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  1. I know the stereo set gets a lot of complaints, but as a casual Beatles fan, and far from a purist of their material, I have zero problems with it. I haven't heard the mono mixes, nor does my current setup have the option to properly listen to mono, so I can't compare to that. Sourced from digital or not, they did a great job in my opinion. Great sound, no added compression, very clean, imo. Again, I am not a purist when it comes to them and Beatles fans can be very critical so I get that my opinion may not be the popular one. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Man, Fig Dish too, that would kill me. 'When Shove Goes Back To Push' has a permanent place in my car's CD changer. Yes, my car still has a CD changer 🙄 On another note, drove like a bat out of hell to get home from work to listen to this album. Only a couple songs in and I am blown the eff away.
  3. Wait what???? 🥳🥳 Broadcaster and Cattlemen Don't are two of the most underrated albums ever.
  4. I have a bunch you can buy that are a record image printed on a cd that, due to legal reasons, had to change the name to 'Love Budz'...will that do? Btw, they are numbered.
  5. Oof, thats pretty fucked. To add to it more, the below release on Discogs, for an 'unofficial' copy, matches the matrix he mentions, SP.23 A1. As opposed to the 'sp23 A why don't you trade in those guitars for shovels...': https://www.discogs.com/release/871693?utm_source=mobile&utm_medium=app&utm_campaign=Android App
  6. Finally listened to my copy a couple days ago. Sounds reeeeallly good. Album holds up so hard. Still pining for a copy of "II"!
  7. My local has some red copies still, according to their website. Options in dropdown: https://shop.stinkweeds.com/product/strokes-the-new-abnormal-rca
  8. Killers- Wonderful Wonderful for $8 + $1.99 shipping: https://www.deepdiscount.com/killers-wonderful-wonderful/602557771718
  9. Yeah definitely true. I will never understand the mentality I suppose 🤷‍♂️ some bands are lauded for progression in sound while others are immediately panned.
  10. Local finally came through with a copy for pickup! This album is fantastic. The reviews where the first two albums are referenced are stupid, imo. They havent put out anything like ITI or ROF since..well 2003. The last decade of Strokes is it's own class, for better or worse depending on the listener. I personally loved Angles, and put it on more than most along with FIOE. CM had its moments, but lapsed a little for me. This album sounds so fresh and progressive for them and makes me excited for what could come. If people want to listen to ITI in 2020, go for it, but don't expect a band to put out the same shit when they are in their 40s now.
  11. Fuuuuudge. Bullmoose has Spacehog listed for about $38. This hobby sometimes.....
  12. Itchin for that Spacehog and Bloodflowers. First rsd in a long while that I am excited about
  13. Hi! The Rega tonearms are grounded through the shields of the RCA plug rather than having a dedicated ground wire to attach to the receiver, unfortunately. Has this been a constant issue with the turntable since day one or something that has happened as time has passed? You could try wiggling the cables to see if that reduces it. You could also try taking a piece of wire and wrapping it around the tonearm and touching it to a bare metal spot on the turntable, or the grounding spot on the preamp. Does this make it go away?