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  1. anthemforadoomed

    Recent purchases

    Damnnnnnnnn Le Tigre!
  2. anthemforadoomed


    I have a pretty good quiver of whiskeys at the moment. It's been hard not to just go crazy every night haha. Right now on the shelf is: Bulleit Rye Bulleit Bourbon Jameson Glendalough Double Barrel Buffalo Trace Glenfiddich 12
  3. anthemforadoomed

    DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    Wonder Woman was so damn good. Excited for a director's cut. How has the thread title not been changed yet for WW?
  4. anthemforadoomed

    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Hi VC been a while. Did the shopradiocast/ VC record store (in Canada right?) make it? Does SRC still own the board? I feel like I've probably missed a lot.
  5. anthemforadoomed

    Post Your Record Storage Area

    Yo nice issue of Focus on the table there!! Miss that magazine so much.
  6. anthemforadoomed

    Recent purchases

    Just pre-ordered Jonathan Coulton's new record Solid State. Bought Red Eyed Soul by World/ Inferno Friendship Society a little while back. Been kind of broke.
  7. anthemforadoomed

    PO: Grouplove - Big Mess

    How about a 7" of the Bojack Horseman ending theme from them?
  8. anthemforadoomed

    Recent purchases

    ooooh Under the Skin soundtrack! very nice!! love the score to that movie.
  9. anthemforadoomed

    DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    Seriously, Joker is a gangster up in the club. What?! I've been bummed as soon as I saw the first images of the character design. Or when they announced Leto was playing him. Whatever came first. Joker/ Leto was super underwhelming. At least Robbie, Smith, and Davis did pretty well. BvS was okay, the extended cut definitely improves it some. SS was meh. It kind of felt like a stepping stone to introduce more characters into the universe rather than it being it's own movie. DC has such great characters and stories. I'm honestly confused how they could be having this much trouble making some good films. These should be like printing money. Everyone loves Batman, Superman, Joker, Harley, etc. WB needs their own Joss Wheden that understands how both comics and films work haha. At least Wonder Woman and Justice League look good.
  10. anthemforadoomed

    Skateboarding/Skateboard Collecting

    Oh shit sorry! I just kind of randomly wrote that without putting much thought into it, sorry I'm kind of scatterbrained tonight. That's great! I'm glad to hear you're skating a $lave. They're the best company and don't get enough love.
  11. anthemforadoomed

    Skateboarding/Skateboard Collecting

    Check Krooked, Politic, Toy Machine, Magenta, Hopps, Paisley. All have excellent graphics.