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  1. I love a GOOD splatter. And I have no gold splatters. Going for that one. Worried I’d get a galaxy without enough gold.
  2. Yeah that song riiiiips. Whoever said they are each so dialed into their own part was dead on. The drums, bass & guitars just sound so expertly crafted. But eff those tour dates. I don’t know what Cleveland did to piss them off but they haven’t come through here in forever. And they aren’t going to any other feasible location (Pittsburgh/Columbus).
  3. If you ever get to hear the song “Station” live, not only will you probably enjoy the album more (plus Harper Lewis is an all-timer”), but you’ll see just how huge they can sound live. Probably my favorite RC song I’ve seen live to date.
  4. I’m honestly surprised too. Even though “Escape” is pretty much ITTCT’s “The First Fire” remade it’s still a banger. But “Dissolution” reminds me of Seeress’ “Death Will Come...” just not as good. “Dying Light” is mind-numbingly boring & lonnnnng. “Black Prayer” feels underdeveloped, “Solace” is a Caspian B-side & “Coda” just comes & goes & wraps up the album way quicker than it should. I’ll probably just need to step away & give it another listen down the road.
  5. Geneva > Guidance > Station > Memorial > Enter > Empros
  6. Holy shit that price already. Wow. Good on them getting that money for a good cause.
  7. I’m sadly very underwhelmed with this new Pillars album. It’s very short for post-rock & just sounds too much like the cleaner parts of Caspian with the heavy moments just seemingly too predictable & pass by without much of a lasting effect. This is one of those albums that makes me think I’ve just heard too much post-rock in my life. But it’s weird because obviously I’ve mentioned a million other bands that sound a like that I’m really into. But those bands all seem to have moments that stick in my brain & I can specifically say “Oh yeah that’s XXXX band”. The best moments here just make me think it’s Caspian or the opener which is straight up ITTCT worship.
  8. Agree with both Derek & deafening! I wanted to like Sunlotus more than I did unfortunately. Just all kind of bled together a bit too much.
  9. The low vocals on this don’t even come close to the unforgivable abomination that the new LD album is, in my opinion. I can’t even listen to that album. It’s complete garbage & just makes me mad. Because there are great songs there. First pass through this album I haven’t heard a song I don’t like. Really digging it.
  10. That bass is tasty. A little shoegaze/psych hybrid too. Really digging it.
  11. https://athousandarms.store/collections/glasgowcomascale/products/glasgow-coma-scale-enter-oblivion-lp
  12. Literally stole the thought from my brain when I read this haha. If Yip just stuck to shoegaze/post-rock, he’d be perfect.
  13. I’d say 40% chance haha And don’t shoot me if I’m misusing chillwave. I’m not too well versed in it but from what I’ve heard this seems to fit it. More so with ‘Comatose’ than the others.
  14. Come on someone has to check these guys out. Maybe this live vid will convince someone...