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  1. Really dig the new song. Sounds like a return to form & thankfully ignores the Fair Youth sound which was a giant letdown for this band.
  2. cursetheknife going on tour with Honeymoon. And if Honeymoon wasn’t mentioned in here, then definitely check them out. Never heard of them before this tour announcement and if you like Narrow Head then you will like Honeymoon. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUpkFKvAl1o/?utm_medium=copy_link
  3. This band rules. Became hip to them this year. Stoked they’re coming to town next month.
  4. I need to visit here more often LOL. A: I consider myself a Tennis System junkie & legit had no clue the album was available anywhere to listen to yet. I messaged the TS IG account a while back & Matty just said “hiccups due to covid, physical release only (no stream seevices) & that vinyl should ship October. Didn’t buy thru BC so I never got access to listen. Can’t believe I could have been listening the past month & a half haha. May as well just wait for the vinyl at this point. B: That Warm EP is near the top for most disappointing release this year. They completely stripped away the big, dark, slow, sinister sound I loved & made it almost sound like poppy shoegaze. I also miss the dual vocals. I wish they just rebranded under a different band name. I had been dying for a full album that sounded like their last solo EP & the 2 split songs. This is a total left turn from that sadly. C : I love love love that cursetheknife album. It’s so damn good. “In Dreams” is an amazing song. D : Stoked on that Mondaze album. Really liked their 3-song EP.
  5. This may be my number 2 behind Artist frfr. It’s the most I’ve enjoyed an album as a whole from them since then. I agree a bit with Derek that some of the choruses sound a bit flaccid, but the peaks of the album carry so much weight that I can get past it.
  6. I love this band so goddamn much. So stoked for this.
  7. Gumbo, Cardinal Winds sounds like Babel, sounds like The Ascentionist…they just rewrite the same songs over & over & never add anything new. Generic melodies, drums, builds/peaks, etc. I give everyone of their releases a fair shot. They are an aesthetically pleasing band & nothing more lol. Sorry for being so harsh!
  8. Hahaha yeah easy pass on the pg.lost but sign me up for PSOTY & Meniscus! I’ve always liked Tool, & have dabbled in Isis & liked what I’ve heard but I just don’t have a good reason for not revisiting them more often. And I actually loved Tacoma’s last album. It definitely fit right in with those bands. I feel like the newest stripped away everything I loved about that album. No atmosphere. Nothing to wrap you up in the album. It just came & went and felt uninspired.
  9. Yeah I’m surprised at the love Tacoma is getting. I’ll have to at least give it one more chance. The Driving Slow Motion coulda been my post-rock aoty if not so painfully short. One of the guys in the band told me it was supposed to be a longer double EP but lame ass Post Recordings made them trim it down into 1 LP. No way in hell a big epic heavy ambient album like that can only be 30 min. The last 2 songs end before they even begin imo. But “Leaves” & “The Fall” are incredible.
  10. I’m barely ever here anymore so I’ve missed some discussion but dang am I the only one that absolutely HATED that Tacoma album? One listen through & it sounded more generic than a Ranges album. I was unbelievably disappointed in that. Have had no desire to revisit.
  11. Brooklyn Vegan are as big of shitheads for enabling this crap. Just put the damn boxset up for shipping. I’ll pay $80 idgaf. I don’t have either albums yet & I’m a whore for live albums.
  12. Damn can’t believe a $400 post rock fest didn’t work https://www.instagram.com/p/CQrXfxlha9r/?utm_medium=copy_link
  13. My list thus far feels lackluster relative to how I felt about previous years top albums, but I’ve really enjoyed these still. LPs Wowod - Yarost' | Proschchenie Dust Moth - Rising/Sailing Godspeed You! Black Emperor - At State’s End Chevelle - NAITIAS Secret Gardens - Tundra EPs Psychonaut/Saver - Emerald Pet Fox - More Than Anything Social Contract - Buzzard’s Wake Heaven’s Cloak - EP1 Pictures of Wildlife - Terrene

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