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  1. I can’t justify 92 bucks for this right now. Maybe next Friday when I get paid, but not right now.
  2. I have never listened to this band til I read through this thread, but hot damn this is great.
  3. Will i have to buy a bundle from my local indie store to get that variant? Lol
  4. I can’t believe the Band heard this and was like “sounds good, bro” and just put the whole record out like this. Sounds so fuckin bad.
  5. I got everything I wanted, but I still kind of want that Culture Abuse 3”.
  6. Seasickbham.com just put their leftovers up. Wonder years and Soccer mommy available.
  7. PN is the only label that I can think of to do this. Most labels offer bundles as well as the variants separately.
  8. But the most rare and arguably most desirable variant isn’t available on its own in any capacity. It just sucks that, as a consumer, I can’t have that unless I’m willing to pay for a T-shirt or 3 copies of the same 7”. Thank you for pointing out the obvious though.
  9. I commented on Derek’s IG saying I wish the vocals were louder in the mix and he deleted it. But seriously, listen to any other Defeater song and then play this one and it sounds like they recorded the vocals through a wall while the band played at 100% volume. It’s poop garbage. Song is great though.
  10. Same night as Saves the Day. Crazy night in Birmingham.
  11. Julien Baker, Menzingers, Soccer Mommy and I might try and get the culture abuse 3” for shits and giggles.
  12. How much gang vocals do you need on one album?
  13. This sounds like some bad imagine dragons bullshit. Not a fan.