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  1. I really hope this isn’t UK only. I’m already going to over pay for that Touché flexi they released over there.
  2. just the remastered audio on bandcamp sounds so good. I'm sure the record will be comparable.
  3. I sold my OG copy around a year ago, easy buy for the remaster.
  4. Wouldnt have bought the bundle anyways but picked up both records. Whirr is just so god damn good.
  5. Triple B records 20% off everything https://t.co/x2oNPQ7s8r?amp=1
  6. I have listened to this song so much. I hold the opinion that Julien is the best singer/songwriter alive and this song doesn’t change that. I absolutely can’t wait for this.
  7. Got the 6131 and ordered the Indie variant. This is gonna be the best album of next year.
  8. My thoughts exactly. The more I listen to it the more “Come Heroine” fucking rips. Love everything about it. I’d tentatively rank this one 3rd. S4>PTSBBAM>Lament>ISB>TTBOADH
  9. Well fuck. I wanted to wait til Friday but you all convinced me to seek this out early and god damn. The title track is phenomenal. God damn I love this band.
  10. This record is so good and that’s my favorite color of vinyl buttttt I already have a copy. Don’t need two.
  11. Seasick (abt 5 minutes from me) got 60 yesterday and I was able to grab one for my friend in Kentucky. Not a taylor fan at all but this is a really cool thing she’s doing.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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