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  1. Holy crap this album takes a huge dump all over Dance. I think for once we owe Will Yip some credit. The big, huge, slow moving vibes permeating this sucker is flat out amazing. That opener was a big surprise. It’s like a prelude into the “real” first song. First time through “Blue Mecca” was the one that sealed the deal on this album. Gotdam that’s top tier Nothing.
  2. $12 shipping for that vinyl? I don’t care about the price/fees for anything else. That’s some bullshit I’m not prepared to pay lol.
  3. These shorts are now the comfiest shorts I own. And I don’t care that it’s 45 out rn.
  4. Heck yeah my local shop said they are getting retail copies in mid December so look for that if you have no luck online.
  5. Finally got some movement as of about 4pm earlier today. It’ll be here next week 👍🏻
  6. Label Created 09/25/2020 - 4:55 P.M. United States ————— Updated: 10/03/2020 4:19 P.M. EST Tracking Status Shipment Ready for UPS Scheduled Delivery When the shipment arrives at our facility the delivery date will be updated. ————————————— this is taking so long that it’s too fucking cold for the shorts i ordered now
  7. Definitely nice to get new music quicker but I also like getting most of the album on release day. That way I don’t burn out ahead of time.
  8. Definitely hurts the experience of listening to a new album. I’ve held off on this newest single so far. Figured I’ll save something for release day.
  9. Has Ohms made anyone reevaluate any of their other albums? I swear to God it made me love SNW more...but KNY less haha.
  10. Has any band ever released over half an album over the course of a year plus leading up to the actual release? lol
  11. New The Sun Burns Bright vinyl up for PO (/100). Random mix colors, whatever that means. First full band offering from them. I dig the first song. https://thesunburnsbright.bandcamp.com