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  1. somethingvinyl

    Hello from new member

    Can't wait to see that new Queen biopic. Looks amazing. What are we talking about again?
  2. somethingvinyl

    AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

    I had to log out and back in to see it.
  3. somethingvinyl

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Cool. Got a colored Ribbed.
  4. somethingvinyl

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    Argh. Double post.
  5. somethingvinyl

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    Eskew Reeder, also known professionally and more famously as Esquerita, was brought up in the church in South Carolina but eventually switched to "secular" music. He was self taught on piano and played a frantic and feverish style. He had some success writing songs and performing, but it wasn't until he came to record in New Orleans where he would meet Little Richard. Wiki describes Reeder as influencing Little Richard. Rumor has that they were lovers and Richard copped his style. Obviously nobody knows for sure, but the scuttlebutt is that Richard started incorporating wigs, glasses, makeup and many of the characteristics and idiosyncrasies that Esquerita had already been doing. Obviously, he is mostly forgotten largely and Little Richard appears to a pioneer. Both cuts of this 45 have Reeder "Woooooo"-ing in the same way Little Richard popularized. Little Richard recorded first, actually, but those early records sound different than the Richard the world knows. Hard to argue that once you see Esquerita for yourself, you see Little Richard's entire shtick.
  6. somethingvinyl

    New Orleans suggestions?

    I just looked up their food. I gotta try their breakfast sometime.
  7. somethingvinyl

    Record shopping at thrift stores?

    Over the past twenty years, I've found a good bit. Best score: A couple years ago, I had a meeting at work and got to the thrift store late. They always put out the fresh stuff in the morning when they open. A local junk shop owner had a cart full of records. I was crushed. It looked like great jazz (Miles, Coltrane, etc). But he obviously didn't know what he was doing, just buying stuff he recognized. I found a Coleman Hawkins - Hawk Flies High, which used to be $200-300 LP. He missed it. Ha. There were a few other interesting things. I just grabbed the odd, non-popular things left. Scored this. Paid $2.12 for it: https://www.popsike.com/VictorVitor-Assis-Brasil-Desenhos-LP-Forma-FE-1017-STEREO-Brazil-1966-RARE/331956804909.html
  8. somethingvinyl

    WTB: Records at 2011 prices

    I had some stupid goal to get all of the YFM variants around 2011-2012 ish and I remember trying to justify spending $60 on that screenprinted cover. I can only imagine what it would go for now.
  9. somethingvinyl

    Running FS list

    Any trades?
  10. somethingvinyl

    New Orleans suggestions?

    Yeah, Cafe du Monde is overrated. If you're out at like 2 am the line is short, though.
  11. somethingvinyl

    New Orleans suggestions?

    Search 'New Orleans' on the board. There's been several threads started and I always comment. But, meh, I'm too tired. Records: Euclid Records (Bywater neighborhood): largest store in the city. Worth looking at for the volume. Two stories. They have some hard to find stuff. Domino Sound (Marigny neighborhood): a record collector's store. Small but lots of a variety and reasonable priced. Definitely go. Seriously. Sisters in Christ (Uptown, near Audubon Park and Zoo): worth going for punk/hardcore but definitely not the variety that the others offer. Skully'z (French Quarter): smallest shop in the city on Bourbon Street. Scott is the owner and the nicest guy ever. He gets lots of new releases and you might find a gem in the bins. Go if you're nearby. The Mushroom (Uptown by the universities): Doubles as a headshop. Lots of garbage/thrift store records. I've found some gems they overlooked but it's a waste of time a lot of time. Nola Mix Records (Uptown on Magazine near CBD): Lots of great 45's with variety but not much punk/hardcore. Disco Obscura (Uptown off Magazine, near Nola Mix): Boutique shop with mostly reissues. Joey Buttons owns and he's a sweetheart. Peaches (Uptown, Magazine St, up river): Fuck this place. Waste of fucking time. Ha, there you go. I like records.
  12. Plus, the vacuum approach is the only thing that really works. I have a guy locally who I have clean a stack of records for me at a time. He charges like a 1.50 a record. By this point, I could have just saved the $200 and bought one.
  13. somethingvinyl

    RE: musicinveins11 = rip off artist

    Wow. Shit is still fucked up.
  14. Man, I need a RCM. Just don't want to actually shell out the cash.