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  1. The free shipping is a nice touch. Got the deluxe and that cool shirt. Might pick up the indie version from Seasick.
  2. I’m 100% in for a deluxe but I don’t really collect variants so maybe none of the others. But we will see. I do have the friends press on clear /100 of PTSBBAM.
  3. So has everyone that received one someone that participated in the test press raffle? I really want one but didn’t try to win a test pressing.
  4. I’ll take the blame for it getting privatized. They noticed someone had it on repeat haha
  5. Fuuuck man. This band truly gets better and better and that’s saying something because I think Stage Four is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard.
  6. I can only assume the PO is coming soon. There’s a promo flexi of the 5th track “Limelight ft. Andy Hull” making the rounds on Twitter. Would attach pics but I’m on mobile.
  7. How a record that they pressed 1,000 of just this year is now my white whale, I'm not entirely sure...but I gotta have that Julien Baker-Tokyo/Sucker Punch 7".
  8. I know it’s a long shot, but damn I want this record.
  9. Even crazier that he is in Touche Amore, not deafhaven.
  10. Also, it says the artwork and vinyl are the same as the original...does that include the bonus track on TOCS?