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  1. tokimedo

    [PO] Thrice - Palms (9/14/2018)

    after first listen i was pretty bored by this album. will give it a few more spins though. im also a fan of everything thrice has done previously.
  2. tokimedo

    PO: Every Time I Die “Hot Damn”

    cant wait to see other variants.
  3. tokimedo

    PO: The Dear Hunter - Acts IV + V

    wow, what? how did i miss this?
  4. tokimedo

    Pvris: Acoustic 10" EP

    looks like its gone already. so happy i decided not to collect pvris stuff. this is a nightmare for variant collectors.
  5. importcds cancelled and refunded my order.
  6. hoping for a coloured variant
  7. someone needs to teach this guy how to multi-quote, holy fuck.
  8. tokimedo

    PO: Bayside Acoustic Vol. 2

    all the bundles look blue. i guess black is sold out?
  9. that UK variant is 100% the coolest variant
  10. it says will yip just "re amped guitars" (whatever that means), and some other person named Dave actually mixed it.
  11. tokimedo

    (PO) TTNG - Animals Acoustic

    The new acoustic album also features contributions from Nate Kinsella(Birthmark, American Football, Joan of Arc, etc), Yvette Young(Covet), Mivos Quartet, and The Kraken Quartet." tight
  12. tokimedo

    (PO) TTNG - Animals Acoustic

    ordered two cause i can already tell ill play my first copy into the ground.
  13. i tried ordering from BM when it originally went up, but for some reason the page wouldnt load. still wont load. maybe cause im in europe? no idea.