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  1. I commented on Derek’s IG saying I wish the vocals were louder in the mix and he deleted it. But seriously, listen to any other Defeater song and then play this one and it sounds like they recorded the vocals through a wall while the band played at 100% volume. It’s poop garbage. Song is great though.
  2. Same night as Saves the Day. Crazy night in Birmingham.
  3. Julien Baker, Menzingers, Soccer Mommy and I might try and get the culture abuse 3” for shits and giggles.
  4. How much gang vocals do you need on one album?
  5. This sounds like some bad imagine dragons bullshit. Not a fan.
  6. After one listen through, I am still undecided. Got the indie exclusive though thanks to Seasick Records, the best record store maybe in the WORLD.
  7. I really hope to score this when DW gets more stock. Holy shit this is good.
  8. I know what it clearly says just like you know what I meant in the first place. I’m not that kind of asshole, actually. I’ve never put anything on discogs. It definitely doesn’t look like a smoke variant but this is a stupid argument. You can still go fuck yourself, though.
  9. Go fuck yourself, you know I was talking about the “clear with colored smoke” variant, which looks exactly like a splatter variant in the picture.
  10. Hope there’s a lot more versions that are less limited of this on the way, would love to have it again. Sold my original back in the day.
  11. Missed out on the splatter so I guess I'll be grabbing that down the road sometime.