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  1. I'm glad my estimations were high. I might get a copy. I have a 6 eye mono. And a 70's stereo. Would be a nice companion even though my current set up wouldn't maximize having an audiophile copy.
  2. I can't believe how much the mono box is going for. I want it now just so I don't have to keep buying the damn albums. But I can't pay the going rate. Want to trade for cooler albums? LOL
  3. Just so I'm clear, Preservinghardcore spent $30K on Victory Records right? I'm following on IG now just to keep mentioning that from now until he blocks me.
  4. I think it sounds great. It's not for me. I wouldn't buy it. But it sounds like 2020 modern mu$ic. I hope he makes a shit ton of money off it.
  5. High grade copies are easily $1,500 now. But looking at finished auctions, I guess it's easier to get a VG- one for a couple hundred. I never watch a copy because I know it will always sell for more than I want to pay.
  6. 1st pressings of Blue Train just keep getting crazier and crazier. I wish I would have dropped the $500-800 it was going for 20 years ago.
  7. The place I mentioned I got Rudolph I also got that Skipper At Home but the cover was wrecked. But a great LP. I got to find a jacket cheaply.
  8. God, this was fun. I joined VC, DF and Discogs all in 2010. I was 30 and going to have my son later in the year. Thankfully never been ripped off as a result of the boards. This was fun reading these old threads.
  9. I joined DF, VC, and Discogs all in 2010. Wild ride, these past ten years. I loved DF for the community. It felt as if everyone was older (as I was 29/30 then, it seemed like most people were around my age, had kids, careers, etc). It's not entirely accurate, of course; there were younger folk using the boards actively. But VC felt very young in comparison. I made a few real/fake internet friends via DF. Actually, I did meet a couple people via DF in real life, too. I also grew my collection a good bit because of buying/trading, and it was another outlet to sell. It was a great community.
  10. I don't care about Shards. Won't listen to it, but I want a first press just to be a Zao nerd. Interested to hear this repress of Blood & Fire. Back in 2008, I was in grad school on my laptop when Blood & Fire went live. The black sold out in minutes then and I settled for another color. Eventually bought a tour press. Also got a black off ebay for $25 PPD in 20010-ish. Sold those for a lot of money when I needed money for bills. So that's what I'm aiming for tomorrow.

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