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  1. I would just like to take a moment to appreciate outloud how spot on that Gumboism was. I nearly spit out the imaginary drink in my mouth. That might be my favorite thing you’ve ever posted.
  2. Have only listened to Red so far. Holding out for the album. Releasing FOUR songs ahead of time is silly imo.
  3. The new Minor Movements is REAL good imo. “Clouds of Smoke” might be PR song of the year so far. http://minormovements.bandcamp.com/album/bloom
  4. This is pretty good stuff. Reminds me of a female-fronted Tennis System. I like the more punk sounding gaze like this.
  5. This was another banger I found via IG. A nice 3-song EP. Real beefy, low end tones aplenty. http://mondaze.bandcamp.com/album/healing-dreams-demo-tape
  6. Right on glad you guys dig. Thanks to Kevin Dye from Gates for posting on IG lol. Apparently he helped produce & play live.
  7. Yeah I’d be all over vinyl for this.
  8. Anyone think they’ll do some type of deluxe package for both pt 1 & 2 when 2 comes out?
  9. This was just released Friday. Lots of different types of gaze here. Starts off punishingly heavy then mellows out about 4 songs in. It’s a long album but so good. http://deadswords.bandcamp.com/album/enders
  10. Admittedly this hasn’t clicked right away like the last one did. But I need more listens. This is why I hate that almost every band releases 3 songs ahead of the album nowadays. Give me one single & leave the rest. So far “On the Luna” & “Sunday” are my favs.
  11. Hey guys Will Yip just posted that THIS is the BEST Defeater album yet. He has NEVER hyped an album he’s worked on in this manner before so everyone brace yourselves. They worked so hard & put so much effort into this. Read that line TWICE you cooooowwwaaaarrrrddddsss.
  12. Hmm interesting I’ve only listened on Spotify & still am digging it. BTW, dude said he has already recorded album #3 lol. Apparently he’s collabing with some guy & it’s gonna be more post-metal. This all according to TSBB’s IG account.
  13. I think Swarm of the Sun is still my fav so far this year, but I’m honestly still waiting to be blown away by something. But Old Solar, Seeress, Labirinto, MONO, Sun Burns Bright, & Kosatka are all albums I’ve enjoyed thus far.
  14. LOL just finished it about an hour ago & HATED it. IMO each song just traveled in a billion subtle different directions & should have been 4-5 minutes instead of the 7+ they were. The first few songs sounded like they just went with long explosive moments without building towards them at all. It honestly felt like an improv’d album to me. Seemed like a lot of ideas where nothing was fully fleshed out.