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  1. cobannaboc

    PO: Khruangbin - Live At Lincoln Hall

    Bought instantly! One of my favorite bands around right now
  2. cobannaboc

    PO Now: Tokyo Police Club - TPC

    Snagged the clear. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. cobannaboc

    PO Now: Tokyo Police Club - TPC

    Preorders for the plain black and limited white are up at Bullmoose: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/27808599/tokyo-police-club-tpchttps://www.bullmoose.com/p/27808599/tokyo-police-club-tpc https://www.bullmoose.com/p/27901389/toyko-police-club-tpc-white-viny-limited-edition-white-vinyl-2lp\
  4. Anybody have more information on this Mezzanine super deluxe box set? https://www.fatbeats.com/products/massive-attack-mezzanine-super-deluxe-edition-3xlp?utm_source=Fat+Beats+Newsletter&utm_campaign=1b888d7535-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_09_05_07_04&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_bef6974942-1b888d7535-294583837&mc_cid=1b888d7535&mc_eid=1293b30ee5
  5. That sounds right to me based on google searches.
  6. This will be one spicy meatball when preorders drop on the 14th. Start saving everyone...
  7. cobannaboc

    PO: Against All Logic - 2012-2017

    Other People was selling it for $30. VMP was selling it for $36 in last months store. So generally in that range.
  8. cobannaboc

    PO: Against All Logic - 2012-2017

    I grabbed one off Discogs after snoozing on the preorder. Definitely didn't want to miss out on this release before prices blow up...
  9. Glad I didn't splurge on the VMP green when I saw it in a record store last week. This one will do just fine :-)
  10. Ordered the VIP bundle since it was a pretty good value and wanted to lock in my spot for their show. Ended up grabbing the VMP version as well and will keep whatever variant looks cooler and gift the other to a friend.
  11. A May miracle! Ordered a copy of Herbie Hancock's Flood off Amazon.de when it dropped to 5 euro back in November. Lo and behold my copy finally came in the mail six months later!
  12. Anyone in London and interested in picking up an extra copy for me? Will definitely pay up for it. https://www.instagram.com/matadorrecords/
  13. Anyone hitting up the AM pop-up shop and able to grab one of the gold copies of TBHC for me? Will pay you cost of record + extra (negotiable) for your troubles! Also willing to trade for it!
  14. cobannaboc

    PO (Soon): Damien Rice - O

    Pretty sure 7am PST.