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  1. Arod is saying that he wont retire, and his injury isnt even all that serious. They have been saying for the past week that he would be back by the all star break, and only a small chance it could keep him out of the season. I sure hope Braun is listed, and Im guessing that Ortiz will be on it. His career was going downhill for a year or so then he came back.
  2. Not wrestling related, but mentioned in the video of the man being shot. One of the suspects was arrested for robbery AND possession of stolen goods? Isnt that a little like getting arrested for grand theft auto and riding in a car that doesnt belong to you? They are the same damn thing.
  3. "Insiders" are saying that there is no out for PEDs in his contract but that the Yankees are looking at every thing in his contract such as him contacting a doctor that is not sanctioned by the team and didnt get their ok, and that he broke the law purchasing controlled substances. Basically they are looking for ANY possible way out if it that the Union cant shut down.
  4. None of them were really caught while playing or when it became banned. Yeah they were heavily rumored, but the sport didnt care at that time. Now they are trying to clean up the mess that Selig let happen and if he wanted to show that he meant it, banning Arod would prove his point. I dont think he would do it in a minute, but then again Selig sucks. i wish Goodall was the comish, he would ban the fuck out of him.
  5. I dont understand why they resigned him for more money when he opted out. He wouldnt have gotten near that from any other team.
  6. I used to be a huge Arod fan and was so thrilled when he sent a card back to me with his autographed. Sad to see the fall he has taken the past 4 years or so, but man, if anyone deserves it, it is him. What a fucking douchebag he has become. I hope Selig throws him out and bans him A la Pete Rose. That will humiliate him and set a great example.
  7. I cant believe I am saying this, but anyone else annoyed with The Shield attacking Cena last night? They are all about injustices and for ONCE Cena got his title shot in a legitimate way by entering the Rumble (at 19 so they cant even say he got a good number late) and was able to win. Where is the injustice in that?
  8. aww shit, its also Raw Roulette too? Can this show sound any shittier? Anyone think that Vince will be behind the Shield and that was his way to screw Punk?
  9. Wow the Undertaker has really changed his look in the past year amirite guys?
  10. Anyone else hoping that the Shield of Big E have matches? Christ, at TLC the match of the night was the Shield 6 man tag and they dont give them a match after that? How many times can you powerbomb someone before you know, they want to kick your ass in the legal match?
  11. My large shirt of punks wrists taped with the X's fits weird as hell. It is fine in the chest, small in the stomach and super tight in the arms. It makes no sense at all. I do like that they are thick though, but I hate the stupid sewn on patch with the giant W logo on it.
  12. I dont know why you guys are all up in arms. It is obvious that Cena will choose to go after the WHC since he knows he cant be Rock.
  13. Oh Micheal why are you being so mean? I normally dont care for fan reaction vids but that one was priceless. Him trashing his blurays was hilarious.
  14. I was happy to see the Goldust/Cody feud and really was the highlight of the rumble. Cody doing Goldusts moves in front of him was great. I hope they get their Wrestlemania match. Anyone think that Undertaker comes out and is the one behind the Shield? He had them interfere last night to screw Punk to set up their feud?
  15. for the second year in a row I won with my friends and lost here. Had both Prime Time Players, Goldust, Sheamus and Cena there so I felt good when it got to the final three. Here I had Otunga and some other shit guy. I dont have an issue with Rock winning if you know, they booked it right. Not have Punk dominate him, take a huge breather so he feels even better, get hit with a spinebuster and lose. Makes Punk look weak, makes every single person he beat look weak to lose to a guy who had his third match in ten years beat you with literally two moves.

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