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  1. Hey Fellow vinyl collectors, I am looking for either of the two vinyl records signed: Justice - Woman Justice - Cross By anychance anyone out there has either of em being signed? I see Justice - Woman got sold 500 copies being signed in a shop in Paris. Best regards
  2. There is 8 copys TOTAL in the world of "Deadmau5 - Album Title Goes Here" so it DOES exsist, confirmed by Joel him self.
  3. Still seeking I dont mind paying 2-300$
  4. Quite a couple on discogs, just not signed sadly. Would be a great addition on my wall next to my signed Madeon Vinyl:)
  5. I guess its the same eventho I cant see the posting but the uper right corner is damaged :S Thanks tho, I wouldnt mind paying more than 100$ if just the condition was better and preferably sealed if possible.
  6. I cant find this sadly, also is it still sealed (Can you link) EDIT: I found http://www.ebay.com/itm/Porter-Robinson-Worlds-LP-Vinyl-Rare-SIGNED-AUTOGRAPHED-/182312143389?hash=item2a72a68a1d:g:y0oAAOSwqfNXoC8Q But the condition isnt good.. far from mint :S
  7. Hey fellow Vinyl Collectors, I am desprately looking for Mat Zo's Damage Control Vinyl If anyone has this vinyl I am willing to offer a good sum of money! Best regards
  8. You write "White swirl" but it's called purple swirl? Or is there ALSO a white swirl? This is the purple swirl on discogs https://www.discogs.com/Flume-Skin/release/8586529 And this is the Purple Marble: https://www.discogs.com/Flume-Skin/release/8557518 And one of the reasons I want to know the difference is because of the price:) Also is any of em signed:P? Looking for a signed version also Also post some pics:D
  9. Anyone ever figured the difference between Purple Marble and Purple Swirl?