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  1. Gosh, 10 years ago, I really wanted this. Now, I wouldn't ever play it.
  2. Hmm. I take a probiotic and fiber supplement dao;u. It usually allows me to just go once. But then it's followed by 2-3 in close proximity a lot of days. Getting old is hell!
  3. I want to love the classic blues stuff but the pre war Delta blues is very boring. Same with the country blues (especially Louisiana's stuff). The Chicago electric blues is the most successful, and thus, most well-known. Found this great Howlin' Wolf 1957 single for the reasonable price of $10. Great tune:
  4. I was farting in the shower the other day and had the realization I needed to post in this thread.
  5. Picked this among some pricey things I bought. Luckily, it sells for a nice bit. Jetstream was a Texas label that was started by Louisiana native Huey P. Meaux:
  6. Added some 50's R&B to my box. Big Walter Price, who I thought was from Louisiana but actually might be Texas. The flip sounds like swamp pop in the vein of Slim Harpo. But this one is good:
  7. My dad died May 31st. Looking at all his "stuff" he's left for us to deal with made me realize I have to get rid of lots of shit. Though I'm 41 and hopefully nowhere near dying, I still don't want to leave the same situation for my son. But I like buying records. So at some point, I want to cash out. But not any time soon.
  8. Searching for the 27th Man is good. I've had a copy before. Lame cover, great album.
  9. Keeping with Lexi's theme... I don't think I ever posted this. I found her LP in a big lot I got in 2019. The LP was OOP at one point and still pulls $300-400 regularly. It's great soul but I'm definitely going to sell the LP eventually because it's not that great. However, this song is absolutely amazing. I'd like to find the 45 for cheap.
  10. It does. I'm trying to decide on a move date to a different state and it's not making it easier to anticipate if I'll still be here or be moved by the time they actually ship.

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