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  1. A shirt, the 7", and a bundle of the 2 are now up.
  2. https://deathwishinc.com/collections/hesitation-wounds/products/hesitation-wounds-chicanery First Press: 300 x Clear / Black / White Tri-Color - Deathwish Exclusive 500 x Clear w/ Black & White Heavy Splatter 500 x Black Inside Clear - Indie Exclusive ∞ - Black
  3. Yeah just got through my first listen and the album is a monster. I love it.
  4. Didn't get a notice but my KRM order of that light blue color shipped today.
  5. Jade Tree retained the rights to Nothing Feels Good and Very Emergency and remastered those in 2015. I don't believe Epitaph is remastering anything they have the rights to.
  6. I used to write a weekly video game round up for ap.net that got increasingly antagonistic against the readers. I had an "editor" but I'm not sure she ever read what I wrote. It was delightfully unhinged and I looked forward to writing it every week.
  7. On Twitter Pay says this is digital only. Money going to charity. They are going to try and do these on semi-regular basis. 3 tracks, a single, a "difficult" track, and a cover.
  8. Working People (Part 1) Listen now: https://selfdefensefamily.bandcamp.com/album/working-people-part-1 Seems a pre-order must be coming soon via RFC.
  9. The new bio says this: "And while it's entirely possible these could be last songs the band ever write, this release will be followed up with a tour in 2019 in order to truly celebrate this long-awaited new chapter for the band -- because this is something definitely worth celebrating."
  10. That's probably logistically impossible but it does appear they filmed the entire Touche set and....when they announced this last week they seemed....confused that it wasn't available to view. As if something is holding up its digital or physical release.
  11. I was trying to reassure @jhulud that I had done the same and while I had shipping it had not moved.
  12. I got shipping confirmation on my copy from DW yesterday but it hasn't moved yet. Soooooooo.....