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  1. emacs

    PO: Clutch - Elephant Riders

    http://recordstoreday.co.uk/media/2601/rsd-product-listing-2016.pdf Looks like it's coming out in the UK on RSD on Let Them Eat Vinyl. Not sure why they'd say it was fake, I can't imagine RSD putting out a bootleg.
  2. emacs

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Here's some Bandcamp codes I got from Steve's eBay sale a while back if anyone wants 'em.
  3. emacs

    Attn: My Hardcore Brethren

    Gonna try to be there Saturday too, not sure if I can make it and I don't want to commit to presale so I hope they have enough tickets at the door if I do make it down.
  4. Is that something people say that you can't stand or are you explaining what sewage is?
  5. emacs

    The Leftovers [HBO Show]

    Man that last scene had me so tense.
  6. emacs

    The Concert Thread

    Saw a hardcore show Saturday. Living Laser, Blind Justice, Breakaway, Hangman, Against Your Will, Lost Souls, and Failed Future all played at My Place Pizza in Poughkeepsie for five bucks. Grabbed a 7" and 12" from Living Laser for $5 each, met some cool people, and almost broke my nose. Last song of Blind Justice's set I was moshing, got run into and fell backwards over a couch (not really sure why there was a couch in the middle of the floor...) and took an elbow to the face. Spent the next 30 minutes outside the venue with some napkins stuck up my nostril and left a blood trail all through the restaurant. All in all pretty sick gig, Living Laser and Blind Justice have amazing energy live and $15 for admission and two records is a steal.
  7. emacs

    The Leftovers [HBO Show]

    I assumed Meg took over for Patti after she killed herself, and Patti was the leader of the local Guilty Remnant chapter. It would make sense then that Meg knew Laurie and Tom were trying to get members to leave when the group found them and left the note, and used the rape as a way to get revenge/show her power. Also I don't think Tom (or Wayne) really has any powers. Outside of the premise that a bunch of people off and disappeared, it's been fairly realistic so far. Maybe Tom truly thinks he has powers, or maybe he's just bullshitting, but I hope the writers don't turn this into some supernatural powers shit.
  8. emacs

    various download codes

    Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today - REV012 http://downloads.revelationrecords.com/ RALWTX7UP3TJ
  9. emacs

    Attn: My Hardcore Brethren

    https://www.facebook.com/mindsetmd/photos/a.465286652435.259629.263004617435/10153645885547436/?type=3 This is the worst news
  10. emacs

    Black Friday RSD - 2015

    Only things I'd be interested in are NIN and Turning Point, but not at those prices.
  11. emacs

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    I'm not normally into collecting figures but if they're not too expensive I'll probably try to grab one.
  12. Got an email from Amazon saying that my Clutch order was delayed indefinitely. It was supposed to arrive today but never shipped.
  13. If your car is on bags it doesn't take the drivability away (unless you camber it like those last two examples). When people say stanced cars are ruined, they're usually referring to cars that are lowered on springs, where the height can't easily be adjusted. Bags allow the owner to lower or raise their suspension with the press of a button, which is much better for driving than cutting or removing springs.
  14. emacs

    various download codes

    Grabbed Stone Titan, thanks!