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  1. I finally started catching up on this season of Total Divas. Whoever edited the sequence that juxtaposed that Bray Wyatt match with Eva confronting the divas during the first episode deserves and Emmy.
  2. NXT has house shows all the time. Just pointing that out. I don't give a hoot about Eva one way or the other and haven't even been keeping up with NXT to be honest. I think Balor is an extremely vanilla champ and Enzo and BIg Cass should have won the titles ages ago. I expect it's just going through growing pains and will get better soon but lately it's seemed pretty bland. Lucha Underground, however, is insane. The Gift of the Gods is a cool concept. Ultimo Lucha is going to be awesome and the only match I don't have much excitement for is the Trios match.
  3. There are huge differences between Obama and Bernie: principally that Bernie has a lengthy, unwavering record backing what he says, and his refusal to accept donations for corporations or create a super PAC. Not to mention Obama has been a step in the right direction. He hasn't delivered on all of his initial promises but we've got a much better healthcare system, the economy has started to recover, and he oversaw the process of broadband's FCC classification which was a HUGE deal. As far as what you mentioned about Congress being more important, I think that misses the whole point. I'm not supporting Bernie just because I think he has good policies; I'm supporting him so staunchly because he is a true alternative candidate to the corporation-sponsored politicians we have been led to accept. A strong show of support for Bernie sends a message to the establishment that they aren't giving their constituents what they want.
  4. I really think the tide is going to change once he gets on tv in a debate with Hillary. He's been saying the same things for 40 years. He's not going to slip up and he's got nothing to hide or answer for that he hasn't already addressed openly.
  5. I am pretty middle of the road on gun issues. I wholeheartedly believe we need stricter gun control but I don't think it's realistic to want guns gone completely or to write off candidates who are somewhat pro gun. The reality of the situation is that there are ~300 million guns in America and it seems unfeasible to me to flat out end gun ownership without massive amounts of guns staying in the hands of criminals. The sad truth is that because there are so many guns circulating already, making them easy for criminals to acquire, some people do feel the need to protect themselves with more guns. Not to mention, there is a legitimate culture that goes along with gun ownership. It seems like the best we can do at this point is to implement good gun control policies, which Bernie has mostly voted for. It seems like the majority of the flak that he gets from liberals on the issue comes from a bill he voted against that would have allowed gun manufacturers to be sued for murders committed with their products.
  6. That's exactly why I feel compelled to really stand behind a candidate for the first time in my life at 27. He genuinely has policies that are aimed at leveling the playing field between corporations and the rest of the country with and extensive record that shows he stands behind his principles. I think the more people discuss 'fringe' candidates and really embrace them, the better chance we stand in the future of eventually electing non-corporate politicians to high ranking positions. Even people who align strongly with Bernie will write him off because they don't think he stands a chance against Hillary but what's the harm supporting him now (aside from making Clinton look like a shill, comparatively)? I also think a strong show of support for Bernie will influence the Democrats to pursue a more progressive agenda.
  7. Full Discosure: I mainly made this thread to hustle a shirt design a friend and I are selling because I couldn't really find an appropriate thread to post it in. However, I'd also like to share with those who might not know much about Bernie how great he is, and why you should support him over Clinton if you lean further left than to the middle if anyone is interested in such a discussion. I was surprised after doing a search that there hasn't been much talk of him on here. http://www.iwanttoberlieve2016.com
  8. I haven't read a single positive comment about Tough Enough but Tough Talk seems to be somewhat well-liked.
  9. Money in the Bank 2011 is considered by a lot of people to be the advent of the current 'reality era' so if you've already gotten back to 2012, you might as well continue on to there. And yeah, what everyone else says about NXT and Lucha Underground is true. I would watch NXT from maybe the first Takeover special onward if you have the time, and LU is worth watching all the way through. You could binge it in a whole weekend.
  10. I haven't caught up with this week's episode but I love the show. It's been pretty flawless since Aztec Warfare. I usually don't tune out for a second when I'm watching it. NXT was pretty good overall. The matches weren't great but the crowd was on point (for once) and they did a pretty good job setting up for Takeover. The "Baron's gonna bore you" and "No means no" chants were great. It seems like Carmella has gone full face. I can't wait to see Enzo and Cass win the belts. The crowd is going to go off. I think the tweaking to Crowe will do wonders for him. His music is much better, his look is toned down, and it seems like they might be dropping the hacker shit in favor of a more general outcast gimmick. I think he could have an interesting feud with Adam Rose and it'd give them both something to do. Weirdo vs the popular airhead.
  11. Watch Lucha Underground. This week's episode was pretty much perfect. At first I just liked it but now that the stories and characters are developing I'm hooked.
  12. I wasn't too into NXT aside from the women's match, which was awesome. I think Balor is great but I don't want to see all 3-4 minutes of his entrance every week, especially for a 3 minute squash.