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  1. Spun mine earlier. Definitely noisy in the silent parts but the music itself sounds fantastic & the noise isn’t noticeable.
  2. 100% in for a buy on MM if it happens. “Song of the Sea” alone would make it worth it.
  3. I saw a bone/black on IG & it looks exactly like the mock up. So really this blue one seems to be the only one radically different. Gonna spin it tonight so I don’t know what the sound quality is like yet.
  4. Well, not quite what the mock up looked like. Bummed, but I do like this blue color so whatever.
  5. Also, I dug this band too. Gonna check out more.
  6. New Manon Meurt album (MMXVIII) dropped today. Seems to be on Spotify but not Bandcamp. Making my 2nd pass through right now. It’s pretty fantastic. No immediate epic standouts like their first had (Until You Can, Blue Bird) but the whole album start to finish flows beautifully. Songs are mostly slower paced & more melancholic but Neon is a perfect “upbeat” banger to break up the album. The vocals are cleaner this time around as well. Not as blended into the instrumentation as most shoegaze. But damn her voice is beautiful. I think this will take a few listens to really reveal all the layers & start to click, but I’m already enjoying it thoroughly.
  7. That new LITE 2-song EP slaps hard. Especially “Zone”. Wish it went on for longer though.
  8. mrewest

    I don't like music anymore

  9. mrewest

    Po : Slow Crush - Aurora

    “Glow” & “Drift” are killer opening tracks.
  10. Wish that Post Fest wasn’t so close to my Vermont trip. I’d be all over it.
  11. mrewest

    PO: toe "Our Latest Number"

    Just wanted to chime in & say Toe is one of the best bands I’ve ever seen live.
  12. I’ve decided I don’t hate the butt-rock song. Somehow I enjoy Dustin’s aggression on it. I also like Everything Belongs because it has some post-rock elements to it imo. Oddly enough Just Breathe might be my least favorite.
  13. CONFIRMED: It slaps
  14. First pass through & I think this is infinitely more interesting than the last album’s snooze fest. Undecided if that’s translating to a good album though. That butt-rock song is pretty jarring lol. No joke though My Soul might be my early fav. It would be A Branch in the River if it wasn’t ruined by that chorus. But those first 3 songs actually work real well in succession & to start the album. The Dark ends far too abruptly imo though. That choir shoulda went on for a few more bars.
  15. Totally thought this was Anthony Green upon first listen lmaooo