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  1. looks like UK indie variant is opaque red. https://www.normanrecords.com/records/180515-purity-ring-womb
  2. third listen through, first was on vinyl. really loving this. stand outs are femia and sinew but the whole record rips.
  3. no shipping notification here either, had no idea it was coming today. did you get an unsigned insert? tbh the signatures are so minimal its hard to notice. its like two lines.
  4. just got my purple copy in, and got the signed print...but the mailer and the jacket are BENT AS FUCK, despite the mailer having a "do not bend" sticker. Havent taken the vinyl out but gonna listen later, hopefully the vinyl itself is OK.
  5. Looks like it’s foil wrapped, numbered, and limited to 750
  6. wonder how many of each colour they are doing. also interesting the tour de france is 2xlp and the same price as all the other 1xlp releases.
  7. had no idea these guys were still a band. love the two songs posted, may end up scooping this.
  8. stay safe. stay vigilant. stay healthy. 

  9. serious bait and switch. id be annoyed if i bought this.
  10. stoked for this record. i ordered the violet when it went up. hope i was fast enough for the signed print
  11. this was very limited, so probably. its a great song.