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  1. are any of the other variants numbered? that may have helped sell this quick. i feel like this one is special enough that your average person that doesnt even spin vinyl, just buys it cause its pretty, would buy this.
  2. theres a sold stock bar on the site, i saw it go all the way from 0 to 8000, i dont think there are any for stores haha i actually love how transparent blood recs is about how many copies of any record they've sold.
  3. so happy i saw this today, i woulda been so mad at myself if i missed out on this. really cool to see a 500 copy pressing of a pretty small band sell out on day 1. but im honestly not surprised, this record fucks.
  4. the worst part about that is they make you check out on each release one by one. cant build a cart or combine shipping, so youre playing $12 shipping every time, even if you buy at the same time across multiple available releases. im not gonna lie i jumped at define the great line cause i dont own that on vinyl at all, but i regret it and wish i didnt. not participating in these any longer.
  5. New pressing up on highlighter yellow https://citizenmi.bandcamp.com/album/youth
  6. They said boxset of ep’s + other stuff outside of boxset which means full length releases.
  7. they were venue provided merch seller. highly probable the band just gave them boxes of vinyl and a price and told them to sell. its not like they could have opened a copy to see the variant they were selling for each box.
  8. would be great if admins removed the account @jhulud
  9. if he was a decent human being, even though he doesnt have to, ross would at least sent an email saying hey guys i bought licensing to your record and will be releasing it as a courtesy. but once again, ross proves to be a shit human and doesnt give a fuck.
  10. well damn, LOVE part 1 sold out on both retailers. Love part 2 sold out on newbury, still avail on BV as it stands.

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