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  1. I got my copy of this today. Top notch all around*. The pink variant looks fantastic. Liner notes are great the new cover is brilliant. A d-side full of b-sides. Nice work! *I haven't actually listened to it yet, but hoping to spin it tomorrow.
  2. I'm so excited. Now if only they could play a record release show.
  3. Looks like there's going to be an announcement of this album being on vinyl for the first time ever later today. I'll update as info comes in.
  4. Just got the red splatter variant and so far side A sounds like dogshit. It's all like one flat noise. Anything bassy sounds crap.
  5. 6131 Exclusive clear/yellow splatter /500 https://6131records.com/collections/julien-baker/products/julien-baker-little-oblivions-lp-6131-exclusive-clear-yellow-splatter-vinyl
  6. What a bummer if this is the production they would have had on tour with them. Would have been amazing to see live. Also when Nick sat down to do the end of Limelight I imagined a crowd just eating it up. Man, these guys could literally do anything on their next record. I'm actually more excited for what comes next.
  7. The color option was greyed out for me too but was able to snag it on black which is fine because I have the black box set.
  8. So close. 9 people got to listen before they pulled it down.
  9. As someone who does a Patreon that promised quarterly physical items to high tier subscribers and is currently 8 months behind on that this makes me nervous for 'Ol Evan.
  10. Yeah I went to go look at it again and as the light hit it I finally saw a chunk of translucent red.
  11. Got my Red/Blue swirl of Australia today and it is.....black? I mean like black. Not like maybe the colors mixed and you can kind of see blue and red its black. Anyone else?
  12. The white one seemed to go to people the band knew personally. I wonder if they had some excess .

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