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  1. anybody know how many pressings there have been of this?
  2. got any speakers in the $150 range that work the same way youd suggest?
  3. dont really like halo but optimistic for the rest of the record
  4. tri-color not listed /500 https://www.impericon.com/uk/boston-manor-welcome-to-the-neighbourhood-red-white-black-colored-lp.html
  5. Track List: 1. Welcome to The Neighbourhood 2. Flowers In Your Dustbin 3. Halo 4. England's Dreaming 5. Funeral Party 6. Digital Ghost 7. Tunnel Vision 8. Bad Machine 9. If I Can't Have It No One Can 10. Hate You 11. FY1 12. Stick Up 13. The Day That I Ruined Your Life Pressing Info: 400 (PN Webstore) - White / Red aside-bside w/ Black Splatter 500 (Tour Exclusive) - Clear 500 (HMV Indie Retail) - Red 500 (UK Indie Retail ) - Half Clear / Half Red 500 (USA Indie Retail) - Half Red / Half Black 1500 (Various) - Clear w/ Black and Red Heavy Splatter Album Release Date Is September 7th 2018 SHIPPING NOTICE: This is a presale item set to ship around 09/05/2018 http://bostonmanor.merchnow.com/products/v2/272225/welcome-to-the-neighbourhood http://bostonmanor.merchnow.com/products/v2/272227/welcome-to-the-neighbourhood-vinyl-collection http://bostonmanor.merchnow.com/products/v2/272228/vinyl-collection
  6. i think ive figured it out? let me know your thoughts... running essential III into my pro-ject phono box DC.... then from there im going to run RCA to RCA on Mackie CR4 powered speaker. from there, im going to run speaker cable from the powered monitor to the passive monitor and I should be golden? https://www.amazon.com/Mackie-CR4-Pair-Reference-Multimedia/dp/B00KVEIY4O/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1528683479&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=mackie+cr4&psc=1
  7. Hello, I am going to be running a Project Essential III into a Project Phono Box DC. Can anyone please recommend the best speakers on a budget? This will just be for my bedroom, so dont need anything crazy. Also, how do you plug 2 speakers into the output of the phono box? One speaker goes in red and one goes in white? Do I need a converter if the speakers use speaker wire vs digital wiring? Excuse my ignorance...
  8. nobody mentioning dashboard confessional? surprised.
  9. hey friends, looks like absolute merch put up 16 copies of the swamp variant. jump on it if you were still looking. im currently ISO the blue version still. https://absolutemerch.com/collections/mat-kerekes/products/mat-kerekes-luna-the-wild-blue-everything-vinyl-white-swamp-green
  10. tokimedo

    ISO: Citizen Youth Lacquer

    thank you for that. I pm'd both of them on IG. Hopefully one of them still has it.
  11. tokimedo

    ISO: Citizen Youth Lacquer

    Who owns this and wants to take my first born for it? Last thing I need for a full citizen collection.
  12. i guess there isnt a better place than this to ask this, but does anyone here own the lacquer for YOUTH? Its the only thing I need to complete a full citizen collection. Photos for reference.
  13. tokimedo

    The Mondo Records Thread - Show Posts Anyway?

    wow, was hesitating last night but went ahead and bought it. glad i did.
  14. anyone notice it says /150 on the actual jacket but the PO says its /100? lol