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  1. Just ebay and discogs at this point. Came out on 8/29 and seems to have sold out pretty quickly.
  2. How much?? Held onto Sumday and UTWF, but never got SS for whatever reason 🤷‍♂️
  3. Fuck it. I'm okay to wait if it's for Matt's final approval. That DIH reissue sounds phenomenal and was well worth the wait.
  4. Oh lord...music is great. Those lyrics though 🤢
  5. Looks like GreenHell has some copies as well: https://greenhell.de/Criteria-En-Garde-col-lp_1 Not as cheap as Vinyl Digital, but it is still about 5 bucks cheaper than from the label after shipping.
  6. Got this in today 😍😍 ThirtySomething sure knows how to pack a record, holy crap. Coke bottle has some blue wisps in it, turned out great. Gonna sit down and listen to this, When We Break, and Years before the wife gets home. Great year to be a Criteria fan 🤓
  7. Ooh very nice. Definitely worth saving the few bucks there. Vinyl Digital is totally legit, I have purchased some 'unofficial' hip hop albums from them with no issue, great site 👌👌
  8. Ugh yes. Was not familiar with the issues and bought a used copy a few years ago, thankfully for only $10. Definitely sounds like someone ordered the audio to be "extra crispy".
  9. Man there are some crazy finds in this thread 😮 Best for me was while working at a record store several years ago. I worked with a guy who priced anything he didn't know for wicked cheap so I ended up with an og copy of Knapsack- This Conversation for $6 and a copy of Duster- Stratosphere for $3. Pretty sure he lost that store lots of potential profit, but he was an assistant manager so who was I to argue. Also talked my store manager into selling me an og copy of Ten for $5, as someone at the trade counter paid out $1 for it.
  10. Sure thing! I feel you on this album, sooooo phenomenally good. Feels like I've 'waited a light year' for this one....ok sorry 😅
  11. Definitely subjective. FIoE has some of my all time favorites on there: You Only Live Once, On the Other Side, Ask Me Anything, Fear of Sleep, Electricityscape. Unlistenable is a stretch in my opinion, but thats just that, my opinion 🤷‍♂️
  12. Nonono, Lit was another band. Though maybe Paramore was influenced by them as well??