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  1. i feel like a majority of these variants will never get spun. just "stans" hoarding them or putting them up on their wall.
  2. i dont understand why people are so rabid for DGD variants? someone explain it to me.
  3. cant remember if i ordered red sky or not tbh. this feels like forever ago.
  4. US variant - sea blue https://store.eyhoband.com/products/florescence-lp /250 looks like this one is already down to 61 copies left.
  5. Really great band. Stoked for this record. Im pretty sure it was produced by the lead singer of Movements. Get crazy AWKIF vibes. UK VARIANT - COKE BOTTLE CLEAR /250 https://fearlessrecords.shopfirebrand.com/collections/eat-your-heart-out/products/eat-your-heart-out-florescence-lp-coke-bottle-clear US variant - sea blue /250 https://store.eyhoband.com/products/florescence-lp
  6. fuck, missed it. been traveling through south america so havent been on here as often. thanks for the tag tho
  7. damn, missed the galaxy. got the clear with red though. if anyone got a spare galaxy, holla at your boy
  8. lemme know if you dont want your glow in the dark. Im willing to buy you a new copy. edit - actually just noticed its still avail online, so i bought it.
  9. we should prob start a new thread... doing that now. edit
  10. yes unfortunately. seems like only shitty companies/people have been in charge of this place. so sad.
  11. Ruby comes out late April according to what mat just said. . I’d imagine a wider release on vinyl would come then.