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  1. I caved and got all three. $23.77 a pop after shipping. Probably won't find them that cheap again.
  2. I play Words With Friends and there was some contest giving these away in December. I entered and didn't think anything of it. Then randomly a box shows up yesterday and looks like a record box set. I don't think too much into because I figured it had to be something else (I hadn't ordered any records recently). When I open it up, boom, #'d edition of this. Pretty cool.
  3. I never went to Furnace Fest back in the day, even though my college wasn't but a four hour drive from it. That being said, I don't think going now will make as many memories for me as it would have back then. But here I am with way more disposable income and the resources to enjoy myself (like getting a hotel room instead of crashing on friend's floors). Isn't there a football game there that weekend that's going to require getting accommodations early?
  4. I have Rusty already. I really liked Wake Up Screaming at the time. Since I'm nearly 40, don't know how much I will play it. I stole Burn Out from a Family Christian store. I never really liked it. That must have been why.
  5. I have no patience to keep up. I listen to Cornette review AEW and NXT every week thus far. I plan on watching them in order eventually.
  6. If you got time to sit through them long ass shows, you could skim those and watch the network specials LOL
  7. I'm not watching much, but I did reup my WWE Network subscription so I could watch NXT and Survivor Series. I don't really care about the shows now, but Undertaker was on the new Stone Cold podcast type show and that was fucking great. It's the longest non-kayfabe thing I have ever seen him Undertaker do. I hope they do a big DVD release with him eventually.
  8. I'm a schlub. I really didn't want it, not because of the price (although I don't want to keep paying $40 for a new 2xLP), but because it's not something I'm going to play all the time. Then I saw the Dirk Lemmens vid and it sold me on it.
  9. I want this but my CD I've owned for twenty years will still be fine if this is stupid pricey.
  10. Heard about this show, but never gave it a chance because I'm really uninterested in computer/hacker culture. Jeez Louise. This show is amazing. I must have watched the first three seasons in two weeks because I was hooked. I'm going to slowly re-watch them because I definitely didn't think through some of the things that you all have mentioned (like Elliot might have been dealing with this mental health stuff since he was a kid) until I read what you folk wrote. I'll wait until the fourth season is completely finished before I watch it. I've told more people about this show than anything else in the past ten years.
  11. I got kicked out of there because someone sent me a passive aggressive DM and then blocked me so I couldn't respond. I made a post in the group and then told everyone who complained to STFU. The admins booted me. It's reasonable to assume I'm not a year from 40, but here we are.