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  1. Same. I really just wanna hear it, but I don’t wanna spend a ton. They should press more.
  2. Never could get into her at all, which is surprising because I love PB and JB a whole lot.
  3. Glad to see more people jumping on the bandwagon! I truly believe Julien is the greatest songwriter alive. My local shop has a used copy of TOTL on their site for a pretty good price if anyone is interested. https://seasickbham.com/products/julien-baker-turn-out-the-lights-lp-green-in-clear-cloud?_pos=2&_sid=92531ab8f&_ss=r
  4. Also, if Near Mint presses The Morning Of next....they will have completed a pretty good chunk of music I love but never thought would get pressed.
  5. Fuckin’ A. Count me in. I love this record and have so many good memories attached to it.
  6. Tried for the two limited variants and in the time it took me to do that the /500 sold out so I guess I will just go kick rocks.
  7. I will say, after seeing the songs live, I liked the album much more than before. Still think it’s their weakest effort but it is what it is.
  8. I can’t get into any AFI. In Reverie is their 4th best in my opinion. Their most recent being the clear “worst”.
  9. Pffft. In reverie shits all over anything AFI has ever made. Blinks S/T is great though, they’re right on the same level I’d say.
  10. I understand why the wait is so long, I just don’t understand the need to rush the announcement and pre-order, unless the pre order is actually funding the pressing of the record. A lot can happen in 6 months!

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