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  1. I got a few copies of this when Neil at Anchorless in 2009 sold off a bunch of the limited stuff. I didn't know when it came out and I missed it completely. It was something I coveted. Once I heard it, I was underwhelmed to say the least.
  2. I had one previously (might have been sealed, can't remember) and I traded it for some other $100 LP I wanted more. I popsike'd sealed A Mark, A Mission's and at one point they were selling for $150+. That reissue helped the price go down significantly.
  3. I just won a sealed copy of the first press of A Mark, A Mission... on ebay for $20 + shipping. I would buy this in a heartbeat for nostalgia.
  4. I love much of the Starflyer catalog. But none of these releases in the past ten years have really moved me in any way. Perhaps it's just age. Changing of the Guard was fine and had some really great moments. But man, I just don't care any more.
  5. I've lived in New Orleans for about 15 years so there are things like Hey Pocky A-Way and They All Ask'd For You which are just staples during anything associated with the city and we hear them day in and day out, like during Mardi Gras. It's one of those things that just becomes background at this point. I didn't realize it was on this album, which is interesting. Rejuvenation came out in 1974, but Pocky sounds older to me, like mid to late 60's. So all that to say, I'm extremely tired of it at this point, haha.
  6. When I sold records in Jackson, MS late last year, I picked up this Meters record for $10. I freaked because Meters records are never available for reasonable prices. But it has sat in my 'to be listened to' pile all this time because it's not one of their first four LP's which are the standouts. There are some weaker songs on here, for sure, but I might have found my favorite fucking Meters song in this jam here. Produced by the man himself, Allen Toussaint:
  7. Flesh Eaters - I Used To Be Pretty 2xLP - $6.08 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GWGLC4M?psc=1&pf_rd_p=d8ce9248-9f14-4bd5-8d02-a98af28945ae&pf_rd_r=K7DAKVHNA5WP1ZRJ9FCH&pd_rd_wg=9vgCi&pd_rd_i=B07GWGLC4M&pd_rd_w=xvZ0p&pd_rd_r=343d9f80-0b15-43e9-8779-f94afbb3c5f3&ref_=pd_luc_rh_crh_rh_sbs_sem_01_04_t_img_lh
  8. Wrestlemania managed to have a few great matches (Becky and Baszler, Charlotte and Ripley, Bryan and Zayn, Edge and Orton, etc). But there was so much shit show, which, admittedly, wouldn't have been in an abundance if there had been a live crowd.
  9. It's excellent. Fair, exhaustive and truthful. It was the proper treatment.
  10. I live in a suburb of New Orleans (which had Mardi Gras about a month ago) and it's legitimately scary. Within the parish (what you normal people call county), there's around 400K people. Apparently the number of COVID-19 cases keep getting higher, so much so, we constantly fluctuate between 1st and 5th place for highest number of positive cases per capita in the country. The mayor of NO just ordered a 'shelter in place' decree, but a lot of dumb ass people are still out and about. Being in a neighboring parish, there's a different attitude because our number isn't as high. But people travel between parishes daily for work and getting groceries, especially when it is revealed that some stores are more stocked than others. My employer is an agency that provides social services so we're a LGE (local governing entity), which means although we're paid by the state and many of us are civil servants, our agency is autonomous. It boils down to if the parish were to close up every other state office, it's up to the executive director and board whether our agency closes. Our agency is opened still seeing people for mental health services. The division I work in has ceased face-to-face appointments, but we're still having to report to work as normal. We're allowed to stay home but we have to use vacation time instead of sick time. Other similar LGE's in the state are working from home, so it's frustrating to be on our floor among 20-25 other staff all sharing common spaces (bathrooms, break room, copy machines, etc), even though we're encouraged to work from our office and communicate electronically. I am anxious because, although I am still working and getting paid, I have to go out among people five days a week and then find time to go to a store but it's never just one store because nothing is available. Strange times indeed.
  11. One in the living room, one in my bedroom. But I have two extra record players (one needs service). I also have a couple broken ones in my closet I got super cheap but I've never sat down and tried to tinker with them.