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  1. ill just pick up as many as im allowed and help yall here first
  2. i can more than likely help with luna repress if they allow multiple copies but im gonna keep my ruby for my collection. going tomorrow.
  3. im confused. is this mark hoppus's attempt at making a heavens-esque side project? both of these songs are underwhelming.
  4. just cause it says limited doesnt actually mean there arent alot. limited could mean 10,000. or 20,000 or 30,000. unless they list the pressing numbers, we dont know whats actually "limited" or not. the only thing we do know is they arent unlimited, which gives them the ability to paint a picture that there arent a lot of these, when really there are. they could press as many as were ordered and still call it "limited", just cause you only had a week to order. 7 rings is the only one ive actually seen sold out, not just get pulled as a PO.
  5. I’m going but need one for myself. I’d imagine they are only limiting it to 1 per person because there’s only 15 per night.
  6. 7 rings seems to be the only one that’s actually “limited”. Weirdly enough it was also the only one that wasn’t black.
  7. anyone able to make a mockup for me? ill pay you. PM me.
  8. i still have the emails from their mgmt where they refused to give me the rights to press it because "they already had pallets of them pressed" and were going to release thru the band... what a crock of shit.
  9. its annoying that the hype sticker on these says SRC HIFI "audophile" pressing but it still sounds like hot garbage.
  10. never really listened to her before but loved that bury your friend song