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  1. The title track is my favorite released single so far oddly enough. Seems to be the consensus least favorite amongst fans. I dunno it’s fun af to me. Seems like a mix of SMBH & Uprising. But can we talk about Kill or Be Killed? 🥵 🥵
  2. Blood Year was fine but felt like their most “auto-pilot” album yet. “Conduit” sounds like what I wish Blood Year sounded like. Kinda like a varsity version of Quartered imo. It might honestly be my favorite track since 309.
  3. Sheesh that’s a steal. This album rules & the vinyl is top notch. ”Why” really is an unbelievable song.
  4. Twin Drugs 🤘🏻 @Gumbo72203 you may dig them. Big energy, raw, razor sharp riffs.
  5. New Tan Cologne song is out. Great spacey psychedelic dream pop/gaze. This kinda music has been my jam lately.
  6. If anyone digs tapes this lineup goes HARD. Pricey with shipping but for a good cause. https://pelagic-records.com/product/pelagic-records-ukrainian-war-refugee-support-a-pelagic-compilation-2xtape/
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CbfhP0VlyoL/?utm_medium=copy_link
  8. Yeah that’s what I mean by vague lol. It’s so generic that it could be about anything or anyone. It’s a lame mainstream attempt at political rock. No specific atrocities discussed or addressed. And it’s the same shit he’s always singing about. Mind-control/brainwashing blah blah blah.
  9. Complete opposite for me. I kinda dug it on first listen and then progressively hated it more each time. I’m just so sick of the vague lyrics especially while Matt tries to sound like everything they write is so deep & meaningful.
  10. Compliance is hot trash. WSD is ok. But it’s Muse so they’ll find a way into my wallet. They always do just enough to keep me invested in them. But Christ, Matt Bellamy needs a donkey kick to the head so he gets back to writing intelligent lyrics again. Who tf still uses the word “clique”?
  11. Ohms/White Pony/Diamond Eyes…as long as they keep putting out top tier content Chino could slap my mom & I’d still ask when the next album is.
  12. When are we getting new Au Revoir? That’s the only Shy Low connection I care about lol. They’ve been one of the highlights of both the US Dunk & Post Fests I’ve attended. I feel like they’ve teased for years now but nothing ever comes of it. Anyways, speaking of Post Fest, an announcement is being made March 24. Excited af.
  13. For real when they say “A DECADE OF NOTHING” I at least thought we’d get some demos or relevant studio stuff from over the years. And yeah being that it was /1000 there wasn’t much time to literally research all the shit needed to maybe figure out what this was inspired by. Rereading the initial post/description I realize I did a disservice assuming anything but so did everyone lol. Whatevs. If it put food on their tables then cool.

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