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  1. I'd like to get this record for the ladyfriend as a combo anniversary/birthday present. My inability to think of a better gift is your gain. Here's the deal. I realize there is a repress of this coming out but I'm in a time crunch. "What's in it for me?" 1. You get one super rare record that would go for a comparable amount to "Dog Problems" on eBay. 2. Because the repress is inevitable, you will be united with a superior version of this record after a few months. 3. You get to make me look like a thoughtful person to someone who has yet to discover the extent of my faults.
  2. Swim was also released as a 7". I've seen clear, black and white pressings. I'm not sure on the numbers. The RSD split was with Holiday Shores, and its awesome.
  3. I would like to put a few YouTube videos in a presentation I am working on. But where it is going to be at doesn't have internet access. So I need to find a good, virus free way to rip and download them. I tried for awhile last night and all Google could come up with were questionable looking sites. The one or two I did try downloaded the audio but no video. Any help/suggestions would be awesome!
  4. This will probably be the last time I am awake before these end. Soooooo one final bump. Bid hard!
  5. Kind of like what a lot of other people are saying, for once my procrastination pays off
  6. Bootleg. The original died back in '86. +1 I laughed pretty hard
  7. I like AM! but this is one of the worst Daytrotter sessions I have heard.
  8. All the doubles are in that Gaslight 7" lot I have listed.
  9. I think that means a $100 bid is in order
  10. So it's time to get rid of my piece of crap turntable and step my game up. To do this I need money. Here's where ebay comes in: http://shop.ebay.com/jgerling2219/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p4340 I plan on adding a few more shirts and maybe a record or two throughout the week so keep checking back! Help me get a Rega P1! A few of the things listed: AJJ - AOTU 7" /250 TGA - 59 Sound (Blue) /1000 TGA - Live at Park Ave. Various band shirts (more to be added)
  11. Any Canadians want to help me out with this one? I got a TPC collection I would like to maintain.
  12. So I'm guessing this is the same pressing up for preorder on the band's website. Right?
  13. Just received a download link from the preorder. Listening now and so far so good. "A Lesson in Crime" and "Elephant Shell" are two of my favorite albums so my expectations are pretty high. Not to that level yet but I think it's a grower. Favorite Food/Color are both awesome songs. Thoughts?
  14. After 27 minutes of solid refreshing I finally got a black. Now to rejoin my family on the beach.
  15. Me too. I'm going to hang around a few minutes and see if any orders get canceled.
  16. Straight A's is such an awesome track. Kind of wish they would have kept the 3 or 4 slower ones off though. Great stuff regardless.

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