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  1. Pretty much, I added $10 for shipping but I’m actually collectively selling for under what the discogs highest value could be. I’m open to offers too if you think it should be lower
  2. Yo! Made a post about this over on reddit but I just remembered I could use this account too. Looking to part with my Jeff Rosenstock records since I really just don’t spin much vinyl anymore, hopefully it can go to a good home. Hoping to sell all of it as a bundle. EDIT: Summer and Worry have been sold. Feel free to make offers about the other stuff! Heres what I have: Jeff Rosenstock: Summer 7” (no 7” adapter) I Look Like Shit (orange, yellow, and brown splatter) Worry (half blue and half white,
  3. If anyone has any Orchid Tapes or Birdtapes stuff they’d be willing to sell at this point, hit me up! Haven’t used this website in a while but I’ll do my best to be responsive or you can email me at [email protected]
  4. Got my refund but I'll never know if the tapes made it or not. Would've preferred delivered tapes and at least some sort of message from him but at least that worked out.
  5. Filed a claim on two orders and got my money back. Moving in a few days and if the tapes don't get here by Friday, I'll never get them. He never responded to my email about a change of address even though there were a solid 2 months to get what I ordered, nice
  6. Honestly I'm about to, sent an email about the state of the tapes yesterday and if I don't get a reply by Sunday I might as well.
  7. Yeah definitely a mix of both posts about this. He's gone through a bad break up, dealing with the anniversary of the death of his brother, and is just dealing with tons of shit if you look at his twitter. But then he'll also be talking about the album he's helping mix/master, with absolutely no mention of Orchid Tapes releases in production or shipping. Currently waiting for 4 things from him, not sure if I'll ever get them because I'll have to change addresses soon and I don't think he'll even respond if I try to reach out about it. It's understandable, but also very unprofessional and prett
  8. I have a copy of Haunt U Forever I may be willing to trade, it'd have to be for something rare though. Message me and maybe we can work something out.
  9. Hadn't asked this yet, but for those who've listened to the new Ricky Eat Acid album, what's your opinion on it? I'm still struggling to decide how I feel about it
  10. Any reason why the tapes being sold on this tour don't have SALT written on them? All the copies I've seen before the tour do, so maybe it's just a distinguishing factor
  11. If anyone wants a cassette rip of the tape, I can post it here. Uploaded one the other day

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