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  1. Ahab - Live Prey is now up. White is almost gone in the American store. https://www.napalmrecordsamerica.com/search/?q=ahab https://ahab.bigcartel.com/?fbclid=IwAR3J5am_RZS33XlmIrycC_19-wbr5JUUHq61_aHeoC1AsP7j1dm2A2vjknI Edit: I guess this has been up for a little bit. Ever since the band's founding in late 2004, AHAB have been exploring the deep dark sea, while becoming the true masters of solemn melancholy. Not only did the four-piece create their very own subgenre, Nautic Funeral Doom, but never has pessimism sounded so beautiful. AHAB's impressive live show at Death Row Fest 2017 in Jena, Germany was recorded by the festival's in-house sound engineer, who handed the band their footage on a USB-stick after their intense and memorable gig. Now, and as a special highlight in the band's history mastered by Role Wiegener at Tonmeisterei, AHAB have chosen a finest selection of live tracks, originally released on their pathbreaking, 2006 album, The Call of the Wretched Sea! Live Prey, the first live release by the nautical doom heavyweights, is gracefully nestled in between slow-motion grooves, big riffs, and haunting melodies accented by the angelic but guttural vocals of Daniel Droste, in an apocalyptic live sound as you would experience it only from the front row at an AHAB show. Featuring five blackened doom anthems such as “Below the Sun”, the majestic beast “Old Thunder”, or the almost 17-minute long magnum opus “The Hunt”, Live Prey is the ultimate live record by the undisputed sailors of slow heaviness! An indispensable must-have album that belongs in every well-sorted Doom, Black Metal, and especially AHAB record collection.
  2. Enjoying this quite a bit. I think I may just buy the digital and wait to see if any other pressings pop up.
  3. Different, but good stuff. Snagged a copy. When did Bandcamp start doing these Kickstarter-like campaigns?
  4. Looks like Steve Von Till has a new album coming out. Don't know the pressing numbers on the colors. https://neurotrecordings.merchtable.com/artists/steve-von-till
  5. Thanks for that. I tried looking there and couldn't find it. Then I clicked on the album. Ahhh. Done. Fucking expensive records!
  6. Went with the signed one. I hope they actually do sign the album cover and not one of those lame art cards. Still trying to get a clear, but only getting a bad gateway.
  7. On the other end, there is this shitty band. Funny, how when people stand up for human rights, you get these fuckheads who are so much smarter than the rest of us and tell us we're being "sheep" for striving to evolve. These dicks would have said the same thing about the civil rights movement in the 60's. https://www.brooklynvegan.com/system-of-a-downs-drummer-says-movement-to-defund-police-is-the-stupidest-thing-that-ive-heard/?fbclid=IwAR1MlNTOARgig1L4NDqByyGHZj3GClvmE9DOR7Y_A5PqLjH1BvihFHiuY5E
  8. Those are all completely different. Seems legit.
  9. I did order a record from maybe Yugoslavia many years ago and it was wrapped in a couple of sheets of newspaper. I really don't know how the fuck the record arrived undamaged.
  10. I am in a similar situation with Amoeba. It was technically a record mailer, but one on par with those flimsy cardboard mailers I'd usually expect from Europe. Might as well have been wrapped in newspaper. I'm just asking for a refund. They also want me to send the warped dish of a record back, so they can toss it in the trash? I haven't had problems with my UO orders, yet.
  11. Been waiting for this to be released - Skeleton, on 20Buck. https://www.20buckspin.com/collections/skeleton/products/skeleton-skeleton-lp
  12. Also, an orange and a green one. Both limited to 100. Had to snag that orange. https://testimonyrecords.bigcartel.com/
  13. Saw these guys at the Hollywood Palladium. I think they had started early, and I remember just strolling up to the front of the stage and standing right in front of Bowie. It was surreal.
  14. Necrot band version up on Bandcamp. Also, SUNN O))) Flight of the Behemoth.
  15. I'd expect nothing less from Full of Hell: Today we are teaming up with our longtime engineer and friend @developing_nations to raffle off some FOH test presses and rare records. We are raffling off several Full of Hell records that are out of print and rare. 100% of proceeds will be donated to @nationalbailout and Northside Funders and the auction will end on Friday June 5 at 11AM EST. There will be 7 winners chosen randomly, each receiving one of the 7 pieces pictured above. RULES -$10 per entry -No limit on entries -Please include an email address and full name in note section -Records will be drawn at random. There will be seven winners, 1 record per winner. PAYMENT INFO Paypal - [email protected] (please send friends & family so we avoid fees) Pictured are the following: Roots of Earth LP test press, both first pressing colors (Orange /300, white /200), Merbow collab 1st press colors,Roots of Earth CD (long OOP),Sister Fawn LP (OOP)