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  1. just saw this. appreciate the offer! I had someone go to the first date before the tour in Milwaukee so im covered haha.
  2. its better/easier to google the thread title and the words "vinyl collective" together. at least thats what i do.
  3. tokimedo

    VC Secret Santa 2018

    in ! cant miss it again this year
  4. tokimedo

    PO: Poppy - Poppy.Computer

    25 ain’t bad for a 2x12. Also, wax motif produced fashion after all and it’s quite the jam
  5. dont get crazy coffee notes, it blends well with the rest of the beer. plus its geisha coffee, which is arguably some of the highest end, most expensive coffee in the world (next to shit coffee)
  6. the beer that horus released with this record is SO GOOD. drank it while listening to the record the other night.
  7. as is alter the ending https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/dashboard-confessional-alter-the-ending-limited-lp?category=vinyl-exclusives&color=060
  8. this will be limited to as many pre orders as they receive within the window they have the pre-order up. at least thats what it seems like since it just let me add 1,000,000,000 copies to my cart.
  9. I am shark back at it again with the star wars shenanigans. 4 different variant/artworks for this one. /1000 per variant, 2 of 4 already up https://iamshark.myshopify.com/
  10. tokimedo

    System of a Down Re/Pressings

    amazon just shipped steal this album
  11. bummed i missed this but wouldnt be surprised if theres 6 more represses by this time next year.
  12. tokimedo

    PO: Emery - Eve

    yeah thats ridiculous. its not even 180g or a 2x12 either.
  13. went ahead and PO'd this cause i love this record.
  14. New tape with an as you please b side to be released on the fall run with the story so far and movements. /250 http://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/629019-citizen-fall-2018-tour-tape 25 copies were listed on RFC and sold out in 4 minutes.