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  1. Flood... https://www.bullmoose.com/p/32511176/pearl-jam-mtv-unplugged-180g-vinyl-includes-download-insert-rsd-bf-exclusive Sorry, looks to be gone for now. I thought I read that many shipments for RSD were still on the way, so remain steadfast, people. You will easily be able to get this for a reasonable price.
  2. There were 13,000 pressed and yet they seem scarce. They will flood out in the next couple weeks and people who paid the flippers will feel dumb.
  3. All That Is Heavy is having a 40% off sale right now with free shipping. I was able to snag the new lp from my friends' band, Disastroid, for a reasonable price. San Francisco veterans Disastroid have been serving up sludgy, grunge-infused stoner rock for the better part of a decade now, refining a sound that weaves heavy riffs together with angular guitar lines, odd time signatures, and hazy walls of fuzz. As influenced by 90's noise rock as they are by modern psych, doom, and post-metal, Disastroid delivers thick, satisfying stoner rock stomp while also embracing layers of tripped-out noise and unpredictable song structures. Their latest, “Mortal Fools” is their heaviest and most expansive-sounding album to date. Produced by Tim Green (Nation of Ulysses, The Fucking Champs), it’s sonically focused on what Disastroid does best, laying singer/guitarist Enver Koneya’s deep vocals and fuzzed-out riffs on top of a relentless, pummeling rhythm section. At the same time, it’s loose enough that it takes some unpredictable twists and turns, conveying the band's rough edges, sense of humor, and noisy, experimental streak.
  4. Agree. The numbers just aren't adding up. Probably some fake ass hype and they will be everywhere soon. If you pay the flippers you will feel dumb later.
  5. There is no one that is really getting me excited, but Yang and Gabbard are towards the bottom on my list. Williamson firmly holds the bottom rung. Mostly, I'm just going to break out my pom poms when we finally have our candidate. I'm just refraining from tearing apart any of our potential candidates. Anyone, but that piece of shit who occupies the White House.
  6. Nah, good guess. I need to talk with my relatives on the islands. I'm sure someone does know him.😋
  7. Man, I hope I can work my connection and get some backstage passes if they play in my town. My buddy, who is not even a real PJ fan, knows a band member. It kills me that he hangs with him and gets stuff and also that I can't really share some of the info I get from him. I can say that the new album sounds like it's going to be a bit of a departure from previous work.
  8. "Update your memberships now". That's the latest teaser on 10C. Must be a tour. Hopefully not at another goddamn stadium on the other side of the country.
  9. I have a shirt somewhere in light blue with orange print. I think it might be a medium, possibly large.
  10. Looks like I'm saving the $50+. Every time I checkout it says I have too many in my cart - 1.
  11. Some of you may be interested in this new band featuring members of Bonecrusher. They have a classic 80's punk rock sound, Oi mixed with Southern California Punk. Hostage Records currently has the "Black Cherry Smash" edition for a refreshing price of $15.98. I forgot what's it's limited to, but all their pressings are very limited. You might also want to check out the Vulturas and the Berzerkers recent releases for more Socal punk rock sounds. https://www.hostagerecords.com/shop
  12. I hope that means I can hold off and it will stick around. That's a hefty price tag and I shouldn't be spending money at this moment.
  13. Counterparts is gone. Would be nice if people said what they got and thanked the person. Thanks anyways!