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  1. ISO these records! If there’s 2 variants of the same album I’ll take either or! Also have trades here: https://www.discogs.com/user/ChrisBigLobesMartone daughters: Hell Songs - tour cover 180g Born Of Osiris - the discovery - lilac purple 2’ O Clock Girlfriend - A Tale of Two Cities: /70 geoburst OR /30 labelburst Rowsdower: The Michael Jordan of Suicide - /50 nebula OR /50 geoburst The Sawtooth Grin: Cuddlemonster - /50 orange opaque center burst Duck Duck Goose: Noise Noise and More Noise - /30 tri melt The Great Redneck Hope: Behold The Thunderfuck - white OR clear For Your Health: Death of Spring - White/ black with purple swatches
  2. Looking to buy both the red and blue variants of Villains - Freudian Slip, hit my line if you have either and are willing to sell!
  3. Also if anyone has Like Phantoms Forever and Vampires Will Never Hurt You cds please let me know!!
  4. ISO My Chem’s 1st album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love on the following colors: Orange Yellow Red Clear These are all the 2009 pressing and not from the repress! Will buy or trade! Thanks!
  5. Looking for the following test pressings and offering rewards that lead to a successful purchase of said tests. Deja Entendu first run limited to 8 test Science Fiction test thank you for the help
  6. Looking to buy or trade for these Title Fight records!!! Please hit my line!!!! Shed - record release cover Hyperview - record release cover Shed - record release cover Kingston - record release cover - winter tour cover - mint green swirl /19 The Last Thing You Forget - sound and fury cover
  7. Will buy (or even trade towards/for) Title Fight record release covers annnnd Basement’s I wish I could stay here record release cover! Hit my line!
  8. Will definitely update if I find anything. I mean, it’s just something special I know she’d love even if it does sound like doodoo. I’d even be willing to go for a test if anything since that probably sounds way better but I’m gonna take what I can get with this.
  9. Oh yeah I saw that and my mind was blown! I’m down to come kinda close to that (definitely not 4 figures but hopefully something both parties will be happy with) thanks for the best wishes!
  10. On the hunt for the gold vinyl of For Emma Forever Ago or the test pressing! Will trade or buy straight up, hit my line it’s a present for my fiancé for her birthday/Christmas and will be in its forever home (haha yes a pun) #boniver #foremmaforeverago #novoamor #folklore #cottagecore
  11. Looking to buy a copy of the Twilight soundtrack as a gatefold vinyl! I’ve seen other pressings of it but I’m tryna get the gatefold variant specifically! Also down to trade for it
  12. Looking to buy the following Academy Fight Song pressings of The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me! black
  13. I’m currently looking for these records and would love to put some cash in your pocket for them! basement - I wish I could stay here: record release cover /25 brand new - the devil and god are raging inside me: purple marble your favorite weapon: alt cover with clear /100 boston manor - welcome to the neighborhood: record release cover /30 citizen - youth: record release cover /50 everybody is going to heaven: brown alt cover with the hot topic variant La Dispute - wildlife: /30 no sleep records sub vacouver: /500 white with red splatter the last lost continent: lathe cut /10 Here, Hear II: white cover /37 Touché Amorè - Is Survived By: alt cover /50 Moose Blood - Moving Home: Brand New rip cover /10 Title Fight - Hyperview: record release cover /150 shed: record release cover /70 floral green: record release cover /150 Kingston: record release /50 Spring Songs: record release /150 The Last Thing You Forget: Sound and Fury edition /50 Planned For Burial - below the house: record release cover /35 Silverstein: This Is How The Wind Shifts: alt cover Tour press /90
  14. I actually found a TDAG test! Still can’t find the alt cover YFW. I hope you end up finding your Taking Back Sunday grail! It sounds rad and like a fun hunt after the deadformat days. Miss that site so much. Thanks for offering your white copy I’m thinking maybe purple is next for me!
  15. Big old shot in the dark but does anyone have a I Wish I Could Stay here /25 record release cover? Paypal ready or will trade, discogs in bio
  16. I’m offering up pretty much anything in my collection for trade or big cash for the devil and god are raging inside me test pressing (preferably the academy fight songs test but am interested in others) and the alt cover of your favorite weapon. If you also have these variants of The Devil and God please hit me up! gold black orange swirl purple marble collection: https://www.discogs.com/user/ChrisBigLobesMartone
  17. @ethereal I do! You can check my discogs which is in my profile
  18. If anyone has a copy of Blankenberge’s Radioglaze on Siberian glass or the numbered pinwheel variant hit my line! Would love to buy both to be honest those variants are gorgeous
  19. Major ISO!! I’m looking for these variants of some Brand New records! Your Favorite Weapon: alt cover clear /100, white /100 The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me: purple marble /500, gold /500, orange/black swirl /1500, Academy Fight Song TEST PRESS or the Triple Crown TEST
  20. Searching for the rest of the variants to finish this collection up! I'll even trade some super cool stuff I have in my collection! Im only missing 4 colors, red and green for Chasing Ghosts and red and white for Youngbloods first pressing! Help ya boy finish his dream https://deadformat.net/collection/Lobefasa I also have a few albums (about 10) that aren't listed on my list such as Isles and Glaciers The Hearts of Lonely People first pressing and some other oddities!

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