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  1. I’ve been waiting to buy this gd record at my local store & it has been delayed multiple times over a month now 🤦🏼‍♂️
  2. Kyle & the Pity Party - Heaven. Cure-esque dreamy synth alt shoegaze/post-punk. Amazing album.
  3. Crap. We all foolishly forgot to mention Tennis System. They are a must.
  4. Outlander should definitely be mentioned as well. Big, gigantic, downtempo deliciousness. Minimal vocals tho. Both albums are fantastic.
  5. These are 4 perfect suggestions. I also back Lacing hard.
  6. I don’t even care what Bitch Falcon sounds like. That’s the best band name I’ve ever heard.
  7. I don’t get the lukewarm sentiment for Concrete & Gold. That album is 90% incredible imo. Some of their best songs ever. Sonic Highways was forgettable after the first 3 jams.
  8. I’m in love with the dreamier tracks here more than anything. “Blue Mecca” is still king, but “Bernie Sanders” & “A Fabricated Life” are not far behind.
  9. Holy crap this album takes a huge dump all over Dance. I think for once we owe Will Yip some credit. The big, huge, slow moving vibes permeating this sucker is flat out amazing. That opener was a big surprise. It’s like a prelude into the “real” first song. First time through “Blue Mecca” was the one that sealed the deal on this album. Gotdam that’s top tier Nothing.
  10. $12 shipping for that vinyl? I don’t care about the price/fees for anything else. That’s some bullshit I’m not prepared to pay lol.
  11. These shorts are now the comfiest shorts I own. And I don’t care that it’s 45 out rn.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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