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  1. I have listened to this song so much. I hold the opinion that Julien is the best singer/songwriter alive and this song doesn’t change that. I absolutely can’t wait for this.
  2. Got the 6131 and ordered the Indie variant. This is gonna be the best album of next year.
  3. My thoughts exactly. The more I listen to it the more “Come Heroine” fucking rips. Love everything about it. I’d tentatively rank this one 3rd. S4>PTSBBAM>Lament>ISB>TTBOADH
  4. Well fuck. I wanted to wait til Friday but you all convinced me to seek this out early and god damn. The title track is phenomenal. God damn I love this band.
  5. This record is so good and that’s my favorite color of vinyl buttttt I already have a copy. Don’t need two.
  6. Seasick (abt 5 minutes from me) got 60 yesterday and I was able to grab one for my friend in Kentucky. Not a taylor fan at all but this is a really cool thing she’s doing.
  7. I was juuuust thinking about DF earlier because I miss having a way to catalog my incoming records.
  8. I’ll pick up the regular 3LP. This is such a great record.
  9. It’s a good song, Tommy. What is gross about it?