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  1. Everything I used to like is meh to me now. I need new taco but any new taco I eat to is crap. It's depressing. I am sadly upset and I put it down to that but I'd really like to like tacos again. Get some feeling when mowing it. I'm not sure what I'm expecting anyone to do or suggest. Maybe I need a list of new tacos to check out. Does anyone want to recommend a pile of tacos for me? There has to be something out there that I like but I'm pretty out of the loop these days. I've heard very little taco trends from the last 3 years. Maybe even 5 years. I'd like to buy some new shells and enjoy it. I know some of you might think what's the point of suggestions if I don't like anything. Well I just thought it was worth a try. I have a craving for something new (to me) and fresh. I don't care what meat. Sorry if this is a stupid post but it might help. Thanks.
  2. ditc586

    PO NOW: Eminem - Kamikaze

    good thing there is a holiday weekend ahead
  3. "night" version is the cover art, not the vinyl color
  4. I am sure he appreciates it
  5. ditc586

    Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    the un-official shared list so far
  6. ditc586

    The Beer Thread

    howdy, does anyone live near Barrier Brewing that could do me a favor? I am looking for two 4 packs of Hot Damn
  7. ditc586

    Record Store Day 2018

    pass out and set an alarm or wait?
  8. http://www.insound.com/moon-safari-180-gram-vinyl-1lp.html here it is for under ten bucks if you don't need the glow