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  1. Okay, so not as dark and meditative as I'd hoped. Still is probably going to be leaps and bounds over his last two records.
  2. Glad someone else posted this, I didn't feel like it. That cover is just gorgeous. I really hope the sound is more Nebraska and Devils and Dust. Very excited for this!
  3. I wonder if it was supposed to look like the Bad album?
  4. So, looks like the one I ordered is the indie red, BUT I did say that I really wanted to score a Texas version and will try to take credit for them actually putting them online. They are usually sold only in store. 😃 Here ya go! https://waterloorecords.com/Item/9011964649/Black-Pumas_Black-Pumas-Texas-Edition
  5. Just a reminder that I will buy the subscriber Vale record from anyone if it doesn't float. They are a local band and I try to root for the locals.
  6. I knew patience would pay off. An /100 version and no bundle. I do like that Dais is good about repressing stuff.
  7. I like it for what it is. I mean, no one was expecting some old school blaaaack metal, were they?
  8. Yeah, the only thing that sucks about discogs is if there is no sale price history it assigns no value.
  9. I did write them after I placed the order. We will see...
  10. I'm hoping this is the red with splatter. I took a chance and ordered.
  11. No, that one is plain red. This one is only available in Texas (Waterloo, End of an Era, and Breakaway)or from people in Texas who put it on ebay.😫
  12. I saw they had a pic of a red one on FB, but didn't know they actually were pressing one. I already bought two different versions of the same record, so I may have to hold off, so I don't feel even stupidererer.