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  1. I guess the /200 variant is already sold out ?
  2. Two new variants of this on RFC store...I’d assume it’s second pressing but RFC hasn’t updated the pressing info on the store. -blue / mustard swirl /500 RFC exclusive -orange a side / bone b side /1500
  3. Looks like there was a sixth (gold/silver swirl /3000, and now seventh pressing of this record. Seventh pressing is on two variants... amazon has the olive green /1500 right now for $10 shipped. The other variant is clear/pink swirl w splatter /500 that is listed as a newbury comics exclusive, but I can’t find anything about it online.
  4. i saw someone posted on blink-182online they received their vinyl and sound wise it blows the HT version out of the water.
  5. i have numerous copies of the first press, and both variants of the second press. Yes, id rather not own this press than order from SRC. not trying to send a message to SRC, its more helping me sleep at night knowing im not supporting a company that i truly dislike and vocalize frequently and not compromising my morals cause i want something that bad.
  6. not avail on zia any longer. hoping it pops up somewhere else. id rather not own it than buy from src.
  7. damn, just got off work and totally missed it. why only press so little?
  8. interested in this. im in socal as well so it can potentially be IP
  9. im sorry, what? did i miss something and theres an upcoming 3rd press of beggars coming?
  10. i actually prefer the cloudy clear with red, so happy i got in on that one. Although is the jacket only diecut on the blue/red mix?
  11. i feel like a majority of these variants will never get spun. just "stans" hoarding them or putting them up on their wall.
  12. i dont understand why people are so rabid for DGD variants? someone explain it to me.