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  1. 3000 test presses? cool cool cool https://www.ebay.com/itm/PORTISHEAD-LIMITED-HAND-NUMBERED-TEST-PRESSING-Promo-12-vinyl-12-inch-record/383194395003?hash=item59382a717b:g:B7oAAOSw3f5dlBRH
  2. I submitted a ticket the day of the sale as well and only got the automated “we got your message” email, but never an actual response lol.
  3. It was for a buddy and fellow blink fan in Australia, and he already paid me cost... so if a second one comes, im sorry I can’t 😕
  4. just for statistics sake, -i ordered 2 copies of swirl on a first order (one for me and one for an international friend whos a huge fan) -i ordered 1 copy of red and white on a second order (for myself) the first order with the two swirls is partially refunded. the second order with the white and the red is still unfulfilled, no refund. the only person this fucks over in my instance is my buddy in australia.
  5. i bought this, but confirmation went to an email that i no longer have access to. just posting here as a reminder lol.
  6. Are solid white and bone white different variants ? Or same shit?
  7. Vinyl is shipping immediately. Only the merch ships in August, or the vinyl if you ordered with merch.
  8. i said id be surprised... which means i estimated it going quick. but good try.
  9. yeah im in same boat. got one for an international friend and would be shitty if they cancelled both of ours cause of a stipulation that was added after it sold out.