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  1. @thischarminghamsorry I didn't get back to you sooner.. have been super busy lately and not really logging into VC. Glad you got it back! congrats =] As for myself, if anyone wants to sell me a Crime, Acoustic, or Disco test press let me know. I've been hunting for these for years 😢
  2. Currently looking for these two variants. DM me if you wanna sell =]
  3. ohhh man, we had some good pics in that thread for sure.
  4. Currently have a red and black copy, looking for other colors (purple, purple marble, yellow, green). Will pay above highest Discogs sell price. I also have an extra original black copy that I'm willing to trade with cash as well. Thanks!
  5. looking for the following: - 1 pink, 1 black - 1 mustard, 1 black - 1 green, 1 grey Thanks!
  6. You're correct. They are left overs found, most likely from: https://www.discogs.com/release/6433186-Alkaline-Trio-Past-Live-Vinyl-Box-Set
  7. Trying to fill some gaps. DM me if you'd like to sell. Depending on condition, I'll pay higher than Discogs. Descendents - ALL LP Grey Marble, 90s press Descendents - ALL LP Blue Marble, 90s press Descendents - ALL LP Clear, 2012 press Descendents - ALL LP Purple/Grey, 2012 press Descendents - Enjoy LP White, 90s press Descendents - Bonus Fat LP Purple/Grey, 2012 press Descendents - Bonus Fat LP Greenish, 2012 press