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  1. how much would you pay for coheed then if you want it for less than retail?
  2. whoops. good catch. Its through saturday night at midnight CST. just for this week. sorry.
  3. super. glad you guys are finding some great deals! this is still going strong!
  4. not sure what crayon i need for that, but ill find it!
  5. use the code blowout when you order to get 20 percent off everything. This includes new and used items. No minimum order! www.vinyljunkiedistro.com/mailorder good through saturday, May 26. My apartment looks like it belongs on Hoarders. lets change that.
  6. S Rattus Gypsy Anchor In The Red Gospel Spazz Fucked Up Saosin HOODIE Onelinedrawing TRACK JACKET Spazz Between The Buried And Me Don Martin Three Maker Casket Lottery Chest Pain M Guitar Wolf The Pallbearers Reversal Of Man Retainers Seymour Duncan Pink Floyd Mental Hot Cross HOODIE Terror HOODIE Deep Wound Foundation Sinaloa Chest Pain L Woozy Helmet Hot Water Music Don Martin Three XL What Happens Next Plutocracy Capitalist Casualties Murder Suicide Pact By The Grace Of God Bloodlet WINDBREAKER XXL Madball Don Martin Three
  7. i have the 3 way split limited sxsw 7" release in vinyljunkiedistro.com/mailorder
  8. i have quite a few of those in vinyljunkiedistro.com/mailorder like owls LP, a couple mono albums, a couple mogwai albums, a couple cursive records, etc.
  9. i have a couple in vinyljunkiedistro.com/mailorder
  10. i have a couple of new Lucero LPs in vinyljunkiedistro.com/mailorder