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  1. July 13, 2014 https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/caspian/2014/the-smiling-moose-pittsburgh-pa-3c1618f.html Yeah I think Heart that Fed was only played for a short stretch around that time so I definitely consider myself lucky to have gotten it.
  2. I also wonder if sitting under the balcony hurt the acoustics for me a bit. I dunno. But yeah my fav show had Sycamore, Ghosts, Asa, Heart that Fed, Raven, and early Arcs. Don’t think I’ll ever top that one.
  3. Apparently this video is over a year old, but it was just updated with the actual name of the song. So here’s Wildblood if you want to hear it...
  4. I was there too! I do have to admit - Caspian themselves destroyed the building, naturally, but I honestly didn’t think the orchestra added to the performance. At least the brass section seemed a bit out of place. I much prefer just Caspian. Although the sax guy KILLED it during the 2nd half of Bloom & Bough, & Rioseco was easily the best with the orchestra imo. But, the new songs were all AMAZING. I love Flowers, but legit liked every other new song even better. Nothing from Tertia was a huge bummer. And I was praying for Fire Made Flesh. But getting Castles & Hickory 54 were nice surprises. Overall, definitely worth the trip. But it definitely wasn’t my all time fav Caspian show.
  5. Shit this is such a perfect description of this. Song bangs real hard. My Yip concerns have melted away. Bass thumps nicely & nothing sounds buried in the mix.
  6. Posted this on the last page 😉 lol. But yes it’s pretty great! Gotta grab the record still.
  7. Dammit I knew that someone had previously posted this album before lol. And to top it off you tagged me. Oops. Either way, the album rips & will have to consider picking it up.
  8. Brutus has just never clicked with me. But I’ve only listened to both albums once. The singer doesn’t mesh with my musical “palate”. But it’s on my list of many many things from this year I need to revisit. Cloudkicker has a nice unique intro in “Night”, 2 great songs (Xaoc, Void), and the rest is pretty forgettable imo (I still don’t quite get why “YHWH” is basically just a rewritten “You Could Laugh Forever...”. It’s definitely an EP & not sure why it’s labeled as an LP. Ahh well. Still waiting on the vinyl which I’m all over. But it’s been a killer day of releases today. I really hope someone else checks out IBTS. I know that style rends to get pretty “jammy” & samesies with the songs but his talent is fully on display & the number of notes he crams into several riffs is pretty astonishing. Vaudlow released a pretty solid album today as well. More cinematic with a nice mix of ambient & electronics. Really liked Lacing first time through. Oddly enough Tennis System kind of nose-dived hard off a cliff quickly after I was pretty into it early on. May have just caught me on the wrong day last time I listened. But I do long for the dreamier sounds from TB. New PTP session out today though which breathed new life into 4 of the songs.
  9. This is probably the best instrumental prog-metal album I’ve ever heard. http://ibuiltthesky.bandcamp.com/album/the-zenith-rise
  10. He put up a 2nd pressing. Hope you snagged one. I think that’s also close to selling out if it hasn’t yet.
  11. This is probably the best instrumental prog-metal album I’ve ever listened to. Holy shit. http://ibuiltthesky.bandcamp.com/album/the-zenith-rise
  12. If someone wants incredibly boring post-metal to listen to, here’s the new Watered EP. http://watered.bandcamp.com/album/antipodes-ep
  13. http://spectralechoband.bandcamp.com/track/surrounded-by-strange
  14. Just came across this album that came out today & it rips. Louder, heavier, slightly noisy shoegaze. Parts of it reminds me of the heavier first half of the Dead Swords album. But the whole album keeps that energy. http://wearetimelost.bandcamp.com/album/dont-remember-me-for-this