I really should never do this lol
  6. Imagine being the person on Discogs who paid $700 for a first press back in July lol
  7. Think I’m gonna order that gold long sleeve as well to commemorate this experience (plus I think it’s a dope shirt).
  8. There’s no way my order successfully went through on GJ’s website lol. Despite getting a confirmation email I’m fully prepared to be refunded. Who tf knows.
  9. Agreed. That live stream of Black Mile sounded unbelievable. I didn’t know The Sunshine could have sounded THAT great.
  10. POs up now. Will try & organize links with variants after work. For now you can go to HERE for a list of outlets or check the various posts in here.
  11. I need the Sevendust acoustic live album on vinyl baaaadly. I was shocked at how amazing this was the first time I heard it. https://www.amazon.com/Southside-Double-Wide-Acoustic-Live-Sevendust/dp/B002WZMMES/ref=mp_s_a_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=sevendust+live+vinyl&qid=1613183302&sr=8-9
  12. OMG it’s happening again. I don’t even care if it oversells again & I get a refund. This was one of the most fun threads on VC.

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