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  1. RFC: http://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/617143-self-defense-family-have-you-considered-punk-music Deathwish: https://deathwishinc.com/collections/self-defense-family/products/self-defense-family-have-you-considered-punk-music Half Blue/Half Bone (300) Blue (400) Bone (1000) Half Black/Half Bone DW Exclusive (300)
  2. Haven't been able to spin it yet unfortunately.
  3. At an Urban Outfitters that said it didn't have it when I looked online but I figured they had to have it. And they did.
  4. Grabbed the UO variant last night it looks great. Like a translucent gold. Matches the bird thing on the cover really well. And there was also no download card.
  5. uglyorgan

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I believe transparent vinyl "sounds better".
  6. Deathwish Exclusive Red /300
  7. uglyorgan

    PO: Akira OST / Geinoh Yamashirogumi

    Yeah. Bummed over here too.
  8. Single Mothers and Gouge Away
  9. Sorry, I wasn't guessing that is the announcement.
  10. https://bbbrecords.bandcamp.com/album/wounded-masculinity Its.......rough. Not bad, just yeah, challenging is the right word.
  11. uglyorgan

    Out Now: Tigers Jaw- spin

    All the terms and privacy policies on the website point to Warner Bros. Soooooo....Fueled By Ramen?
  12. I'm not sure this is accurate. While ADA which is owned by Warner distros Epitaph I don't think they own the rights to anything they release. That's not how that works. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. So, is it common knowledge that Epitpah now has the copyrights on almost the entire Jade Tree catalog?