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  1. Bump! really hoping someone can help me out here!
  2. I'm looking for the red variant of counterparts the current will carry us, I believe it was a hot topic exclusive color. If anyone can help me out and sell me one let me know. Thanks!
  3. are there still any swirl left for sale? i only see the green.
  4. So I missed out on the merchlimited bundle of the alternative cover version of the new four year strong album. If someone that did get one is willing to sell it let me know! I'm even intrested in just buying the actually paper screen printed cover without the record if that works better for anyone. Thanks!
  5. hey dude you interested in selling it at all?!
  6. Anyone that bought the screen printed cover willing to sell their copy. Even just the actually paper cover itself I'd be interested in buying! Let me know!
  7. haha someone called me out on it! Sorry just trying to find find a copy. I'll stop now, looks like I'm Not having any luck.