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  1. Really looking forward to hearing "Rum For Your Life". Hope that wasn't a typo.
  2. Interesting variety here. https://shop.6131records.com/collections/sale
  3. Nah, the Danzig bundle would come with a set of free weights, steroids, and a lawn mower. This sounds like one of our usual text threads. "Take it to texts!".
  4. I thought it came with a onesie? That's what made me say "FUCK OFF" and I completely lost interest in the band. The Exhumed one is kinda cool, but not something I would purchase. I do like that vid store employee shirt.
  5. Those were up during the Gatecreeper fiasco. Maybe people aren't willing to blow that cash on these bundles. Also, surprised they still have the deluxe Death live still available. I don't regret snagging that one when it went up.
  6. This drop was a surprise. Also spending way too much time and money trying to get it.
  7. Yeah, I know I will probably get a purple grey copy.
  8. Looks like I will finally own a copy of Rust. Those "Hendrix" colors are too cool. https://www.ridingeasyrecs.com/product/monolordrust666/?fbclid=IwAR3H8agTd5qGmZGb8J3SFme7uVOOsn50WaZGjfVuuVQAnCtjg3_Uua7FxRI
  9. Band tour version now available. https://merchnow.com/products/v2/297124/no-comfort-smoke-w-orange-and-white-splatter
  10. The single lp will probably be for all future pressings, though I'm just speculating. Cheaper to do a single.
  11. Single disc pressing now available. Bunch of colors including /200 Red Splatter. https://www.daisrecords.com/collections/frontpage/products/drab-majesty-modern-mirror
  12. It's too early for some "claustrophobic oppression and pestilence". Will try to listen again later.
  13. He was responsive initially, but then didn't respond. Filed a PayPal claim and got my money back. Would have loved to get one. Considering how many records I get every week, I have to say I've been pretty lucky avoiding big problems.
  14. Did any crazy person, like me, order this and actually receive it? I had to file a PayPal claim.