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  1. Malort tastes like if you took a shot of fernet, puked it up and then drank that shot. it's awful. I have 2 bottles at my house just for people to taste ha
  2. Damn. Alright then. Let me think about it and I'll get back to you
  3. Is this all you need? I've got that stay home, but i also have a complete transit collection of all the "rarest" first press variants, so I don't know if I want to part with just that one.
  4. Holy shit that Benoit Dark Side of the Ring, though. Incredible. He was always one of my favorites.
  5. I feel like i'm a pretty cool dude, but what do I know? I wouldn't spend 40 on this (It's not the original artists) but I do have a pretty beefy collection of Disney music on vinyl.
  6. I really appreciate that! I will figure it out, I always have. It is what it is, so many people out there are out of work without a 3 week notice so I will make the best of it.
  7. Just got the word from my job that they are terminating my position in 3 weeks, so that on top of Covid means 2020 sucks farts.
  8. Looks like they are suspending operations completely for the time being.
  9. Seasick Records here in Birmingham has their inventory online via their website as well as used records on their Discogs! offering curbside pickup and local delivery as well. SEASICK RECORDS