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  1. I literally let out a few drops of urine from laughter whenever I read "5 years later," "2 years later," and "3 years later." Goddamn.
  2. The aforementioned collection I referenced above that was purchased in the summer of 2019 had Asante (which I haven't sold yet - need to spin again). But it also had his album Extensions. I sold it and wanted it back. It's great. Especially this track:
  3. At least the description is very ... descriptive: Each vintage mystery bundle comes with 3 quality pre loved albums that have been curated by yours truly over here at Moonrise vinyl. We have carefully paired your albums together to create a mood that will send you on an adventure. If you like a specific genre like rock or jazz just make sure to select that pack when adding it to your cart. If you trust us, and you should, go ahead and click on the wild card. Any questions? Hit us up. Or go ahead and just risk it. It’s what music is all about. So don’t change the station because
  4. Haha. Awesome! And, no, you definitely informed me of something new. Totes NOLA stuff but never have. The label that's releasing it is out of Alabama so that be why I haven't seen much press. But never did.
  5. I feel like you posted this for me specifically. And if you didn't, I don't care. I just want to believe.
  6. Yeah, because the first dose wasn't really anything, I sort of expected to be unfazed by the second one. Haha, I called out of work because I knew I could use a sick day with little consequence. But it hit. God. No joke. But yes better than COVID.
  7. Because I never worked from home and was essential the whole time, I was offered the Moderna two shot vaccine back in January and February through work. First shot of Moderna was fine, no real symptoms except my arm hurt at point of contact. Second shot, though, I had symptoms 18-20 hours afterward. I called out of work. Had chills, was achy, feverish and fatigued. Only really lasted the day, but I was still a little lethargic the second day too. Overall, no complaints.
  8. I had it in my cart and didn't pull the trigger because I just got this stimulus money. I'd buy BEAA if anyone is selling since I don't have it.
  9. I pissed myself as soon as I got to "IMMEDIATELY."
  10. I saw this. I own all the LP's so I don't need this, but I don't have BE & A (because obviously it was never pressed). I don't see how a 14 LP box set can be under $300. I guess I'm on the fence. I am sure these will sell out because half of these have been OOP for twenty years.
  11. This popped up as a BIN a week ago Friday. Immediately bought it. Got it in my hands five days later from Japan ($24 FedEx shipping!). Anyway, it's so fun: https://www.ebay.com/itm/HALLOWEEN-SX-7013-OST-LP-Vinyl-Pressing-Japan-OBI-John-Carpenter/324499305524?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  12. I bought a shirt and zip up hoodie from Holy Mountain like fifteen minutes early because it was up. Then I refreshed on Bandcamp and got both blood moon and red variants.
  13. I want to go, but who knows what September looks like. I've received both doses of the Moderna vaccine but my son hasn't nor his mom.

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