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  1. I don’t recall the wax color. It was all purchased together from dine alone. It’s not the copy that came in the alexisonfire box set. Hope this helps.
  2. I’m selling never played and never opened copies of Alexisonfire “live at Copps” - SOLD moneen “are we really happy with who we are right now” alexisonfire / moneen - switcheroo series - SOLD make me an offer if you’re at all interested xoxo
  3. Eat Like You Give A Damn cookbook is just tops. everyone should check it out!!!
  4. for the next 6 days I live in southern VA. Near the beach. but I'm in the process of moving to the west coast.
  5. i had never heard of driftwood before. looks super cool. http://www.herbivoreclothing.com/categories/Books-%26-Other-Printed-Matter/ there is a clothing line based in portland with some amazing cook books. I got the "Eat Like You Give A Damn" and "The Homemade Vegan Pantry" for her and my vegan meals went to the max!!! I would def recommend for anyone who loves too cook.
  6. deep groove in richmond is the shit!!! tell them the chair guy sent ya. (but you gotta be real cool about it)
  7. I lived in London for a few years. Here are some of my favorite things to do. -DRINK anywhere and everywhere. My favorite spot is on halloway rd. punk rocker bar called BIG RED. all the bartenders look like pin up girls and all the customers are covered in tattoos. drinks are cheap and room temp. enjoy! The Crow Bar in Soho is also good, but very tiny. -LIVE MUSIC in some amazing clubs around the city. Old Blue Last, The Barfly, Round House, Academy, etc etc etc. Maybe check out the website TIME OUT to see whats popping in the night life. But don't be surprised if all this shit going down in Paris has put a damper on the nightlife. -CULTURE is cool too. Check out the many free museums and art galleries. Some of my favorites are The Imperial War Museum, The Tate (modern or brit), and if its still there The Saachi Gallery is one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my life. But I heard its now on display in Britton Beach. (all the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in the world were in London museums.) other than that its basic tourist stuff. Take pics and get tattoos and buy shit. have fun!
  8. ill let you know how mine turns out. also heard that vegan mac n cheese was added to the menu. SUPER STOKED!
  9. http://www.openingceremony.us/entry.asp?pid=8914 vegan turducken made by my wifey