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  1. Bundle MADNESS! No thanks. Guess I'll just wait a bit to see what else pops up.
  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure they'll be okay about you plunking down $50 to get this lp.
  3. I hate people who haven't been into a band since their first album was released and then they get into them and all of a sudden they think they're legit fans. Stupid bandwagoners!!!!
  4. Pick me up 10 copies and a 2 piece combo with beans and rice?
  5. lexicondevil

    Pearl Jam fans

    I'd be happy with green. I'd just call it the A's variant.
  6. lexicondevil

    Heyyy yoooooooooo!

    This shit just makes my head spin. I just read his Instagram post about VC and his conversation with Sampson(himself) is so fucking mental.
  7. lexicondevil

    Pearl Jam fans

    Agreed, but they could have at least done 500 - 1,000 of the variant. This will be one of their most sought after releases. I wonder if Newbury is really strict about the 5 per person? It seems like it probably translates into 5 per order, but people could probably make multiple orders. I just wanna hear the stories of the nutjobs buying more than 5, but we'll probably never hear those stories unless those people score the colored and want to tell how many it took.
  8. lexicondevil

    Pearl Jam fans

    I think you meant Morse code.
  9. lexicondevil

    Pearl Jam fans

    If you care about the music it will be worth it. I bought two and if I do score a colored one it will be difficult not to sell it. PJ fans + /100 = $$$insanity$$$.
  10. lexicondevil

    Pearl Jam fans

    "When should I get in line? " "How can I get on the rail?" "FLIPPERS are buying everything!" "Play this song for someone who is dead or dying."
  11. lexicondevil

    Pearl Jam fans

    A Newbury Comics exclusive - our limited edition 180g black pressing is the only standalone vinyl release of this recording.
  12. lexicondevil

    Pearl Jam fans

    Yeah, I was thinking 5,000. There will be many black copies for sale later at probably discount prices. PJ fanatics will be buying multiple copies like lottery tickets to try and get one of those colored versions. I wouldn't be surprised if it sells out soonish.
  13. lexicondevil

    Pearl Jam fans

    I wonder what this whole pressing is limited to?
  14. That new track is so sick. I guess I need to start thinking now if I really need another flag...