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  1. I bought the oxblood in clear from KRM EU and I think I paid $2 more than a US variant.
  2. Yeah, Epitaph. I'd start refreshing this page about this time tomorrow. https://kingsroadmerch.com/touche-amore/
  3. Also grabbed the black. And the single is the same as the song on the flexi.
  4. I got mine and be warned the hole was too small for my turntable and I actually creased it trying to put it on. I took scissors and made the hole bigger, and bent the crease back. Miraculously it plays.
  5. Did anyone get tracking for this? I live in Chicagoland and haven't received mine yet which is both troubling and par for the course with USPS right now.
  6. It was limit 1, not that you couldn't have cheated the system but you could only buy one at a time.
  7. Limited to 500, each flexi includes unique artwork, a sticker, and a button. $5, shipping is free, money is being donated to charity. New album to follow. https://stormchasersltd.bigcartel.com/product/into-it-over-it-storm010-flexi-7
  8. They started an IG and are definitely looking for someone to press Cattlemen Don't, I know that them playing shows is a long shot but seems like if you're gonna start an IG and repress a record they could play at least one show in Chicago.
  9. Combine this with the fact that the band Triple Fast Action appears to be up to something I am HAVING A WEEK.
  10. Mine from this morning says the same. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Just snagged a B&W splatter, appears to still be in stock. Good luck. EDIT: Just noticed, wasn't this listed as clear with black splatter? Maybe this is another 2nd press variant?
  12. Been a Bob Nanna fan for nearly half my life. Had to get that glitter.
  13. A shirt, the 7", and a bundle of the 2 are now up.
  14. https://deathwishinc.com/collections/hesitation-wounds/products/hesitation-wounds-chicanery First Press: 300 x Clear / Black / White Tri-Color - Deathwish Exclusive 500 x Clear w/ Black & White Heavy Splatter 500 x Black Inside Clear - Indie Exclusive ∞ - Black