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  1. ^okay, sent the list. I know this probably isn't the place for it, but I'm also looking for MF Doom Special Herbs records. I've got 7&8, looking for anything else.
  2. i just found it, but its like 5 years out of date... i'll update it and PM it to you.
  3. well... thanks for both that information, and being a bit of a dick while sharing it.
  4. Hey guys... i havent been on here in a few years but i'm hoping y'all can help me out with a couple records that i wish i hadn't sold back in the day. I'm looking for Deja Entendu and The Bronx II. I dont care about pressing, variant or anything like that, just want a copy on the shelf again. Thanks in advance for selling me your records.
  5. going waaaaay back i remember a lot more talk about the lawrence arms too... they werent exactly unheard of though
  6. i kind of forgot about this thread... thanks for the ideas. we're going to rent bikes to cruise around with so i'm hoping that we'll be able to see a bunch of shit. i imagine we'll be a bit busy with concerts, but if anybody from here wants to try to meet up for a beer let me know and i'll definitely try to work it out
  7. I'm heading to Portland at the beginning of September for MFNW and other than the music festival I dont know what else I should be doing there. We're going to eat really well and drink a ton, so aside from Voodoo Donuts and the Rogue Brewery does anybody have any recommendations of places we shouldnt miss? Doesnt matter if the places are expensive or not either. I'm also trying to figure out if it's possible to cruise down to the sand dunes and then get back to the city for around 4PM... What else should I see? I know there are a few people on here from Portland and no idea is a bad one. Thanks!!
  8. 3.5% is awesome! i wish it were like that around here. in canada if you put down less than 20% then you're forced to insure your mortgage which costs you around 10,000 more (but that number depends on the amount you're borrowing) unless you have sparkling credit (or a co-signer with sparkling credit) the lenders wont allow you to take out a mortgage with less than 10% down
  9. I wish house prices in Calgary were even close to what I've been seeing here. The closest i've seen is the Bay Area. To buy a "starter" home here will cost you minimum 300k... I live downtown and am looking to buy a condo/townhouse around the downtown core, 2 bedroom condos are 350K and up, and townhouses are 400-600k... the worst part is that the condition of the place doesnt matter because most buyers here will completely renovate if they dont like it. it makes it almost impossible for a first time buyer to be able to afford a new place. the monthly payment isnt a big deal, its the time it takes to save money for a 15% down payment on the 350 or 400k mortgage value
  10. it started working for Canada, i didnt order one though
  11. i havent been around much so i didnt get a chance to say it, but congrats on opening a physical store! i've got a chance to be in houston for a couple of weeks in january, so if I make it down there I'll definitely stop in and say hi
  12. arcade fire - the suburbs lcd soundsystem - this is happening kanye west - dark fantasy the national - high violet harlem - hippies ty segall - melted caribou - swim
  13. i like this story. on one hand he's exactly right about who is making all the money off these limited releases. if the market is saying a colored record is worth 500 bucks then why isnt the band/label entitled to that amount of money? why does somebody who has nothing to do with the band/label make more money than those who created it... but on the other hand there are ways to eliminate record flipping in the first place, so there shouldnt be any complaining when it happens. forget pre-sales and posting limited edition numbers, just sell the records. you could have a run of 3500 records split 3000 black and 500 colored and just sell them as 3500 records with no option to pick color and no comments section for requests. the rare colored ones will get out to people who will appreciate them and people who buy them solely to resell on ebay won't want to take the chance. maybe its just simpler in my head though.