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  1. 1st pressings of Blue Train just keep getting crazier and crazier. I wish I would have dropped the $500-800 it was going for 20 years ago.
  2. The place I mentioned I got Rudolph I also got that Skipper At Home but the cover was wrecked. But a great LP. I got to find a jacket cheaply.
  3. God, this was fun. I joined VC, DF and Discogs all in 2010. I was 30 and going to have my son later in the year. Thankfully never been ripped off as a result of the boards. This was fun reading these old threads.
  4. I joined DF, VC, and Discogs all in 2010. Wild ride, these past ten years. I loved DF for the community. It felt as if everyone was older (as I was 29/30 then, it seemed like most people were around my age, had kids, careers, etc). It's not entirely accurate, of course; there were younger folk using the boards actively. But VC felt very young in comparison. I made a few real/fake internet friends via DF. Actually, I did meet a couple people via DF in real life, too. I also grew my collection a good bit because of buying/trading, and it was another outlet to sell. It was a great community. I had my +/- 1,300 record collection customized on there. It always loaded easily on one FUCKING page on my phone (unlike having to scroll through a max of 250 items per page on Discogs). I could easily check my collection or want list. It was great. But then I didn't save it. So I have no recollection of what was or wasn't there. I've added about 500 items on to Discogs but the task is daunting and I'm lazy or preoccupied. I won't add my stuff back there because at this point Discogs is the standard. But it would be great to have another board to check when I'm ... bored.
  5. I got Blood and Fire from Holy Mountain.
  6. I don't care about Shards. Won't listen to it, but I want a first press just to be a Zao nerd. Interested to hear this repress of Blood & Fire. Back in 2008, I was in grad school on my laptop when Blood & Fire went live. The black sold out in minutes then and I settled for another color. Eventually bought a tour press. Also got a black off ebay for $25 PPD in 20010-ish. Sold those for a lot of money when I needed money for bills. So that's what I'm aiming for tomorrow.
  7. Took me a second to realize you were talking about HHN at Universal, haha. I was born and raised in Melbourne, FL (about 1.5 hours from Orlando). Was there for 19 years, went to college in the panhandle and lived in the state until I was 24. Been to Universal a handful of times, never once made it to HHN.
  8. Shill bidding has been happening since the early days of eBay.
  9. Did you ever get the Beatles mono box? Want to trade it now, lol
  10. Getting rare horror soundtracks is cool, but in many instances, I only play them a couple times and then just would rather have the money. Finding a Japanese pressing of this with the OBI is proving very difficult.
  11. I've sold on eBay and Amazon for 17 years and can count the number of problems on both hands. I started selling on Discogs this year and only made my first sale in July. I've got 2K in my Paypal right now because it's been so easy thus far. But then I had to set up my shipping policy, which to be fair, was easy. So I thought. I sold a Wings boot that Discogs let me list for $160 to someone in Japan. I thought I had the LP and 45 flat rate shipping set up, but it was backward somehow. So the guy was invoiced for $14 shipping a 2xLP to Japan instead of $25. I kindly sent him a message asking him to Paypal me $11 and I'd even pay the difference to ship it registered so we can track it a bit more than the normal customs label biz, but of course I haven't heard from him. I wouldn't respond either if I were in his shoes, lol. I literally paid $3 for the boot so I'm not going to lose the sale because of $11, but fuck! I have to make sure this shit is right or else I'm going to be eating the cost of shipping a lot.
  12. I know it's utter sacrilege because I love PTL/Bazan, SF59, TW's stuff and I even have the Velour - Of Color Bright LP. But this is just ... fine. Not anything I think I'll play repeatedly.