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  1. Still waiting to receive my damn record from whoever I ordered it from.
  2. Happy Saturday! Another way for you to blow your money - Evil Angel - Unholy Evil Metal with 111 on coke bottle green with black splatter. Primal, thrashy, black metal. https://evilangel.bandcamp.com/
  3. What the fuck does a "forklift" have to do with her live show? Please explain.
  4. It looks like the store has been restocked on all variants. Better hurry. Now they seem to be gone? Just a minute ago they were all available. Even added one to my cart to check. Strange.
  5. Did the merge and ultra clear with splatter. Wanted the neon green, but the 2 limit helped curb my spending. I like that they did that.
  6. Quickly snagged that Lizzo. I was wondering if it would ever come out on vinyl.
  7. I don't know if I missed this or if it went up recently? I usually buy most of the Profound Lore stuff, so maybe I already bought a copy . Only a few /100 left. Nicely brutal. https://profoundlorerecords.merchtable.com/music/consummation-the-great-solar-hunter-2xlp https://profoundlorerecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-great-solar-hunter?fbclid=IwAR2tl5-95yHYBJK-ze3fot8V7KarXMZHUVFdVSnV_Si1EIVsw1iGtsJFp14
  8. Why choose? Just get all of the flavors and have a Tomb Mold feast. Yum!
  9. Woof. Lots to choose from, I guess. I hope I remember to check on this tomorrow.
  10. Of course, any tops list is subjective, but there were a lot of omissions and why are they on here moments. I can completely agree with their #1 pick. PT kicks ass. Kerrang 50 Best American Metal Bands
  11. Must get because I listen to my three copies of the first soundtrack all of the... pretty much never.
  12. Is that the pumpkin one? I have to say that I really dig that mug, though it's not tiki. I won't even go down that even blacker hole about what is and what isn't tiki. You know, obsessive collector type shat.
  13. As a tiki mug artist/producer, the prices people pay for the Three Dots mugs make me laugh. Most of those are produced in China and the early designs were about a third of the price they are charging these days. Instead of paying $75 for a mass produced mug you could buy a much more limited and cool one from a U.S. artist for around the same price. There are also a lot of cheaper, mass produced tiki mugs from people like Munktiki. I tend to like the more limited and less generic mugs by small U.S. production artists, but I am completely biased. It can be an expensive hobby.
  14. Definitely. If my buddy likes a band like Hurricane Party, he is going to get some shit for it. I would expect the same if I showed him my new Carly Rae album, which I haven't bought yet, for some reason.😢