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  1. Don’t get me wrong that Holy Fawn EP is fantastic in itself. I was just saying that’s how much I like Spotlights to say it’s better than that.
  2. Looks like we’re in agreement! I need to start digging into their other albums now.
  3. Haha yeah that’s what I was thinking too.
  4. Ugh that cotton candy variant is beautiful. And first pass through Cotton Candy Clouds was probably my fav. But I should be responsible & not buy vinyl rn!
  5. Dang I absolutely love this new Ringo Deathstarr.
  6. I’m really into this new Whale Fall album. A needed break from crescendo/Dunk-core. Almost has a Do Make Say Think meets Spurv vibe.
  7. I can’t actually find it streaming anywhere.
  8. This band has always been weird about funding stuff. Haven’t cared for anything since This Is What Happens unfortunately. I’ll shell out $40 if that gets pressed. Album is incredible.
  9. I should probably do a better job of listening to people. Because I totally slept on Barrows. But holy shit. This band is ruthless.
  10. I’m also looking for The Teskey Brothers live album which is UK only.
  11. Nevermind I actually messaged the band. It’s because of that huge pressing plant fire. Turns out the UK vinyl won’t be released either. Coming in May apparently.