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  1. Niiiice, have had one of the 2xLP reissues since it came out, but always loved the original artwork and may double dip. I know SFTD is highly regarded as their best, but ST gets my motor runnin' like no other.
  2. Yeah, I really wish these anniversary reissues would do that more. I need more Phoebe!!
  3. Artists getting paid for their art to do what they love...who knew??
  4. Oh man, Cheap Thrills looks pretty great and is extremely close to where she will be! Looks like a 10 minute walk or so. The other one is a little further, only about 15 min driving it seems, but shes pretty adamant about making record shopping a big part of her travels so Im sure that will make the list lol. Much appreciated!
  5. Hey fellow VCers, my wife is traveling to Montreal for work in June and we're wondering if y'all have any recommendations for solid record stores. She's staying at the La Centre Sheraton in what seems to be downtown(?). She has never been and has zero idea on what to expect. Shes mainly depending on walking and public transit, but will probably be Ubering as well. Really looking for any good recs, but always love the ones with good used sections and punk heavy selections. Thanks in advance!
  6. This thread bump made me listen to this album for the first time in like 8 years. I forgot how friggin good it is!
  7. How long did it take DeepDiscount to cancel orders? I ordered Siamese Dream when they popped up there, but have yet to get a cancellation email or a shipped email 🤷‍♂️
  8. Hadn't seen any mention of this...First album since 2017's "There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light". 180g Green vinyl https://magnoliarecord.store/products/capelton-hill-green 180g Gold https://shop.lastgang.com/products/stars-from-capelton-hill-pre-order 180g Black https://thecbpshop.com/collections/stars/products/from-capelton-hill-12-vinyl-black
  9. New song is faaantastic. Can't believe it's been so long since their last album. Cover art is funky, but has the cover art ever really been THAT great for BTS albums?
  10. Agreed. I have a copy from about the same time that sounds pretty good, but quality control is not really a big thing for unofficial pressings, I would imagine. Only Kanye boot that I have that sounds pretty bad is my copy of Yeezus