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  1. According to her IG, all vinyl represses going up tomorrow (11/15) @ 6 am https://shop.arianagrande.com/collections/music
  2. or they just photograph 1 record and use it twice. that mockup looks real.
  3. looks identical to the mockup, so im sure the mockups are the IRL records
  4. yeah erika is getting all of their equipment.
  5. odd shes on sumerian records now... but then again mad decent was also an odd label choice.
  6. Got shipping confirmation on the two pack. Excited to hear this record.
  7. who is @ahmed and why are they admin 

  8. status update

  9. weird, the only option im showing to california is usps priority mail for $11
  10. came here to say this.. this is the only thing that has ever truly worked for me in the 10 years ive been here
  11. thank you. was holding out for something like this to finally grab that sasha sloan ep