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  1. Nice throwback to the original post! Oddly enough, it turns out I started this thread on my 25th birthday 11 years ago lol. Found my way back here bc someone just offered on my copy of As Cities Burn - Come Now Sleep... which was the catalyst for this thread in the first place! Miss you, VC
  2. Got this for sale for you: Taking Back Sunday - Happiness Is (SEALED - 1st Press - White - Numbered 076/550) $25
  3. Back in action folks. I've got all prices updated and they're smokin'. Buy stuff so I can shift my money over to comics
  4. Yeah this has me wondering. According to srcvinyl (https://www.srcvinyl.com/paramore-after-laughter-lp.html), the black/white variant has 10,000 copies but IS limited. Hmmm... If the Pink isn't limited but only has 4,000, which one will ultimately be more rare?! I know this is kind of a dumb reason to buy a variant, but I enjoy that side of it. I know we all do a little
  5. Oh thanks man. That place is rad. No one good really comes through here anymore though. Weird Al does like once every two years. Last time Death Cab played at Mount Baker Theater was like 6 years ago (they're from here).
  6. I know it may be in the depths of this thread somewhere, but does anyone know the venue the show was at? I live in Bellingham and I'm super curious. This sounds like a really cool item.

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