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  1. Watched The Forest and was sufficiently creeped out.
  2. Listened to the record all the way through and don't really know what I think of it. Need more listens, but my initial reaction is that I don't like the production at all. It's a wall. There isn't a whole lot of nuance or dynamics on most of the songs. The standout for me is still DoTC. I guess I was hoping there would be more songs in that direction and there really isn't. In fact, it sounds like it should be on a different album. This will have to be a grower for me. I gotta admit that I'm a little disappointed, but maybe after more spins it will click.
  3. Matt Yates (Essential + UMG) Mar 26, 14:48 PDT Hey there! I'm sorry for any confusion, but I don't see that we'll be offering a color release of that guy (at least, I'm not seeing an ETA through our US store)! Apologies for any confusion! -Matt, SOV Customer Care
  4. Got the splatter copy in today. Really digging this. Sounds like a livelier Evoken, to me. If any of you haven't listened yet, you should give it a shot. They still actually have the splatter /100 copies available. You can't buy everything, but I'm glad I gave this one a shot.
  5. Some of you might be interested in wasting your money on some of this.😉 https://holymountainprinting.com/collections/toy-vault?fbclid=IwAR35kzDHg8pB0gRohbaMBfy2etb4fhZ1MBBQil_RDybzd5sw47NiGnbFBu0
  6. Still not able to complete checkout. Guess I'll wait until later today.
  7. Happening now. Kick down a few bucks to help a musician we dig.
  8. Dude from Gates just posted this to FB. Many musicians are service industry workers when not playing. It's going to be tough for them. Hello everyone. I will be livestreaming a stripped down set of Gates songs on Youtube and Instagram tomorrow evening at 8PM EST. Due to losing all three of my jobs this week, and with the go ahead from my bandmates I'll be accepting donations to my personal Venmo and Paypal during the set. If you can't afford to donate, please tune in anyway and enjoy the show. My number one aim is to give you something to do for a night during all this. I'm forever grateful to have your words of encouragement and enthusiastic support, and I'm excited to play for you all. ❤️ Kevin Here is the link for the Youtube stream, which will have higher quality audio: https://youtu.be/WfeptWI1BFo
  9. Oh, hell no. When I got rid of those toys it was a huge burden lifted off myself. I did buy another 8 cubby Kallax for records, though.🤪
  10. Can't believe I actually found something today. I have most of these songs on other albums, but can't leave a Blue Note double record for only $1.49.
  11. I dunno. I remember reading that on day one. I'm wondering how many songs on each. Seems like you could fit two on each side at 33 1/3. That would make each EP $10. Not outrageous, but I'm still mulling it over, as well.
  12. "All four records are 33 ⅓ rpm (small hole) 7” vinyl"