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  1. That Spacehog album still holds up for me. "To Be a Millionaire" gets me every time
  2. Was checking out Tripping Daisy merch and saw that their site is selling original copies of 'I Am An Elastic Firecracker' for $50. https://trippingdaisy.bigcartel.com/product/i-am-an-elastic-firecracker-vinyl-record Not sure if they are sealed or what the deal is, but it says it is the 'Original Pressing on Island Records'.
  3. Same :/ noticed the new press as I went back to check for updates. Some day!
  4. If anyone missed out, black copies are now available /500: http://wiretaprecords.limitedrun.com/products/615415-audio-karate-space-camp-reissue-12-lphttp://wiretaprecords.limitedrun.com/products/615415-audio-karate-space-camp-reissue-12-lp
  5. kjkenney

    R.E.M. - Document on gold vinyl

    I'm really hoping for any reissue of this tbh. And 'Monster'...for the love of all things, give me a RP of 'Monster'!
  6. kjkenney

    Online Record Selling

    not about records specifically, but I think it depends on the person and the situation. I have been self employed as an irrigation repair/install tech for 5 years and have a few landscape maintenance accounts for guaranteed recurring payments. I make okay money. What helps in a successful business? Multiple enterprises. I also resell(fine call it flipping) toys that I find from Goodwill, Craigslist, friends, etc. Adds to my income nicely when I really try. On top of that, I dabble in investments, which has yet to do much for me but still learning. I am by no means rich, but I LOVE the hustle every day. Sure there are days where I may make only $50, but I put that on me as the person doing the work; I need to work harder I tell myself. As it stands I make comparable doing what I do, working ~25 hours a week, to what I would make at a 40 hr/wk job with a steady paycheck. There are extra headaches like getting your own insurance, quarterly taxes (UGH), finding inventory or customers, handling marketing, etc. I can't see the next time I will go back to working for someone else, but hey that's just my opinion man. TLDR: Some people enjoy the hustle over a paycheck from a company. To each his/her own, but I enjoying compounding my "bad" stress into "good" stress which, in turn, lights a fire under my ass to work harder and pay da bills.
  7. Uuugh missed it! Been waiting for a deal like that on the set. Regular price is too rich for my blood. Some day...
  8. Ordered so fast. Loved this band; both albums are stone cold classics imo.
  9. kjkenney

    WTB: Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American (red)

    Did you find a copy? Pm me if not, would let go of mine.
  10. kjkenney

    Pedro The Lion Pressing INFO

    Ahh gotcha. Some seller trying to make it more appealing probably. "Only 100 wow!!"
  11. kjkenney

    Pedro The Lion Pressing INFO

    Not sure if this is accurate or not, but theres a listing from popsike that claims its from 2002 and is out of 100. Never noticed this variant! https://www.popsike.com/php/m-detaildata.php?itemnr=130141937878
  12. kjkenney

    Record Store Day 2018

    This is awesome! I was all about this album growing up. I still see janitors to this day and think to myself, "mop, mop, mop all day long. mop, mop, mop while I sing this song." Nostalgia indeed!
  13. Amazon deals in an Amazon thread. Checks out to me, dewd
  14. kjkenney

    BRAND NEW - Show poster for sale

    Three posts up from yours, and almost four years ago, the seller posted it sold. Attention to detail is for the birds, amirite?