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  1. It's excellent. Fair, exhaustive and truthful. It was the proper treatment.
  2. I live in a suburb of New Orleans (which had Mardi Gras about a month ago) and it's legitimately scary. Within the parish (what you normal people call county), there's around 400K people. Apparently the number of COVID-19 cases keep getting higher, so much so, we constantly fluctuate between 1st and 5th place for highest number of positive cases per capita in the country. The mayor of NO just ordered a 'shelter in place' decree, but a lot of dumb ass people are still out and about. Being in a neighboring parish, there's a different attitude because our number isn't as high. But people travel between parishes daily for work and getting groceries, especially when it is revealed that some stores are more stocked than others. My employer is an agency that provides social services so we're a LGE (local governing entity), which means although we're paid by the state and many of us are civil servants, our agency is autonomous. It boils down to if the parish were to close up every other state office, it's up to the executive director and board whether our agency closes. Our agency is opened still seeing people for mental health services. The division I work in has ceased face-to-face appointments, but we're still having to report to work as normal. We're allowed to stay home but we have to use vacation time instead of sick time. Other similar LGE's in the state are working from home, so it's frustrating to be on our floor among 20-25 other staff all sharing common spaces (bathrooms, break room, copy machines, etc), even though we're encouraged to work from our office and communicate electronically. I am anxious because, although I am still working and getting paid, I have to go out among people five days a week and then find time to go to a store but it's never just one store because nothing is available. Strange times indeed.
  3. One in the living room, one in my bedroom. But I have two extra record players (one needs service). I also have a couple broken ones in my closet I got super cheap but I've never sat down and tried to tinker with them.
  4. This is Christian Scott, he's a New Orleans born jazz musician. His uncle is fellow NO jazz great, Donald Harrison. His grandfather was a co-founder of a great soul label, NOLA Records. I played this on a whim and it's a great example of contemporary jazz. I love the live drum sound here. It has parts that feel like it's going to be hip hop or maybe a pop song. But's it's all jazz. That smokey trumpet sound. Fusion-esque guitar. It's great!
  5. That song plays solid VG, but the flip is thrashed and probably skips all over the place. I do have it in my for sale soul 45's box, but it's priced at $18. The way I was thinking about it was, "Okay, this is the side people want and will pay for. But the flip is F so, maybe they'll pay half the going rate for an all around VG+ quality copy, That's a steal, but, you know, only half." I will keep it if it never sells.
  6. This is a bit of a departure from my normal contributions to this thread. I don't think I understood what 'Northern Soul' meant for a long time. In the early 2000's, I'd see soul 45's classified by that name sell on eBay for outrageous prices. I kept thinking to myself, okay, I need to find those types of records, but nothing was outlined to help clarify what was or wasn't. I eventually bought enough and learned that it just meant music played in dance clubs in England during the late 60's and 70's. It was a style of music people seemed to enjoy at clubs. There was an emphasis on a fast tempos, hard beats, with excellent brass arrangements, and of course, it had to be dance-able. But there was also a component of playing lesser known songs instead of the hit records like had been the routine for many years. I bought a few hundred 45's in a lot a while back and went through every 45 to see what was worth money. I got some stellar things that sold for big money, but came across this. At first, I couldn't understand why it would go for $40-80. The guy's voice shrills and his vibrato is weird. But I kept listening to the song. Something got stuck in my head. It has since become a favorite of mine. It just makes me so happy! I can finally see the appeal. Listen for yourselves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ti0ehWO5QY
  7. Top and bottom banners are easier to ignore. The side banners are obnoxious. And they pop up on every page I open when logged in.
  8. I'll offer $5 more than this guy offers J/K sell him this test.
  9. Don't need a Dashboard greatest hits LP. And also don't need the rest of his shit in his store. Look at this nonsense (and sold out): https://www.dashboardconfessional.com/products/651805-best-ones-bomber-tee-flag-bundle
  10. We could do less people for more money. But someone would have to organize it.
  11. I love being "smart" but also, it's kind of a bummer. I heard the news that Edge was going to return so I was expecting it. I didn't get goosebumps