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    "When my mind cleared it was 4 a.m. All the lights were on and everybody was gone. I was still sitting there. I found a warm beer and drank it. Then I went to bed with the feeling that all drunks know: that I had been a fool but to hell with it."

    -Charles Bukowski

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  1. controlthebleeding

    SLAYER - FAREWELL TOUR (insert sad emoji here)

    this is exactly the way i feel.
  2. controlthebleeding

    THE FEST 16

    no i do not.. only this year because it's my 10th. but will see you in a few weeks.
  3. controlthebleeding

    THE FEST 16

    i'm going. this will be my final year.. well most likely. if anyone is up for beers and hanging, let me know PM me.
  4. controlthebleeding

    So i Just moved to Denver.

    lol. damn.
  5. controlthebleeding

    So i Just moved to Denver.

    I know this is a old thread, but I'm finally getting around to writing back. Got 3 jobs and have been saving like a madman. I've been to Wax Trax and yeah, everything is new, and the used section is basically null. but i do find new stuff from time to time. Twist and Shout is pretty cool as well. Angelo's was awful. Still have yet to go to Chain Reaction. So far, i've been here almost 8 months, and i have yet to go to more than two record stores and a few bars. Since i work so much i have very little time off and what time i do have, no one is ever available to hang out. Sucks but it is what it is. Hell i barely see my roommate but maybe an hour a week. All i can say is Wyman's #5 is pretty legit pizza, Denver Teds is cool too. Stilly trying to find decent tacos. So if any denver people are up for hanging out, and maybe grabbing a bite or record shopping, i'm down. i don't drive so i barely get out of capital hill area. I'll even pay for lunch or a beer. Usually i just drink at work since there's a bar there and i rarely ever pay for drinks.
  6. controlthebleeding

    Wanted: Jason Isbell - Live from Welcome to 1979

    my CC got declined for some reason when i tried to purchase.
  7. Just when i gave up completely on this whole fucking vc you guys come and give me hope. I really enjoy reminiscing about most of these bands.
  8. controlthebleeding

    Chris Cornell (1964-2017)

    i actually saw soundgarden on that tour.. it was such a good show all around.
  9. controlthebleeding

    RVIVR - The Tide

    Can't wait to see them at the end of the month.
  10. yeah, i took notice after he joined DBT and always thought he and Cooley were better songwriters than Hood ever was. hopefully i can find one soon. patience is a virtue i guess.
  11. I"m really wondering how that Jason Isbell lp can't be found and there were 4000 copies.
  12. Didn't find it at any shops in my area and was looking to see if anyone found one that would be willing to get rid of it. Was one of only 3 RSD records i wanted. Hopefully someone can help out. Thanks in advance.
  13. controlthebleeding

    Record Store Day 2017

    I completely forgot about that Damnation AD - Pornography LP that was released. but it wasn't at the stores when i went anyway or i would have noticed it. Anyway, if anyone got a JASON ISBELL EP and doesn't feel the need to keep it, please let me know.
  14. controlthebleeding

    Record Store Day 2017

    by the time i got in to my neighborhood shop (and then a few small ones) everything i wanted was all out. luckily a friend (scott) was able to get a copy of the superchunk for me. now just to find the Jason Isbell EP (someone help!)
  15. controlthebleeding

    Record Store Day 2017

    If anyone is in line and can get a copy of the Jason Isbell record for me, can someone be a peach and buy it for me. I don't think they are gonna have it where i'm at but i'm not taking chances.