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  1. anyone know when the next 7iot is getting shipped?
  2. @nico yeah, thanks. ended up contacting him on instagram.
  3. Looks like might be down, and I haven't backed up my list in years ;'(
  4. Wanted to buy: Bad Religion - Atomic Garden 7" Orange Vinyl Bad Religion - S/T 7" Pink Vinyl Bad Religion - S/T 7" Translucent Red Vinyl Bad Religion - S/T 7" Grey Vinyl Jawbreaker - Busy 7" Green Sleeve / Green Vinyl /1000 Jawbreaker - Busy 7" Brown Sleeve "IT HURTS" / Green Vinyl / Tour Edition / 200 Jawbreaker - Busy 7" Blue Sleeve / Green Vinyl / Tour Edition Jawbreaker - Busy 7" Red Sleeve / Red Vinyl / Mail Order Edition / 150
  5. Oh man, I remember selling you my 1st press goddamnit (sealed) years ago (maybe 7-8??). Anyways, do you have all the Traitors stuff?
  6. Lowering price to $35 shipped.. The shipping box is just too big here and want to out of the way =]
  7. @mameeshkamowskwoz and @hallowken78 no problem, this is still available. Also, this is not front-loading, the entire top comes off.
  8. @hallowken78I like it (let me know if you want pics of mine). It's more than enough for the amount of silkscreens / posters I have. Build quality is good, and it fits nicely under my bed (I can stack stuff on top of it). I ended up buying paper liners to go in-between my silkscreens so that they don't bleed onto other stuff (also bought from BU).
  9. Thanks. I'll do $40 shipped. Can send it out tomorrow. lmk
  10. Purchased from BagsUnlimited, and I was sent two. Selling the second one. You can find the item here: http://www.bagsunlimited.com/product/7416/museum-grade-bstandard-posterb-storage-boxbr25-14-x-37-14-x-3-brblue-gray-60-pt-barrier-board-outside-brperma-dur-archival-paper-inside Original price from BU is $50 + $15 shipping. Will sell for $42 shipped. DM me if interested / reply here.
  11. https://www.discogs.com/seller/zionsgate/profile?q=RECORD+STORE+DAY+2019