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  1. Not sad about passing on the PO. Will listen when released but these songs don’t do anything for me.
  2. Tides is ridiculous. I need to take a break because I’ve been playing it nonstop. Every listen something new catches my ear. Was IG chatting with one of the guys earlier & I couldn’t help but ask about a Thrice influence. Dan said I was dead on with that. Waxwing essentially borrows from Of Dust & Nations which is awesomeness.
  3. No kids & a job where I dick around basically all day = mindless browsing of new music constantly haha. So yeah that definitely helps keep busy in between long waits!
  4. This is a phenomenon I’ve recently come to terms with as well. I burn out on songs ahead of time or fall SO in love with a song that nothing else lives up to it & makes for a disappointing album. I try to listen to no more than a song ahead of time & limit how much I listen to it.
  5. You won’t be disappointed. “Time Destroys Everything...” is on my Mt Rushmore of post-rock songs.
  6. Wow I actually think those variants look disgusting lol. Most likely still getting the /100 tho.
  7. Whoa crazy timing. Just saw one of the OG copies go up on Discogs & I was considering it. I suppose the repress saves me almost $100.
  8. It gets better with each listen. The last few songs are epic af. I like when bands make an album that reminds me of other albums that left me underwhelmed & gives me what I was looking for on those. For example, “New Futures” gives me vibes of ITTCT’s “Berlin”, which always felt like a song ITTCT never quite knew how to properly flesh out. But Tides kills it here. And “Outside Ourselves” is everything Maybeshewill’s “Fair Youth” wishes it was. I also love “Static Hymn”, “Old 88”, “Everything is Fine...”, & “Death...”. I think the other songs will grow on me more over time as well. Y & C was far “poppier” with instantly catchy riffs/melodies but this album has a dark lush sound to it that takes a bit to catch on. Sounds like a far more mature album.
  9. Ahh damn I thought vinyl was shipping this week too. Guess I won’t be holding out!
  10. Anyone listen yet? I’m trying to hold out for my record.
  11. Added to the main post. Thanks!
  12. Totally agree! Hope she gets more exposure soon!