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  1. Fool me twice... I don't think I've ever received anything that I cared about.
  2. Live limited to 750. https://www.hellomerch.com/products/security-by-shadow-black-vinyl?fbclid=IwAR1HKGcOE7ovDByoTovfibCs4FWsPP_uWpzsPPO4dkdLRm31NyARzzlo2C4
  3. Cool doc about the Cuckoo's Nest in Orange County. Lots of early Socal punk rock bands came out of there. Wish I could have gone there, but it was a few years before my time.
  4. Maybe. I ordered the Cardigan singles after I ordered the album variants and they were not included in my shipment that should be here tomorrow.
  5. Got my Spy seven inches from TLAL today. Was lucky to score #2 of the yellow. Great 45.
  6. My box is on the move and should arrive Thursday.
  7. A guy on 10C said at one of his Targets he asked the worker if they would be restocking it and he said no. Just one guy's account from an underpaid worker, so who knows?
  8. Got that purple Ten this morning. It's in a special holiday display. They didn't have the Folklore red, for whatever reason. I also got some toilet paper, since people are evidently hoarding again. Fucking humans.
  9. Yellow looks cool with the cover, but the blue is a nicer complementary color.
  10. Looks like Punisher was shipped from RT. I guess they are shipping Copycat Killer separately.
  11. Decibel released their top 40 albums of the year. Seems a little premature, but it is 2020 and we could conceivably all be dead in a month. I only listened to/own four of these releases. A few of the bands I'm a fan, but just lost interest and never bought. 40. Dark Fortress, Spectres from the Old World, Century Media 39. Fawn Limbs, Sleeper Vessels, Roman Numeral 38. Exgenesis, Solve et Coagula, Rain Without End 37. Megaton Sword, Blood Hails Steel – Steel Hails Fire, Dying Victims 36. Oranssi Pazazu, Mestarin Kynsi, Nuclear Blast 35. Svalbard, When I Die
  12. The thing about 10C is that they know exactly what they're doing with their wording and not just for this release. Sometimes it's funny seeing people freaking out, but more and more they just seem like dicks. Their newly adopted use of "variant" to determine CD or Vinyl was intentional fuckery. I ended up buying another Unplugged, because I thought it "might" be an actual variant color.

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