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  1. This looks and sounds identical to the one at Target that is cheaper. https://www.target.com/p/taylor-swift-evermore-green-2-lp-explicit-lyrics-vinyl/-/A-82670067#lnk=sametab
  2. I hope these dust versions look like the mockups and don't sound like the name.
  3. Don't know if any of you stumbled across this Josh Johnson album. My friend hipped me to it. Nice and airy with some electronics.
  4. I guess I messed up then because it was there waiting for me, but the prices on her albums always make me pass.
  5. Today must be "buy a record that you already own the original of" day. First X and now this. Nostalgia is a bitch.
  6. I thought I ordered this but can't find a confirmation email. That is cool that they are releasing Suburban Lawns. Another unique band. I have an original copy and was blown away when I saw how much they were going for.
  7. This is one randomly strange collection of records, but I did have to snag that Flying Burrito Bros. Don't sleep on that Barbara Mandrell or pay ebay prices later...
  8. Their new singer is from the Vulturas. https://www.hostagerecords.com/product-page/the-vulturas-s-t-lp
  9. Their vaults have been great. This last one seems like it's taking longer, but I know there is a big backlog. I've just been really happy with The National fan club. They're great with communication and their yearly vinyl package is nicely done.
  10. I guess I was unclear, since you listed Pearl Jam as the first one. What's it been like 4 years that subscribers had to wait for their singles and very little communication? Thirdman does do a good job with keeping things on schedule and providing a quality product, but I'm talking about a band specific vinyl fan club, not a label with various artists.
  11. So many variants, but nothing as interesting as the Relapse versions. I had the Decibel one in my cart and then came to my senses. Unless something interesting like a variant cover comes along I'm just going to stick with my one /238 copy. As far as I've been able to tell with recent variants of other records, Revolver=Brooklyn Vegan. They always have the same variant.
  12. Feel like a dodged a bullet by passing on this one. Does anyone do a legit vinyl fan club besides the National?

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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