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  1. Can't stop listening to this album. Phenomenal work, their best in years. All of these dudes are beyond underpaid. Appleseed Cast never ceases to amaze, and the Graveface release is perfect.
  2. Hey all. Been hunting down OPs of Archers of Loaf. Just need Alias press of 'Icky Mettle' to complete the full lengths. Several on Discogs, but mostly international. Also interested in 'Vs Greatest of All Time' and 'Speed of Cattle' if you want to unload those as well. Thanks!
  3. grabbed the clear orange at retail this past weekend. Sounds great and happy to finally have a copy in the collection!
  4. Parting with my Floor box set. Excellent condition all around save for a small stain on the front of the box, how it was purchased. Does not come with shirt or patch, but has all albums from before Oblation came out and a book. Most played albums are S/T and Dove, all others have been spun only once or twice. Will go up on Discogs in the next week if no one bites. Offering it up for 150ppd in the US. Can provide pics. thanks!
  5. yes! slept on this one initially and have been waiting a long while for this to happen. thanks!
  6. do you have a ballpark on how much you want for it? i want one but sure dont have ebay price money
  7. I would be happy with any of this! I'm always hoping to bulk up my classic rock with some finds. My day will come
  8. I always check the record pile but almost always come up with nothing. Found some Cult 12" singles the other day...priced at 24.99 a piece, no thanks. Then yesterday found a copy of Surfing by The Ventures, but oops no disc in there. Idk why I still look every time. That Fomo is real...
  9. on a srs note...its more than likely grease coming out. White lithium grease is a very common lubricant on small moving parts. you can probably lift the platter and belt off to see better. most machines, if required, have labelled greasing points for routine maintenance. if thats not it...no clue!
  10. that is bonkers people are paying that much for Fantasies on Discogs, considering its still in print and on ilovemetricstore.com. its a mad world I tell ya
  11. lolol wow a masturbation joke hahaha!!! cool guy alert!!!!
  12. ah yeah, saw that review under the other two that describe it as flawless. that must be hard with no digital mixes considering how many albums utilize that! different strokes and such
  13. do they not sound any good? I have yet to hear the new masters, but with how involved the band was and how great many of the reviews are that I have read, it seems to be a pretty stellar set.
  14. man one of these days I will buy that Queen box and justify it by selling my OPs. one of these damn days!!