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  1. Fuuuuudge. Bullmoose has Spacehog listed for about $38. This hobby sometimes.....
  2. Itchin for that Spacehog and Bloodflowers. First rsd in a long while that I am excited about
  3. Hi! The Rega tonearms are grounded through the shields of the RCA plug rather than having a dedicated ground wire to attach to the receiver, unfortunately. Has this been a constant issue with the turntable since day one or something that has happened as time has passed? You could try wiggling the cables to see if that reduces it. You could also try taking a piece of wire and wrapping it around the tonearm and touching it to a bare metal spot on the turntable, or the grounding spot on the preamp. Does this make it go away?
  4. Woohoo my day has come. Nothing monumental, but found a 2002 press of Cash IV for $3.29 at Goodwill today. Cleaned some smudges, has a very slight warp, but sounds great. My vinyl budget has been almost nonexistent lately, but that I could justify.
  5. So to make the turntable Bluetooth enabled you would first need an RCA Bluetooth transmitter. I haven't ever bought one so I have no recommendations, but they are on Amazon and if you read the reviews you should be fine. I have read that pairing them can be goofy since there is no screen, but flashing lights indicate the pairing. Are the speakers you use currently RCA? If so you can find a decent RCA piggyback cord. They look like this: So the end with one prong goes into your Bluetooth transmitter, the piggyback portion you would plug into the output of the amp, and the RCA speaker cords into the back of those. Voila! Now the output will power both the Bluetooth and the speakers. Keep in mind that splitting the power here may result in loss of quality in sound. Again, never done it myself to speak for how it sounds, but the way signals work lends me to think it is a possibility. Good luck!
  6. Is this the No Control reissue? I live near the Phoenix one, says they have one. Would be happy to stop by and check if that's the case. Holla!
  7. Oh lord I thought this was the Ian McKaye Embrace, got excited and thought..."they had more than one album?!?". Don't mind me...as you were!
  8. 'Appeals for Insertion' gives me all the feels. Stephen Pedersen was born to rock, truly.
  9. On this, oh hell yeah. One of the first CDs I ever owned as a youth. They are up to almost 100k funded! Maybe they will use the overages and repress 'II' a boy can dream anyways.
  10. This is a great entry point, you will not be disappointed with their other stuff. En Garde is great, but When We Break is damn near perfect, imo.
  11. Listen to American Girl by Tom Petty and Last Night by The Strokes. Your mind will 'holy cow' in a beefier way. Also, two bands palm muting a section does not make them the same. K, thanks!
  12. So much! This album shreds hard, so glad they are still active.
  13. Hell. Yes. This excites me to no end. New song has an 'Ask Me Anything' vibe to it. Still very much The Strokes. Can't hardly wait!
  14. Damn, I didn't know the viewing party was a thing! That new warehouse is like 3 miles from my house 😕 Glad to hear about a show happening though!