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  1. If I listen to this song and wipe away any preconceived notions I have about this band it still just sounds very one dimensional and boring. I don't blame George for going clean on his singing voice. As a singer I can understand how singing like he did is just not sustainable. I'm fine with his new style. Not fine with lack of dynamics in the music/songwriting. Maybe it will grow on me within the context of the whole album.
  2. Most of us were too busy just trying to get a copy during this surprise drop. Sorry we couldn't make a thread for you.
  3. The just put more up of the yellow on their bandcamp if you didn't get one or you want to foolishly buy multiple variants.😄 https://fullofhell.bandcamp.com/album/garden-of-burning-apparitions
  4. This has been happening on their site for a while with these high demand releases. Relapse needs to get their shit together.
  5. I definitely have rarer stuff from the past ten years or so. Been greatly slimming down my collection and just putting stuff I don't listen to in record boxes for sale. Don't have a list yet. Message me with any wants. I ain't giving them away but would want to make us both feel like we got a deal.
  6. The new green and black? Just looked at emails and it's supposed to ship in July.
  7. Still have not received my copy of Boggy Depot. Anyone get theirs from his store?
  8. If anyone has a signed one available hit me up. I have records for trade or Paypal.
  9. The first part of the song reminds me of the theme music for Firefly. It's different, but I'm enjoying it.
  10. I have one. I'd rather do a trade of some sort. Mostly interested in female artists right now. Any rare pressings of Eilish, Swift, Bridgers, Del Rey, or related artists hit me up in a message.
  11. I don't know how this is different from all the other "gold" versions, but it is saying it's a tiktok exclusive. https://store.billieeilish.com/products/happier-than-ever-exclusive-golden-yellow-vinyl?fbclid=IwAR2MajzyiwjkqIJCESA-IDrXwBp35n9sILKepiYLeVD1RzlEIbHIPf8-STA
  12. This is a really enjoyable listen, though the only skip song is the one with the vocoder or auto-tune. It just sounds so damn out of place and I fucking hate that sound on anything.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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