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  1. I'd like to get this record for the ladyfriend as a combo anniversary/birthday present. My inability to think of a better gift is your gain. Here's the deal. I realize there is a repress of this coming out but I'm in a time crunch. "What's in it for me?" 1. You get one super rare record that would go for a comparable amount to "Dog Problems" on eBay. 2. Because the repress is inevitable, you will be united with a superior version of this record after a few months. 3. You get to make me look like a thoughtful person to someone who has yet to discover the extent of my faults.
  2. Swim was also released as a 7". I've seen clear, black and white pressings. I'm not sure on the numbers. The RSD split was with Holiday Shores, and its awesome.
  3. I would like to put a few YouTube videos in a presentation I am working on. But where it is going to be at doesn't have internet access. So I need to find a good, virus free way to rip and download them. I tried for awhile last night and all Google could come up with were questionable looking sites. The one or two I did try downloaded the audio but no video. Any help/suggestions would be awesome!
  4. This will probably be the last time I am awake before these end. Soooooo one final bump. Bid hard!
  5. Kind of like what a lot of other people are saying, for once my procrastination pays off
  6. Bootleg. The original died back in '86. +1 I laughed pretty hard
  7. I like AM! but this is one of the worst Daytrotter sessions I have heard.
  8. All the doubles are in that Gaslight 7" lot I have listed.
  9. I think that means a $100 bid is in order

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