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  1. If you haven't bought the new record by The War and Treaty yet, what is your problem? So much talent and honesty. Different variants out there and a signed one from Grimey's, though it's not letting me put my state in at checkout. You really need to watch this short performance. https://stores.portmerch.com/thewarandtreaty/
  2. So, what's underneath? Nothing? Mine is staying since the cover is signed and will remain with shrink.
  3. New pressing of Wretched Illusions by Creeping Death. Way under-hyped band. https://eoneheavy.com/collections/creeping-death?fbclid=IwAR0VFjX5AnzzT_L09GCxMwYEJShCv9QFJjsvMaIQe1xz1q0pCEptrN1w3ww
  4. Someone needs to jack up their cover and peel that band-aid off.
  5. Was bummed that I liked it, was happy that shipping was $20. Easy decision at that point.
  6. I didn't hesitate at all. Screened slipcase and the white vinyl makes it completely different from all of the other pressings.
  7. I really like the concept of that video. Simple and yet cool.
  8. Strange that they didn't do something different with this version. They probably would have sold a lot more to idiots like me who would buy another variant. But we are talking about 10C and with their limited communication there might actually be something different when people receive it. I wish 10C was run like Cherry Tree. That has been the best club I've ever paid for.
  9. Signed turquoise appears to be sold out, but you can currently the get the other signed variant.
  10. This is bizarre. I don't understand why it's only this record store and no word from the Springsteen camp. I'm going to wait and see what happens.
  11. Nice find. I would like this a lot better if it was an instrumental.