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  1. I was genuinely surprised by the Kofi vs. Bryan match. I loved their Elimination Chamber one-on-one encounter and this match did not disappoint. I was surprised they put the belt on him, actually. Everything they did felt like they rehashed the Bryan story line (talking about his years with the company, calling him a B+ player, making it seem like the authority was holding Kofi back, etc). But they did it. I hope they can work a program together with Daniel getting rematches. It was probably the best match on the show and certainly my favorite.
  2. I was up for the challenge but very much intimidated by the prospect of being alone with my son for long periods of time early on. He was nearly a month old the first time I had him for several hours. But like anything else, you get used to it. Even though it's stressful having a baby, you can still kind do what you want as far as seeking entertainment freely. I'm pretty conservative about what media I consume in front of my child now, but from 0-2.5, I could watch or listen to anything without worrying about it impacting him in any way. I worked over nights during my son's first year, so I had it kind of easy. But when he was 10 months, his mom went back to work so I had him during the day by myself. I really think long periods of time of just he and I alone helped us bond and forged part of the relationship we have today.
  3. Ugh. I need to spend money right now like I need a hole in my head. But the song sounds good.
  4. This is a thread just about The Used on the sly, isn't it?
  5. Got this last week. Nice package. Got the Xenophobe reissue and it came with a sweet Zao guitar pick. I absolutely love the way these guys are doing things with the band these days. Just wish I wouldn't have sold off my LP's and tests because I only have Liberate and the new stuff.
  6. I figured the Kofi push was old school wrastling where they push an over babyface to the point where fans think he's going to beat the heel champ and at the last moment the champ somehow squeaks out a wins. But unlike Rick Steiner vs Ric Flair at Clash of the Champions circa mid 90's (the first time I remember noticing that was a concept as a kid), I absolutely LOVED that 15-20 minutes of Bryan vs. Kofi had to work alone. That was good story telling and it was exciting. I really didn't know who was going to win, even though I suspected it would be Bryan (they customized a belt for his green character after all).
  7. "representative subset for extrapolation sufficient" Yes.
  8. I friended Samm Culley on FB from Skull Snaps. He's pretty indignant about all the bands who sampled the record and never paid royalties, which I would be too. But it makes for funny discussions.
  9. I try to find stuff on the cheap. Buying collections usually allows me to find stuff I want. It's pretty rare I will drop any real money on records. I sold records in Jackson, MS at the beginning of the month. Then just one week later, I sold records at our local record show called Record Raid. Did pretty well so I treated myself on this mofo. Eldridge Holmes is a NO soul guy who worked with Toussiant. This is a fucking jam where the piano rips because of that hook:
  10. Daniel Bryan is the WWE champion again and turned heel-ish? He now face Brock at Survivor Series. Not a single Brock match (save for he and AJ a year ago at SS) in the past 3 years has been that interesting. They better not squash Daniel.
  11. ^ Yeah, I hear that. I liked watching it with my kid. I don't watch Raw or SD so I don't know if this is a thing, but they had mid-match promos like 80's episodes of Superstars where the heels would be cocky and the faces would be noble. That was really funny, but kind of out of place on a PPV.
  12. The Mean Girls LP is dope. http://shop.communityrecords.org/products/615959-meangirls-is-this-me-forever-lp
  13. Not interested in taking a gamble for $30 preorder, but cover sure is pretty.
  14. Got the seafoam and splatter. That Bike song is so good.