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  1. diabretic

    PO: Misfits- Famous Monsters repress

    This is a must purchase.
  2. Definitely not grabbing me like the other two, so far. But it may be a grower, who knows.
  3. I’m actually upset this exists. Holy fuck this is terrible.
  4. Never listened to any of their recordings but when I saw them open up for New Found Glory a couple of years ago it was laughably bad. Almost to the point that it was entertaining.
  5. Cuz it’s enjoy the ride.
  6. I saw them open for Saves the Day a couple of years ago and they were incredible, and I’m seeing them again tonight. Can’t wait.
  7. diabretic

    Record Store Day 2018

    Got Touché, Daughter and the Waxahatchee 7”! Missed out on trampled by turtles and the Star Wars pic disc.
  8. diabretic

    PO: BIG BITE “s/t”

    Really wish I wasn’t broke right now. I’d PO this in a heartbeat.
  9. diabretic

    The STAR WARS Thread

    Rey took the books! Yoda hints at that when he tells Luke the tree contains nothing that Rey doesn’t already possess. Very clever.
  10. diabretic

    PO: Petal - Magic Gone

    It’s really good, but no.
  11. diabretic

    PO: Soccer Mommy - Clean

    Love this record. Bummed I missed out on all the variants, I'll try and track one down eventually.
  12. diabretic

    Record Store Day 2018

    Really want Daughter, Touché and the B-52s.
  13. The one they had for the Birmingham show was a legit screen print, cost 30 dollars and is one of the coolest posters I own, and it was limited to 300. The artist (Dave Kloc) Also put a variant on his website that was limited to 30 and I got that one too.
  14. ive had mine since friday, from amazon.