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  1. I went this way, too. I figure if I get it, I get it. If not, I just was not meant to spend this much money on this record.
  2. lexicondevil

    Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

    Damn, that is one crazy-ass story. He's lucky he is white or his ass would have been shot for real. It's just insane to think how a white guy coming at you with a knife equals tazer, when a black guy on the ground with something that may or may not be a weapon equals shot dead with a gun. Anyway, and also he had two flamethrowers? Wow.
  3. lexicondevil

    Best Albums of 2018?

    Off the top of my head these are my tops, though not in order. If I gave it more thought, some may change, but Mol and Zeal & Ardor are solid. Mol - Jord Zeal & Ardor - Stranger Fruit High on Fire - Electric Messiah Fantastic Negrito - Please Don't Be Dead YOB - Our Raw Heart Immortal - Northern Chaos Gods Sleep - The Sciences Tomb Mold - Manor of Infinite Forms Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio - Close But No Cigar Sixes - Methistopheles
  4. lexicondevil

    Jazz Music & Records Thread

    Don't know if there are any Nathan Davis fans here, but I had to jump on this one. Sounds like it's been well made and though I haven't heard it, it's got great songs in the set. The guy who runs the label is selling them on his site and Discogs. I think it's a few bucks cheaper on Discogs, but still steep with shipping to the U.S. Even so, I don't think you will ever find this cheaper in the future, unless you get lucky. This will only be released on vinyl, no digital or CD. Nathan Davis With Georges Arvanitas Trio ‎– Live In Paris - The ORTF Recordings 1966/67 Unissued live session discovered in the National French Radio archive. Hand Numbered Strictly Edition, Limited to 1,500 copies! 3LP-set, 180g vinyl pressed by Pallas. Housed in a tri-fold cover with full size photos by Jean-Pierre Leloir. Title and informations on removable orange strip. Double pages with notes and essay by Jean Szlamowicz. Each record has been visually checked to prevent defects.
  5. Okay... so this was about King Dude? I guess I don't want to see him live.
  6. Sometimes I really enjoy King Diamond's voice and sometimes not. Metal world problems.
  7. lexicondevil

    PO: Joshua Homme - Silent Night 7"

    Can't argue with that!
  8. lexicondevil

    PO: Joshua Homme - Silent Night 7"

    Yeah, I really can't seem to get past that fact either. Every time I think about listening to QOTSA I just picture him kicking that girl's camera into her face and I can't get past it. He just seems like a dick, whether he was drunk or not.
  9. lexicondevil

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    I'm not sure how I've never heard of this lady. Don't know if there is vinyl yet, just posting immediately...
  10. It seems to be getting to be perpetual summer here, too. Seasons might be refreshing.
  11. lexicondevil

    PO: Charles Bradley - Black Velvet

    Yep. Got both last week.
  12. I really want to know if the rain/drizzle starts to wear on you, especially transplants. My wife and I are always looking for the next place to land. Been to Portland when it's been blazing hot and when it's been rainy and cold and was fine with both. I don't mind rain and some gloom, but I just wonder how much it would affect my mood, coming from sunny California. The lack of much of a winter is starting to get annoying here, though I've always lived in CA, so don't know if I'd like living in Portland. I know the houses are expensive there, but nothing compared to the Bay Area. Also looking at Sacramento. We just want a bigger house with preferably a bit more land around our house than a normal city/suburb house. We'd be able to get that in Portland.
  13. lexicondevil

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    I think it's still way worth it at $20 prime. Check out this one from her first.
  14. lexicondevil

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    Damn. Thank you for this. There are still good things about VC. This Shirley Davis record on the same label is a steal. Shirley Davis Edit: This was nine bucks yesterday. Edit Edit: I think I have now purchased every lp on this label. Went a little nuts.
  15. lexicondevil

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    There's a new Durand Jones lp up for preorder for email subscribers. While I did enjoy the first lp, I'm really hoping to hear them take it to a higher level vocally and musically.